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AaroniaUSA offers a full line of affordable, professional-grade RF and EMF shielding products for industrial and personal use. Our high quality RF shielding materials offer up to 108 dB of protection in RF and LF electric fields. AaroniaUSA RF shield is ideal for countless applications, including the creation of RF test chambers, shielded faraday cages, electronics shielding / protection, and shielded clothing to protect personnel from high levels of RF and EMC radiation. Click here to view and compare our RF Shielding Materials. In addition to our full line of RF shielding fabrics, we also offer the AaroniaUSA Magnetic Shielding Foil for alternating magnetic fields (cables, transformers, generators, circuits, high voltage lines, etc.) up to 30 MHz.

For more information about RF shielding materials and RF shielding fabrics, or to receive a small sample of one of our RF shielding products, please call us now at 214-935-9800 or click below to request a custom RF shield quote!

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