Ultra high-performance RFI screening fleece with over 100dB damping. Perfect for setting up screened control centers, bug-free rooms, screening chambers, etc. The Aaronia’s X-Dream patented EMC & RFI shielding fleece offers an impressive RF shielding performance 100dB. It has the highest RF and EMC screening performance in this product and price category.Suitable for laboratories, industrial sites, manufacturing, aerospace, screening of electronic circuits and products, etc. You might even consider creating a Faraday Cage with this material.

This product provides a 100,000 fold higher performance than Aaronia- Shield. Also available as a self-adhesive version, Aaronia X-Dream PLUS, with peel-and-stick backing!


aaronia-x-dream for faraday cage
 Aaronia X-Dream
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