SPECTRAN Analyzer Professional Bundle

Our popular Spectrum Analyser KITS combine all functionality of the respective SPECTRAN Spectrum Analyser units at a yet again significantly reduced bundle price.

Our pro bundles offer optimal measurement solutions for measurement of both EMF and RF signal sources of any kind. They are particularly geared towards the professional user.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Germany
Frequency range 1Hz -1MHz / 1MHz – 9,4GHz
Typ. level range -170dBm (Hz) to +20dBm (HF-60100 V4), 1pT to 500µT (NF-5030)
Typ. precision base unit +/-1dB (HF-60100 V4), 3% (NF-5030)
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Included in delivery:
• Spectran NF-5030 incl. Option 005
• Spectran HF-60100 V4 incl. Option 020
• HyperLOG 60100 LogPer Antenna with pistol grip
• 1m SMA-cable
• SMA-tool
• SPECTRAN special-battery (3000mAh)
• power supply
• large aluminum Transportcase
• USB cable
• Car power adapter
• Two protective cover (black and yellow)
• PC-Analysis Software and detailed english manual (download)

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