Spectrum Analyzers

USB Desktop • Including Software


USB spectrum analyzers of the SPECTRAN X series include our RTSA-Suite PRO software, compatible with Windows and Linux. The high-quality black anodized housings are cut from a solid block of aluminum. This is providing optimal shielding and cooling of internal components. The V6 X series, for example, offers a real-time bandwidth of up to 245 MHz (I/Q), which can be transmitted via USB 3.0.

Maximum Power • Up to 980MHz I/Q RTBW • Two 4K Monitors


The SPECTRAN V6 Command Center is Aaronia’s answer to the requests for a top-performance RF surveillance system. The Command Center is the most powerful and quick spectrum analyzer ever built by Aaronia and offers up to 980MHz instantaneous bandwidth (complex I/Q), combined with a lot of hard drive space and the ability to record any measurement-data without any limits. A special, modified version of our software combined with the two bright 4K screens enable you to keep everything displayed and to notice even the shortest signals.

The AARTOS™ X2 is a low-cost and mobile drone detection system with a long range of up to 5 km (stationary up to 30 km), capable of decoding drone logs and pinpointing their location. It is quickly deployable and has the ability to record and replay data. An indispensable tool for protecting against drone threats, e.g. at crowds or events.

The AARTOS™ X5 is also only available in mobile configuration. (V6 MIL). The X5 include the IsoLOG® 3D DF antenna with 8 sectors and is a cost-effective solution in situations that require detection as well as positioning. Drones are detected within a range of 1 to 2 km.

The AARTOS™ X7 offers an increased range and accuracy compared to the X5, and can be easily upgraded with additional components. Real-time triangulation of all targets can be achieved by interconnecting multiple X7 systems. An additional independent receiver will improve the frequency coverage even further. The IsoLOG® 3D DF antenna increases the X7’s detection range to 2 to 5 km.

The AARTOS™ X9 operates with the same precision as the X7, but additionally offers seamless ultra-wideband monitoring with 4+ independent receivers and an optimized amplifier group. The X9 traverses the entire frequency range more than 1000! times per second. With an enormous range of up to 14 km (or much more by scaling multiple AARTOS™ X9 systems), the AARTOS™ X9 is perfect for the monitoring of large areas. The system has already proven itself at international airports such as Heathrow and Muscat.

All-in-one solution • weather resistant • mobile • military standard


The SPECTRAN Outdoor series has been specially developed for use under the most difficult conditions, e.g. for military use, counterintelligence, aerospace, mines, construction sites, research and development, even in pouring rain, extreme temperatures and extremely dusty and dirty environments. With these spectrum analyzers you will master all challenges.

This series offers high-performance, extremely shock-resistant outdoor notebooks with ultra-bright full-HD touchscreens, as well as high-end spectrum analyzers up to 8 GHz in compact devices. All units have been independently tested to MIL-STD-810G, IP65 and MIL-STD-461F standards.

Cost Effective • Well Matched Content • All-In-One-Solutions

Our popular analyzer bundles combine all functions of the SPECTRAN spectrum analyzers in several packages with significantly discounted prices.