The UBBV 910 RF Pre-Amp is a versatile high-gain, low-noise pre-amp with a proven sensitivity increase of up to 30 dB. This battery-powered Pre-Amp has a published frequency range of up to 6 GHz, but newly designed microwave chips enable performance up to 10 GHz. This all-purpose RF Pre-Amp works with any brand of spectrum analyzer and fits directly to AaroniaUSA Spectran Spectrum Analyzers, and is equipped with an extended internal battery boasting a run time of up to 24 hours (compared to 3-4 hours with other battery-operated RF Pre-Amps). External pre-amplifiers maximize Spectrum Analyzer performance, and are a must-have for most Pre-Compliance testing applications.

UBBV 910 Specifications (PDF)

UBBV 910