RF Spectrum Analyzers

For Wireless, Industrial, Commercial & Military 1MHz to 9.4GHz

EMC Spectrum Analyzers

For Pre-Compliance, Exposure Limits & Emissions Testing
1Hz to 3Mz


& Sensors

For Industrial, Commercial & Military 100KHz to 18GHz

RF Shielding Products

For Blocking
Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation

AaroniaUSA Presents a series of Affordable,
Handheld & PC-based spectrum Analyzers and Antennas

The AaroniaUSA offering of RF Spectrum Analyzers & Antennas are designed for RF applications dealing with frequency and channel selection, wireless product specification, interference abatement, frequency coordination, and testing & measurement. The AaroniaUSA Spectrum Analyzers and Antennas RF Test Equipment make the perfect tools for audio & video productions, WLAN / Wi-Fi; cellular, industrial remote control, data acquisition, radio & TV broadcast; business two-way radio, marine, aviation… virtually any wireless application.