100dB RF shielding fleece Aaronia X-Dream ® 1m² (1.4x0.7m)

• Breathable
• Rot proof
• Frost proof
• Foldable
• Paintable
• Anti-static
• Very lightweight
• Usable inside concrete
• Very easy handling even for the novice
• Length per standard packaging unit: 0,7m, 7m or 36m (1m², 10m², 50m²). Also available as cut good.
• Lane width: 1,4m
• Thickness: 0,5mm
• Colour: Silver
• Weight: approx. 130g/m2
• Material: High-performance copper/nickel compound
• Carrier material: Polyester
• Screening efficiency static fields: 99,999.999% to 99,999.999.99% (only WITH grounding!)
• Screening efficiency low-frequency, electric fields: 99,999.999% to 99,999.999.99% (only WITH grounding!)
• Screening efficiency high-frequency fields: 70dB (99,999.99%) at 20GHz to over 110dB (99,999.999.999%) at 500MHz (even WITHOUT grounding!)


Aaronia’s novel, patented EMC & RF Shielding-Fleece Aaronia X-Dream® offers an impressive RF shielding performance of far more than 100dB. Highest RF screening performance even in the high GHz range. Probably offers the best rf and EMC screening worldwide in this product and price category! Optimal for rf Shielding-Application in indoor as well as outdoor areas of homes, offices, laboratories, and manufacturing. Also ideal for building bug-proof environments, precision EMC measurement chambers, or shielding application in aerospace. This product shields a 10000fold higher performance than Aaronia-Shield®.

Also available as self-adhesive version Aaronia X-Dream® PLUS.

Attention: The product is delivered folded. If you want it delivered rolled, the shipping price changes. Please contact us in this case.