Command Center

Real Time Spectrum Analyzers

SPECTRAN ® V6 CC series

Mobile real-time spectrum analysis station with two screens


With a real-time bandwidth of up to 980 MHz (complex I/Q), the SPECTRAN ® V6 Command Center is the all-in-one solution for all HF applications. Equipped with the latest hardware and a maximum of four seamlessly working spectrum analyzers. The Command Center is the “to-go” solution for broadband surveillance and part of our AARTOS drone detection system.



The SPECTRAN ® V6 Command Center offers a real-time bandwidth of up to 980 MHz (complex I/Q) and a frequency range of 10 MHz up to 8 GHz. The Windows-based system is designed for mobile broadband surveillance and drone detection, but can be used for any RF task. The two 4K widescreen displays together with the powerful hardware offer the necessary space and power to measure, record and analyze signals on multiple bands simultaneously.

The SPECTRAN ® V6 Command Center is perfect for broadband surveillance. The real-time bandwidth of up to 980 MHz in combination with the new RTSA Suite PRO software makes it possible to monitor numerous bands simultaneously in real time. For example, you can simultaneously monitor 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, GSM900, GSM 1800, WiFi 2.4 and WiFi 5 and trigger an alarm in case of anomalies. Alternatively, very specific signals can also be defined as triggers for the alarm. Another option is to use the 6 GHz sweep mode to monitor the entire frequency range from 10 MHz to 6 GHz (optionally 8 GHz). This is useful when it is not known on which frequencies illegal and interfering signals are present.


Application Examples


The system can continuously monitor and record, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It generates an average of 1GB of data per minute. This means that the optional onboard storage capacity of 120 TB would hold approximately 13 full days of data before transferring or disk cleanup is required. The recorded data can later be used for audits or as evidence.

Drone Detection

The SPECTRAN ® V6 Command Center was developed and designed as part of our drone detection system. This means that together with the IsoLOG ® 3D antenna array and the RTSA-Suite PRO software it is perfect for the detection and accurate tracking of drones and other signals. The system can be programmed to recognize non-drone signal patterns and issue an alert or other action when a signal matching the pattern is detected.