AaroniaUSA RF Shielding Fabric In Action!

RFID Chips at InfoComm 2017

One of our valued customers, Certified Building Biologist Diana Schultz of Green and Healthy Homes, was very quick to point out that this year’s InfoComm 17 attendee badges had a new feature – RFID chips to track the movements of attendees from booth to booth throughout the show!

RFID chip on badge

One of Diana’s specialties is personal RF protection, and as an avid user of AaroniaUSA RF shielding fabric for personal health and safety, she was happy to conduct a little experiment for us with her own handheld RF meter.

RF id chip on badge

Diana sent over the above photo, a reading of the RFID tag transmission, captioned: “Over 6, 000 µW/m2, with proximity meaning everything, we were wearing those all day up close and personal! Wish I had known, I would have backed it with our fabric!”

After taking her initial readings, she then wrapped the badge with AaroniaUSA Shield 50db dampening RF shielding fabric and reported the results below:

RFid chip on badge

Perfectly protected! Thanks, Diana, for the great demonstration of our fabric’s effectiveness!

AaroniaUSA offers a full line of RF shielding fabrics, ranging from 50 – 108 dB dampening, in a variety of textures and styles for virtually any shielding application. Additionally, we are very proud to offer a line of magnetic shielding foils, and a line of pre-fabricated shielding bed canopies for personal health and safety. Click here to view our full line of RF shielding and products for personal health and safety!

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