The UBBV NF series is a high-end low frequency pre-amp that works with any brand of Spectrum Analyzer and also integrates directly to any Aaronia analyzer. The NF series provides a high impedance input and therefore can be operated with transducers as well as other regular 50 ohm devices. The calibration data of the preamplifier is also stored in the Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer Software “MCS” offering seamless integration. The UBBV-NF EMC preamp can be operated via an internal battery (running time approx. 3-4 hours) or via the included AC adapter. Several models have frequency ranges from 1Hz to 50MHz.

UBBVNF Specifications (PDF)

View the UBBV 1060 BPA Bypass Pre-Amp (100 MHz – 6 GHz).

low frequency pre-amp
 UBBV NF Series