Signal Generators

Aaronia presents the new, battery-powered signal generators of the BPSG series. The BPSG generators allow to generate RF signals, tests of EMC-shielding and EMI/RFI testing.

Available in 4 different versions the generators cover a frequency range from 23,5MHz up to 6GHz. With the very compact dimensions of just 80x50x30 mm and weight of only 150 grams, the BPSG series is predestined for mobile use and fits in every pocket. The compact form factor makes the BPSG the world’s smallest battery-powered RF generator up to 6GHz.

Many Aaronia antennas can be transformed into an active field strength generator in combination with the BPSG in a few simple steps. In standalone mode, the generator can produce simple or very complex batch programs that automatically start after power up. This allows to create a fixed frequency and level or the start of a predefined sweep, complex frequency lists, modulation, etc. With a maximum output of + 18dBm and a Dynamic range of up to 65dB the BPSG sets new standards for battery-powered signal generators. Thanks to the internal TCXO time base the BPSG generates stable and accurate RF frequencies up to 6GHz. The BPSG can also be connected to an external reference clock and thus be synchronized with a measuring system. In addition, this way even higher accuracy can be achieved (using an OCXO, rubidium timebase etc.)



Spectran V6

Gapless I/Q streaming – Robust – Stackable

Aaronia’s SPECTRAN V6 VSG series offers up to 240MHz (via 2xUSB) streaming bandwidth (complex I/Q) as a vector signal generator/tracking generator from 10MHz to 6GHz. Available in three versions.

HyperLOG field generator

Portable RF field generators with an excellent directional accuracy and high output power of the DFG and OFG series. The perfect signal generators for EMC measurements or testing screening and shielding solutions