HyperLOG ® 4060 (400MHz to 6GHz)

The HyperLOG® series 40xx broadband antennas are identical to those of the 70xx series, but offer a wider frequency range down to 400 MHz, in particular for covering the important 70 cm amateur radio frequency range (430 MHz and up).

As a result, the physical size of these completely GOLD-COATED-antennas had to be increased significantly. The result is a antenna-series of unique high-tech antennas with a formerly totally unknown combination of functionality, performance and design in this price category.

• Only a single broadband antenna for the complete frequency range from 400 MHz up to 6 GHz
• Optimal for usage with spectrum analysers for EMC measurement
• Incl. high-tech radom with modern, appealing design
• Freely alignable polarisation
• Calibration data can be saved to an IC on the antenna and also be read back
• Excellent forward/backward ratio
• Excellent symmetry of radiation patterns
• Integrated 1/4″ tripod socket
• Suitable for mobile use
• Suitable for outdoor installation
• Directional
• Robust design
• Splash water proof
• Small weight and dimensions
• Made in Germany


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HyperLOG 4060 Freq Range 400MHz 6GHz

Design LPDA
Active No
Gain (max.) 5 dBi
Connector SMA (f)
Mount 1/4″ Thread
Dimensions 590x360x30 mm
Weight 1200 g
More Information
Country of Manufacture Germany
Dimensions 590x360x30 mm (L/W/D)
Antenna factor 20-40dB/m
Design Logarithmic-periodic
Frequency range 400MHz – 6GHz
Guarantee 2 years
Weight 1000gr
Gain (typ.) 5dBi
RF connection SMA socket (18GHz) or N socket using an adapter
Calibration points 561 (10MHz-steps)
Included with delivery HyperLOG 4060 Broadband Antenna, typical calibration data with up to 533 calibration points (10MHz steps!), aluminum design carrycase, detachable handle with “miniature tripod” mode, Aaronia SMA toolset with over-torque protection
Max. transmission power 100W CW (400MHz)
Nominal impedance 50 Ohms
Polarisation linear vertical/horizontal
Return loss Better than -10dB
Tripod connection 1/4″
VSWR (typ.) <1:2