SPECTRAN V6 Command Center (V6-RSA2000C021)

The SPECTRAN V6 Command Center is the culmination of Aaronia’s efforts in building it´s Spectrum Analyzer Battleship:

It scans 6GHz in less than 1 milliseconds, which is an astonishing speed of 4THz per second.

This high-end spectrum analyzer offers the RF performance you need with all measurement details available at the same time.
The setup is completely customizable and thanks to it’s cascadable system docks up to 4 independent analyzers.

The two 4K widescreen monitors display and capture the bandwith of up to 980MHz in real time (with four internal analyzers), with an POI
below 10ns (I/Q-based) and 97ns (FFT-based). With up to 18TB hard drives you basically have an „unlimited“ recording time, as only 1GB is needed per minute.

The command center has a wide measuring range of up to 6GHz, with over five million samples per second. The SPECTRAN V6 Command Center includes up to four receivers (8 x 2GSPS 16 Bit I/Q-data) and four vector signal generators (4 x 2GSPS 14-Bit I/Q).

The hardware side of the computer also features the best available setup, as the SPECTRAN V6 Command Center runs on an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X (12Core) with 64 Gigabyte RAM and an Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphic card, which enables gapless streaming and playback.

Last but not least, the Command Center is made in Germany, ensuring quality on the highest level.

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