HyperLOG PRO 18300

Design LPDA Hybrid
Active No
Gain (max.) 12 dBi
Connector 2.92 mm K (f)
Mount 1/4″ Thread
Dimensions 340x200x25 mm
Weight 250 g
More Information
Dimensions (L/W/D): (340x200x25) mm
Design Directional measuring and direction finding antenna
Frequency range 2GHz – 30GHz
Guarantee 2 years
Weight 250 g
RF connection 2.92mm K connector
Included with delivery HyperLOG PRO 18300 antenna, aluminum design carry case, detachable handle with “miniature tripod” mode, Aaronia SMA toolset with over-torque protection
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The powerful directional antennas of the HyperLOG® PRO series are a further development of the well-known and popular HyperLOG® antennas. They have been significantly improved again in terms of performance, directionality and frequency range.

The excellent performance data of the HyperLOG® PRO antenna series can be impressively underpinned by an optional measurement certificate with a large number of measurement points. The HyperLOG® PRO antennas are therefore especially predestined as high-quality measurement antennas for the laboratory, but also for portable measurements or as DF antennas.

Each HyperLOG® PRO antenna is extensively measured in our laboratories before delivery. The high-tech housing (radome) is designed to protect against mechanical damage and environmental influences and can optionally be delivered as a waterproof version (IP65) for outdoor applications. Additionally, a high-quality 1/4″ thread for tripod mounting is integrated.
br> All HyperLOG® PRO 18xxx antennas have a 2.92mm K-connector with anti-rotation protection for highest precision while being suitable for practical use.

In addition to use as a high-quality measuring and direction finding antenna, use as a broadband SENDE antenna is also possible without any problems.

• Only one EMC broadband antenna for the entire frequency range from 2 to 30 GHz
• Ideal for use with a spectrum analyzer for EMV measurements
• Including high-tech radome with a modern, attractive design
• Polarization planes can be aligned as required
• Excellent front/rear ratio
• Excellent symmetry of radiation patterns
• Integrated 1/4″ tripod connection
• Suitable for mobile use
• Suitable for outdoor installation
• Capable of bearing
• Robust design
• Splashproof
• Light weight and dimensions
• Made in Germany


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