Aaronia A2000+ 20dB coarse-meshed screening tissue 5m² (5x1m)

Aaronia Mesh

Ideal for industrial applications as well as for military, research and development, Aaronia Mesh RF shield material has been specifically designed for use under extreme conditions (salt air, extreme temperatures, vacuum, etc.).

Typical applications are for example shielding of windows and window surfaces indoors and outdoors (due to the excellent transparency), construction of EMC test chambers and shielding of individual components that are under large temperature effects. Also ideal for EMC sealing of ventilation, ventilation diffusers and holes in EMC cabins due to its resistance to rust.

Aaronia mesh is made of 100% stainless steel, is temperature stable up to 1200 degrees Celsius, has an extremely high attenuation, yet is extremely breathable. The material absorbs reliable E & H fields. In particular, in the kHz and low MHz range Aaronia mesh offers an extremely high shielding factor of up to 108dB (E-field). Aaronia mesh is easy to apply and can be cut with a standard pair of scissors.

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Technical Data
  • Attenuation: 108dB at 1kHz, 100dB at 1MHz, 60dB at 100MHz, 44dB at 1GHz, 30dB at 10GHz
  • Very transparent, perfect for shielding of window frames, windows etc.
  • Lane Width: 1m
  • Thickness: 0.2 mm
  • Mesh size: about 0.1 mm
  • Color: stainless steel
  • Weight: Approx. 400g / m
  • Usable until about 1200 degrees Celsius!
  • Yield strength: 220 MPa
  • Tensile strength: 550 MPa
  • Hardness: 180 HB
  • Extremely breathable
  • Odorless
  • Transparent
  • Rot resistant
  • Frost proof
  • Washable
  • Foldable
  • Bendable
  • Mesh material: stainless steel
  • Screening performance static fields: 99.9999% to 99.99999% (only WITH grounding!)
  • Screening performance low electric fields: 99.9999% to 99.99999% (only WITH grounding!)
  • Usable up to 1200° Celsius
  • Half transparent
  • High Attenuation
  • Odorless, rot resistant


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