Drone Detection

The AARTOS X3 portable drone detection system has been systematically streamlined for mobile use. The drone detector is directly integrated into the robust laptop, all the necessary software comes pre-installed – all it takes to commission the system is to connect the broadband antenna. The X3 is easy to operate, simple to transport and ready for use within 30 seconds. This makes it perfectly suited for any situation requiring fast, mobile drone detection.

The AARTOS X5 is also only available in mobile configuration. (V6 XFR Pro). The X5 include the IsoLOG 3D DF antenna with 8 sectors and is a cost-effective solution in situations that require detection as well as positioning. Drones are detected within a range of 1 to 2 km.

The AARTOS X7 offers an increased range and accuracy compared to the X5, and can be easily upgraded with additional components. Real-time triangulation of all targets can be achieved by interconnecting multiple X7 systems. An additional independent receiver will improve the frequency coverage even further. The IsoLOG 3D DF antenna increases the X7’s detection range to 2 to 5 km.

The AARTOS X9 operates with the same precision as the X7, but additionally offers seamless ultra-wideband monitoring with 4+ independent receivers and an optimized amplifier group. The X9 traverses the entire frequency range more than 1000! times per second. With an enormous range of up to 50 km, the AARTOS X9 is perfect for the monitoring of large areas. The system has already proven itself at international airports such as Heathrow and Muscat.

X3 Laptop

Designed as an easily portable drone detection device, this setup is lightweight and comfortable to carry.

X5 Base

The basic directional system with medium range and a single receiver.

X7 Advanced

The X7 combines a high precision with a very high detection range and a maximum of 2 internal receivers.


Highest precision and range meets ultra-wideband monitoring, with unlimited number of receivers.