Signal Generators

Spectran V6 VSG

Gapless I/Q streaming – Robust – Stackable

Aaronia’s SPECTRAN V6 VSG series offers up to 240MHz (via 2xUSB) streaming bandwidth (complex I/Q) as a vector signal generator/tracking generator from 10MHz to 6GHz. Available in three versions.

3 Different models

 Up to 240MHz Tx

 Complex I/Q streaming

 Gapless real-time streaming

 2 x USB 3.0


 Weight: 850g



Portable • Accurate • Robust


The generators of the BPSG series can generate RF signals required for EMC and EMI tests and measurements. Available in two versions.

✚ Two different versions

 Max. Power Level: +18dBm

 Min. Power Level: -45dBm

 Onboard TCXO

 Accuracy: +/- 1dB

 ca. 65dB Dynamic Range

 Weight: 150g incl. battery