SPECTRAN V6 RSA (19″ Version)

Aaronia presents the SPECTRAN® V6 X: the world’s first and only 6GHz USB spectrum analyzer with dual USB true I/Q streaming of up to 245MHz (via 2xUSB) instanta­neous bandwidth (complex I/Q). It offers an extremely small POI (Probability Of Intercept) of up to 10ns and thus captures even extremely short signals. Furthermore, the SPECTRAN® V6 X integrates a vector signal generator/tracking generator with a modulation bandwidth of up to 120MHz (opt. 245MHz).

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• Frequency range: 10MHz to 6GHz
• Instanta­neous bandwidth (complex I/Q) of up to 245MHz
• Unlimited continuous true I/Q streaming over up to 2xUSB 3.0
• I/Q vector signal generator bandwidth of 120MHz (opt. 245MHz)
• Sweep speed up to 1THz/s
• Several devices cascadable!
• Parallel measurement of several frequency bands
• World’s first and only Dual USB true I/Q streaming up to 784MBytes/s
• POI up to 97ns (FFT based)
• POI up to 10ns (I/Q based)
• Exceptional dynamic range through the use of a 16-bit ADC with 2GSPS (Giga Samples per Second)
• Sample rate: 500 MSPS (16 Bit Dual 256 MSPS I/Q-Data)
• FPGA: 930GMAC/s
• FFT rate: 960 million FFT points/s (120 million FFTs/s)
• Full MATLAB support
• Stackable accessories
• Light and compact
• Including the software RTSA-Suite PRO with daily updates
• Made in Germany


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