Grounding Mat (King)

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Shielding mat/grounding mat for mobile shielding chambers (350 x 250 cm).

Made of Aaronia X-Dream® incl. professional grounding SET.

To also shield the floor area of the mobile shielding chambers, matching shielding mats made of Aaronia X-Dream® have been developed, which are simply placed under the shielding chamber. This creates a uniform overall shielding system to provide comprehensive complete protection in the floor area as well.

Shielding of the floor area is absolutely necessary for almost all floors, since RF radiation can penetrate here practically unhindered.

Two different grounding cables are included in the delivery of the shielding mat: a shielding cable for the connection with a radiator or similar and, if no radiator is available, a cable for the direct connection with the grounding of the socket. The connection with the shielding mat is very easy with a so-called “crocodile clip” of the respective grounding cable. This enables an optimal shielding also against NF radiation.

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