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RF Field Spectrum Analyzers

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Satisfied customers throughout the world have discovered that field RF analysis doesn’t have to be expensive with the Spectran series of RF Spectrum Analyzers. Spectran RF Analyzers offer comparable and sometimes greater, functionality, features and specifications of units costing three times as much. Spectran RF Spectrum Analyzers are sold in complete ready-to-go systems that include the RF analyzer, both Omni & LOG Periodic antennas, PC software, USB cable, power adapter / charger, mini-tripod, and carrying case, plus a phenomenal manufacturer-offered 10 year warranty. Kaltman Creations has pre-configured the RF analyzers’ 10 Hot Keys to address the more popular North America RF bands: Wi-Fi, Industrial Remotes, Wireless Microphone, Business & Emergency Two-Way, Assisted Listening, Telco / Cellular, Intercom, and Radio / TV Broadcast. The user can also reprogram the Hot Keys as he sees fit. Learn More

EMC Spectrum Analyzers

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Kaltman Creations offers the full line of low cost EMC Spectrum Analyzers from Aaronia for pre-compliance testing, ICNIRP and other standard limits, radiated sources in your surroundings, and 3D magnetic analysis. The Spectran EMC analyzers offer comparable and sometimes greater functionality, features and specifications of units costing 3 times as much. They are sold in complete ready-to-go systems that include the EMC analyzer, real-time PC software, USB cable, power adapter / charger and carrying case, plus a 10 year warranty. Ideal for pre-compliance testing, exposure limit testing, radiated emission testing and much more, the Spectran EMC Spectrum Analyzers offer frequency measurements in Hz and KHz. And they offer signal strength in V/m, plus 3D magnetic readings in Tesla and Gauss. ICNIRP and other recognized exposure limits are standard along with extended data logging. Learn More

Calibrated Antennas and Probes

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The Aaronia series of calibrated antennas and sensors represents a quantum leap in performance, functionality and design. They are the perfect solution for precision, broad frequency range applications including test and measurement, compliance, data linking, mobile measurements, directional finding and laboratory use. Aaronia calibrated antennas and sensors, including LOG periodic antennas (LP antennas), biconical antennas, EMC probes and RF probes, offer a cost effective alternative while maintaining above industry specifications and standards. With over 25 models of antennas and RF probes to choose from, Aaronia has your broadband antenna solutions.Learn More

RF Shielding Products For Many Uses

The Kaltman Creations-Aaronia RF shielding solutions offer up to 100db of radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation dampening. The RF shielding materials are ideal for commercial and industrial applications to protect personnel, shield sensitive electronics, and create RF test chambers and cages. The electromagnetic shielding has been developed especially for shielding alternating magnetic fields caused by cables, transformers, generators, traction power, power distribution boxes, high-voltage lines, electronic circuits etc.up to 30MHz. And RF shielding canopy systems and bulk, sheer, shielding fabrics are available for consumer home and personal RF exposure related health concerns. Learn More