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USB spectrum analyzers of the SPECTRAN X series include our RTSA-Suite PRO software, compatible with Windows and Linux. The high-quality black anodized housings are cut from a solid block of aluminum.

This is providing optimal shielding and cooling of internal components. The V6 X series, for example, offers a real-time bandwidth of up to 245 MHz (I/Q), which can be transmitted via USB 3.0.

Each USB spectrum analyzer is sold as a complete kit with an omnidirectional antenna, 6 foot USB cable, installed internal battery, AC adapter/charger, a flash drive containing manuals and PC spectrum analyzer software, and a foam-lined carrying case.

These small but powerful USB spectrum analyzers are ideal for benchtop or desktop use in a lab or compliance testing environment, offering full-featured spectrum analysis through an easy-to-use and customizable software interface. The lightweight convenience and powerful user interface make the Aaronia line of USB spectrum analyzers deal for limits and exposure testing, pre-compliance testing, or any general spectrum analysis application.

We offer three variations of USB spectrum analyzers: USB RF Spectrum AnalyzersUSB EMF Spectrum Analyzers, and USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers. Each variation offers models in different frequency ranges, making it easy to select the best model to suit your USB spectrum analyzer needs. Call our team of Applications Specialists now at 214-935-9800 to discuss which USB spectrum analyzer is right for you, or click below to request a custom quote!

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