Near field probe sets

test probes
Test Probe Set with Preamp

Our EMC near field probes sets allow for straight-forward pinpointing and measurement of interference sources from DC to 6GHz. 

Typical applications include “down to the component level” measurements of signal leakage, radiation, shielding effectiveness, compliance and pre-compliance testing, product design, field measurements, etc. 

We offer two near-field probe sets: PBS-1 and PBS-2. Both sets include 5 probes – Four “H” field probes (also serves as Magnetic Field Probes) for magnetic field measurement and one “E” field probe for measurement of electric fields. All the probes are covered with an insulating layer, thus allowing safe measurement of oscillators or power lines.

The PBS-2 probe-set also includes a high-performance pre-amplifier, allowing measurement of significantly weaker interference sources and boosting the sensitivity by up to 40dB. The near-field probe sets include a lightweight carrying case and the probe connection is BNC.


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