Aaronia presents the SPECTRAN® V6 X: the world’s first and only 6GHz (opt. 8GHz) USB spectrum analyzer with dual USB true I/Q streaming of up to 245MHz (via 2xUSB) instanta­neous bandwidth (complex I/Q). It offers an extremely small POI (Probability Of Intercept) of up to 10ns and thus captures even extremely short signals. Furthermore, the SPECTRAN® V6 X integrates a vector signal generator/tracking generator with a modulation bandwidth of up to 120MHz (opt. 245MHz).

The SPECTRAN® V6 X is Aaronia’s latest generation of high-performance real-time spectrum analyzers. With a sweep speed of over 1THz/s it sets new standards in the USB compact class. Any number of devices can be cascaded to achieve an even higher real-time bandwidth. Thus, by using only four SPECTRAN® V6 X, a real-time bandwidth of 1GHz is already achieved!

The included software RTSA-Suite PRO is precisely tailored to the powerful and robust hardware and supports the use of multiple SPECTRAN® V6 X. The stackable aluminum housing facilitates the parallel use of several units.

The SPECTRAN® V6 X will initially be delivered in three versions: V6-RSA250X, V6-RSA500X and V6-RSA2000X – with a max. instanta­neous bandwidth (complex I/Q) of up to 245MHz (via 2xUSB). The analyzer is compatible to all common Aaronia antennas.

• Frequency range: 10MHz to 6GHz (opt. 8GHz)
• Instanta­neous bandwidth (complex I/Q) of up to 245MHz
• Unlimited continuous true I/Q streaming over up to 2xUSB 3.0
• I/Q vector signal generator bandwidth of 120MHz (opt. 245MHz)
• Sweep speed up to 1THz/s
• Several devices cascadable!
• Parallel measurement of several frequency bands
• World’s first and only Dual USB true I/Q streaming up to 784MBytes/s
• POI up to 97ns (FFT based)
• POI up to 10ns (I/Q based)
• Exceptional dynamic range through the use of a 16-bit ADC with 2GSPS (Giga Samples per Second)
• Sample rate: 500 MSPS (16 Bit Dual 256 MSPS I/Q-Data)
• FPGA: 930GMAC/s
• FFT rate: 960 million FFT points/s (120 million FFTs/s)
• Full MATLAB support
• Stackable accessories
• Light and compact
• Including the software RTSA-Suite PRO with daily updates
• Made in Germany

For more detailed information and news, you can visit our SPECTRAN® V6 Forum.

The high-quality black anodized housing is cut from a solid aluminium block. Thus the SPECTRAN® V6 X achieves an optimal shielding and cooling for the internal components. At the same time, the housing construction ensures maximum robustness. The integrated fan is speed- and temperature-controlled and thus generates only minimal noise.

Depending on the version, the SPECTRAN® V6 X has one or two USB 3.0 ports for data transfer. A further USB port can optionally be used as power supply. A 26,800 mAh power pack with the same form factor is available separately and allows operation without the strain on the laptop battery.

Options / Extensions
– OCXO time base – 5 ppb with extremely high shock and vibration resistance (±0.1ppb/g)
– 120 MHz RTBW (for V6-RSA250X & V6-RSA500X)
– 245 MHz RTBW (only for V6-RSA2000X – via 2xUSB)
– 120 MHz Vector Signal Generator (only for V6-RSA250X, already integrated in the higher versions)
– Extremely low-noise preamplifier with 20dB gain
– Internal GPS (Includes spoofing detection and active GPS antenna with SMB cable)
– RF over Fiber
– 4-way Splitter
– 26800mAh Powerbank
– Large selection of compatible Aaronia antennas

The spectrum analyzer is supplied with the latest version of the RTSA-Suite PRO software.
It is the most powerful and versatile spectrum analysis software solution on the market. The RTSA-Suite PRO allows signals to be displayed and analyzed in real time in many different ways. The software is constantly being developed and expanded. In the download section we provide daily updates. In the SPECTRAN® V6 Forum you will find all the latest information about our software.

Scope of Delivery

SPECTRAN® V6 X with all necessary USB cables and also the RTSA-Suite PRO software and manuals on USB stick. Optionally also available in a waterproof and shockproof transport case.

Made in Germany
Like all instruments of the SPECTRAN® series, the SPECTRAN® V6 X spectrum analyzer is completely developed and manufactured in Germany. Therefore the hardware meets the highest quality standards.

Spectran V6 Enterprise

The 2U full length rack will include 2 of the latest SPECTRAN V6 receivers, the latest AMD Epyc processor with 64/128 cores (single or dual processor version), 2TB of high speed memory and lots of ultra fast SSDs for massive IQ recording and a dual 100GbE for maximum data throughput to the outside world.

As an option we will offer an extra super fast 1U SSD storage monster rack with 512TB or 1PB (1000TB) with dual 100GbE.

Our RTSA-Suite PRO software will fully support the SPECTRAN V6 ENTERPRISE incl. massive real-time receiver stitching and full remote control and data transfer down to IQ level.

Rx4 Rx
Tx2 Tx
Network100 GbE
IQ POI10 ns
Sweep2200 GHz/s
Design19″ Server Rack
Rx8 Rx
Tx4 Tx
RTBW1000 MHz
Network100 GbE
IQ POI10 ns
Sweep4400 GHz/s

19″ Server Rack

Rx12 Rx
Tx6 Tx
RTBW1500 MHz
Network100 GbE
IQ POI10 ns
Sweep6600 GHz/s
Design19″ Server Rack







Spectran V6 Enterprise-2

Spectran V6 Enterprise-4

Spectran V6 Enterprise-6



Coming Soon:

Spectran V6 UWB 18 (9kHz-18GHz) 80MHz RTBW- 1 xRX

Spectran V6 UWB 26 (9kHz-26.5GHz) 80MHz RTBW- 1 xRX

Spectran V6 UWB 44 (9kHz-44GHz) 80MHz RTBW- 1 xRX

With the RTSA-Suite PRO there are many ways to display and analyse any received or recorded data. The software is being updated and expanded with new features almost daily.


Scope of Delivery

SPECTRAN® V6 X with all necessary USB cables and the RTSA-Suite PRO software on USB stick. Optional with a waterproof and shockproof transport case.


Information and discussions about SPECTRAN V6 can be found in the V6 Forum.

* There are export restrictions for spectrum analyzers from 160MHz real-time bandwidth.