GEO14 Vibration Sensor

The highly sensitive vibration sensors of our GEO series offer a surprisingly high sensitivity over a wide frequency range down to 10Hz. They are especially suitable for detecting vibrations in machines and electronic circuitry or in the working environment, as well as monitoring compliance with (official) exposure limits. Available as: GEO 14 (10Hz – 1KHz)GEO10 (4Hz – 1KHz).


Natural frequency: 14Hz
• Typical frequency range: 10Hz-1kHz
• Sensitivity: 28.8 V/m/s
• Accuracy: +/-5%
• Typical spurious frequency: 190Hz
• Coil impedance: 375 Ohm
• Dimensions (D/H):25.4x32mm
• Weight: 74g
• Connector: SMA socket