RF Shielding

RF and E-Fields

Up to 110dB damping • Wide Application Range • Reliable


Aaronia’s new series of EMC and RF shielding materials are being produced from patented high-tech fibers. Ideal for the construction of EMC canopies, drapes, protective clothing and more. They offer very high damping capacity over a wide frequency range.


Very cost effective RF electric smog screening mesh for wall render and concrete with 20dB (99%) damping. Available in 5m², 10m² and 50m² packages.

Highly transparent RFI screening solution for windows, clothes, screening tents, medical applications with very high damping up to 50dB (99,999%).

70dB RF Shielding Fabric for EMC-tents, protection clothes, windows, military and industrial applications with very high damping up to 70dB. Half-transparent and non-oxidizing

Ultra high RFI screening performance fleece with over 100dB damping. Perfect for setting up screened control center, bug free rooms, screening chambers etc..

Perfect for shielding of window frames, windows etc. Very high attenuation of 108dB (E-Field).


RFI screening for military or industrial use with very high temperature range up 600° Celsius. Almost impossible to destroy. Very high damping up to 80dB.


Custom Shielding of various materials- Have a need for canopies, chambers, or even more custom shielding? Have a chat with AaroniaUSA and we can determine how best to fufill your RF/EMC Shielding needs.

Magnetic Fields

Thin • Easy to Handle • Reliable


Aaronia MagnoShield has been developed especially for shielding alternating magnetic fields caused by cables, transformers, generators, traction power, power distribution boxes, high-voltage lines, electronic circuits etc.up to 30MHz. Also works at permanent DC magnetic fields like earth magnetic fields, magnets etc..

Aaronia MagnoShield FLEX allows shielding electronic circuitry, appliances and their chassis against magnetic interference even in highly sensible areas such as control centers, etc..

 Can be easily cut with any knife or cutter

 High Damping

 Screens static magnetic fields like magnets

 Rot and frost proof

 Paintable and antistatic


 Damping factor: 5-7

 Saturatuion flux density: approx. 0,8 Tesla

 Units: 1m (0,155m²), 10m (1,55m²)

 Width: 0,155m (155mm)

 Thickness: 0,1mm

 Weight: approx. 1,1kg/m²

 Color: Dark-Silver


 Very high damping at any magnetic field

 Screens static magnetic fields like magnets

 Rot and frost proof

 Paintable and antistatic

 Installable in wall render or concrete

 Damping factor: 10-13

 Saturatuion flux density: approx. 0,8 Tesla

 Unit: 1,32m²

 Color: Dark-Silver

 Weight: approx. 4kg/m²

 Width: approx. 660mm (0,66m)

 Height: approx. 2000mm (2m)

 Thickness: 0,5mm


Shielding Chambers

High Damping • Easy to Setup • Reliable

High performance EMC shielding canopies made from Aaronia-Shield. Extremely permeable to air, highly transparent, washable, antiseptic, highest RF shielding performance.

The ultimate Zero-Gauss-Chamber. Creates a gauss-free environment inside itself to allow you to take absolute readings of the ambient magnetic field, amongst other things. Very high damping.

 Available in five versions

 Very transparent

 Perfect for long time installations

 Antiseptic (reduces bacteria, smell etc.)

 Small packing size, easy to fold

 Thickness: 0,5mm

 Mesh size: approx. 0,5mm

 Color: Silver

 Weight: approx. 40g/m²

 Material: Silver/Polyamid-Mixture

 NEALED for MAXIMUM screening efficiency

 High damping at any magnetic field

 Rot and frost proof

 Real Zero Gauss Chamber with extra high screening


Grounding Kit

We strongly recommend this EMC grounding kit for grounding all Aaronia screening products for conforming to applicable standards. Included in this package is a specially plaited grounding band with various installation accessories and a detailed installation manual. This band should be connected to the Aaronia tissue at regular intervals, preferably near the base. The grounding band can be shortened on demand. It can also be extended by connecting several grounding kits using the attached eyelets. To ground the EMC screening, a ground wire needs to be connected to one end of the grounding band. The ground wire itself needs to be connected, in turn, to the potential equalization.