BicoLOG ® 5070 (radial isotropic, 50MHz to 700MHz)

BicoLOG Series – Biconical Antennas

Every BicoLOG series biconical antenna is small, rugged, and ideal for all testing environments.  These biconical antennas undergo thorough testing in our laboratories before dispatching, and “typical” calibration data is offered for all. Each antenna comes with a standard tripod mounting capability, and the RF connection uses a high quality SMA connector.

BicoLOG antennas are offered in a variety of frequency ranges, with the greatest covering 20MHz to 3GHz (model: BicoLOG20300). A selection of models is available to provide an extended linear gain response with the addition of the optional “E Optimization” upgrade. Other features include a high-impact carrying case, SMA to N adaptor and cabling


BicoLOG® 5070

Design: BiconicalAntenna
Frequency range: 50MHz to 700MHz
Max. transmission power: 1W (30dBm
or 0dbW)
Nominal impedance: 50 Ohms
Gain: -29dBi to 1dBi
Antenna factor: 20-33dB/m
Calibration points: 70 (5MHz and
10MHz steps)
RF connection: SMA(female) or N with
Tripod socket: 1/4”
Dimensions (L/W/D) : (350x160x140)mm
Weight: 350gr
Warranty: 10 years