Aaronia Software

RTSA-Suite PRO Software

RTSA Suite PRO is the world’s fastest real-time spectrum analysis software on the market and was developed specifically for our latest SPECTRAN® real-time instruments. It allows various hardware components to be integrated and used for evaluation. A simple configuration via blocks in the software allows optimal settings for almost all measurement scenarios. Among other things, the complete control of our AARTOS drone detection system with all associated components (e.g. camera, jammer, etc.) is possible.

MCS Software

Aaronia presents our real-time spectrum analysis software for the Aaronia devices of the SPECTRAN V3, V4 and NF series. The MCS works with Windows, Linux and MacOS and supports all screen resolutions, including 4k and 8k.

GPS Logger Software

Our GPS Logger Software includes a multitude of functions for the recording and evaluation of the GPS- and sensor-data. Please note that the visualization of the route on the map requires an active internet connection. Recordings can be comfortably replayed in the GPS Logger Software.

Signal Generator Software

The Aaronia Signal Generator Software allows for the real-time control of all Aaronia signal generators over the integrated USB connector. Additionally, the software enables the creation and storage of signal profiles directly in the device for more flexibility while using it on the go.

IsoLOG 3D Control Software

The IsoLOG 3D Software gives full control over all functions of the IsoLOG 3D Antenna, including the state of all pre-amplifiers, the rotation and alignment.