Command Center

The SPECTRAN V6 Command Center is Aaronia’s answer to the requests for a top-performance RF surveillance system. The Command Center is the most powerful and quickest spectrum analyzer ever built by Aaronia, and offers up to 980MHz instantaneous bandwidth (complex I/Q), combined with a lot of hard drive space and the ability to record any measurement-data without any limits. A special, modified version of our software combined with the two bright 4K screens enable you to keep everything displayed and to notice even the shortest signals.


• Instantaneous bandwidth of up to 980MHz (complex I/Q)
• Scans 6 GHz in less than 1 ms (4 THz/s)
• Frequency range from 10MHz up to 6GHz
• I/Q vector signal generator bandwidth of up to 480 MHz
• Sample rate: up to 8 x 2GSPS 16 Bit I/Q-data
• FFT rate: up to 3840 million FFT-points/s
• FFT-based POI as short as 97 ns
• I/Q-based POI as short as 10 ns
• Two 4K widescreen displays with a combined resolution of 3840 x 4320
• Automatic Triggers programmable
• Simultaneous surveillance of multiple bands (3G, 4G, 5G, WLAN…)
• Real-time and sweep spectrum analyzer in one
• Including RTSA-Suite PRO software with daily updates

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