Test Probes & Sensors

The Aaronia line of near-field probes, active differential probe sets, and vibration sensors offers precision and professional-grade accuracy at a price point much lower than our competitors. Our electrical test equipment offers high value and precision measurements, perfect for any EMI, EMC, or general EMF testing application.

AaroniaUSA near field probe sets offer precise measurements and pinpoint accuracy, from DC up to 6 GHz. These e field and h field test probe sets are ideal for applications that require “down to the component” leakage measurements, common-mode voltage measurements, shielding effectiveness testing, and pre-compliance testing. High-performance preamplifiers are available to boost very weak signals up to 40dB. For more information on our test probes (e-field probe, h-field probe, oscilloscope probes) please call 214-935-9800 or email ubuy@aaroniausa.com.

In addition to our full line of near-field probes, AaroniaUSA also offers an active differential probe, for use with our handheld EMC analyzer (model number NF 5035), as well as the GEO-series of vibration sensors and geophones. Each test probe is backed by a 10-year manufacturer warranty and includes a full United States warranty and technical support. For more information on AaroniaUSA electrical test equipment (test probes, vibration sensors, geophones), please call 214-935-9800 or click below to request a custom quote now!