IsoLOG 3D & Drone Detector System

AaroniaUSA’s revolutionary 3D RF Tracking Antenna, the IsoLOG 3D, tracks RF positioning in three dimensions via a high density, customizable sector array with at least 8 (and up to 36) antennas for horizontal and for vertical polarization. Additionally 8 or 16 specialized low frequency antennas can be added to extend the frequency range down to 9kHz. The antennas and the electronics are protected by a radome, which can be ordered in any color and optional prints. The radome is watertight, shock and heat proofed, and designed to withstand even harshest conditions. With the “auto rotate-switch function,” it can be paired with any spectrum analyzer and the Drone Detection System. The IsoLOG is the perfect solution for counter-surveillance measurements or drone-detection-systems and UAV RF tracking. The IsoLOG 3D is sensitive to the majority of incoming signal polarizations, including all linear polarizations, allowing reliable detection of signals including those invisible to most DF systems that use only vertically polarized antennas. The antenna only needs a Power-Over-Ethernet connection for easy integration and control over any existing network. Powerful control software is included for operation on Windows systems. The control software allows various tracking and selection set-ups, e.g. sweep all antennas horizontal, vertical, switch all in one sector, etc. This makes it the perfect and affordable tool for fast signal tracking.

IsoLOG 3D Specifications


  • Worlds first 9kHz to 40GHz 3D Tracking-antenna
  • Perfect for wideband, real-time spectrum monitoring
  • Ultra high Tracking-Accuracy (up to 4×16 sectors)
  • Extremely fast Tracking-Speed (up to 1µS)
  • Glitch free high-end digital RF-switches
  • Up to 52 independent RF-Antennas
  • Cascadable system (8 to 52 antennas)
  • Power over Ethernet Remote-Control
  • Suitable for vehicle mounting
  • Incl. Control Software
  • Suitable for harsh environments


  • Compatible with any Spectrum Analyzer brand
  • Design: 3D (Isotropic), array of multiple LPDA Antennas
  • Frequency range: max. 9kHz to 40GHz (standard 680MHz to 6GHz)
  • Max. input power: 100W AM (400MHz)
  • Nominal impedance: 50 Ohm
  • VSWR:
  • Gain: up to 45dBi (typ. with amplifier), 5dBi (typ. without amplifier)
  • RF connection: N (female)
  • Dimensions (L/W/D): 31.4 x 31.4 x 11.8 in.
    • Weight: 17.6 lbs.
 IsoLOG 3D Typical Antenna Pattern

The Drone Detection System (DDS)

The AaroniaUSA Drone Detector is used to detect the incursion of unwanted drones, based on the real-time directional measurement of the electromagnetic emissions of drones. It warns the operator when drones are in the area and sends alerts. The system has no limitation in directivity or in detection range – usually greater than the usable distance from the operator to the drone – as it depends on the transmitter power of the drone/operator.

The basic Drone Detector System is based on the IsoLOG 3D antenna, a real-time Spectrum Analyzer (XFR V5 PRO or RF Command Center), and a special software plugin for the RTSA Suite software. All parts combined allow 24/7 monitoring and recording with a gapless data-streaming (up to 4TB/day), and revolutionary RF tracking functionality.

As a compact and flexible system that can easily be customized to fit your specific airspace security application, the AaroniaUSA Drone Detector tracking antenna can be set-up in a mobile or fixed station environment to protect your most valuable assets. Contact us today for a custom quote and more details about how the Drone Detection System can keep your airspace safe! Call 214-935-9800 or click below now!

Watch Video Demonstrations of the IsoLOG 3D and Drone Detector