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AaroniaUSA Handheld Spectrum Analyzers offer an affordable, professional-grade alternative to the outdated box-style spectrum analyzers offered by overpriced competitors. These sleek, lightweight, portable units are full-featured spectrum analyzers right in the palm of your hands. Handheld spectrum analyzers are ideal for anyone performing RF and EMF test and measurement on the go, including interference tracking, site survey, compliance testing, and wireless installation. All models of AaroniaUSA handheld spectrum analyzers are usable as standalone handheld units, or in conjunction with our spectrum analyzer software versions. Visit our YouTube Channel for more video demonstration of our handheld analyzers.

Our line of handheld spectrum analyzers includes four variations: Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers with frequency ranges in the UHF and VHF bands, Handheld Real Time RF Spectrum Analyzers with lightning fast sweep speeds, Handheld EMF Spectrum Analyzers with frequency ranges in the VLF and ULF bands, and bundled kits that include both RF and EMF handheld spectrum analyzers for ultra-wideband coverage. Each handheld spectrum analyzer version includes a lightweight aluminum carrying case, 6 foot USB cable, miniature tripod stand / handheld pistol grip, AC power adapter, internal battery, and a flash drive containing manuals and PC software. Handheld spectrum analyzers are customizable, with various optional upgrades and accessories available. Our team of knowledgeable Applications Specialists can help you determine which spectrum analyzer is ideal for your application. Click below to submit a request for custom quote, or call 214-935-9800 now!

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