Magnotracker ELF (1Hz – 9KHz)

Magnotracker LF and ELF Antennas

The Aaronia Magnotracker LF, featuring a full frequency range of 9kHz to 1MHz, and the ELF model, with a range of 1Hz to 9kHz, combines high gain and high directivity to pin point signals. Simply connect the antenna via a SMA cable to your Receiver, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Power Meter, etc. Based on a new patented production process Aaronia can produce these antenna cores with only 10% of the material and weight normally needed for similar ferrite core versions. But the great advantage of the antenna is that you can also adjust it to any frequency within the antenna’s full range. With the help of a 4-position selectable adjustment switch (Range: x1; x10; x100; x1000) and a fine pitch adjustment switch (Range: 1-16), you can get precision high-gain, frequency selection for demanding filter or spectrum analyzer applications.
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Magnotracker ELF Freq Range 1Hz – 9kHz


  • Frequency Range: 1Hz – 9kHz
  • Design: Ferrite core, Active
  • Internal Amplifier: 25dB (optional 35dB), battery powered (3-4 hours) or continuously powered via included power supply
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • RF connector: SMA (female), optional N connector
  • Temperature range: – 20°C to +60°C
  • Dimensions: (L/W/D): 66 x 32 x 11 cm
  • Weight: 5000gr
  • Incl. watertight transport case
  • Weight case: 9kg
  • Dimensions case: 113 x 42 x 16cm
  • Warranty: 10 years


  • Perfect for magnetic field direction finding in combination with Spectrum Analyzers
  • High Gain, internal 25dB pre-amplifier
  • High Directionality
  • Patented Functionality
  • Compact Design


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