EMC-Bundle 2

EMC2 Datasheet

Measurements in the EMC laboratory are time-consuming and expensive.
With this EMC package, you can easily locate sources of interference on machines or vehicles, accompany EMC measurements and perform pre-compliance tests yourself. Also the evaluation of the tightness of shielding chambers or the determination of the direction of RF signal sources (e.g. mobile phone masts or similar) can easily be solved independently.
Our EMC package 2 includes the two sweep analyzers NF-5030 and HF-60100 V4 (with internal preamplifier (option 020)) as well as the biconical EMC measurement antenna BicoLOG 30100E, and all necessary cables and adapters. The purchase price can be amortized after only 1-2 “saved” laboratory measurements.

More Information
Country of Manufacture Germany
Frequency range 1Hz – 9,4GHz
Typ. level range -170dBm (Hz) up to +20dBm (HF-60100 V4)
Typ. precision base unit +/- 1dB (HF 60100 V4), 3% (NF-5030)
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The EMC measurement equipment package 2 includes:
– SPECTRAN HF-60100 V4
– HyperLOG 60100
– BicoLOG 30100E
– 5 m SMA cable
– Accessories

Typical applications:

– Carrying out EMC measurements
– Localization of interference radiation sources
– Estimation of interference field strengths
– Verification of shielding and filtering measures
– Identification of faulty components
– Determination of interference radiation sensitivities

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