Second to none, the Aaronia series broadband antennas offer unprecedented quality in design and performance, at a fraction of the cost of most competitors.

The Aaronia USA line of precision broadband antenna upholds the highest industry standards, with added durability and lightweight portability for any test and measurement applications.

Our full line of broadband antennas includes six variations: log periodic (LPDA) antennasbiconical radial isotropic antennasradial isotropic Omni-directional antennasmagnetic field tracking antennasbroadband horn antennas, and 3D RF tracking antennas.

With over 40 models of RF- and EMF-optimized antennas to choose from, they are the ideal answer for precise broad frequency range applications, including laboratory test and measurement, data linking, compliance testing, mobile measurements, directional signal tracking, and more. Call an AaroniaUSA Applications Specialist today at 214-935-9800 to determine which precision broadband antenna is appropriate for your test and measurement application, or click- below to request a custom quote.

In addition to our full line of precision broadband antenna, AaroniaUSA also offers the revolutionary IsoLOG 3D tracking antenna and Drone Detector System.

The IsoLOG 3D tracks RF positioning in three dimensions through a high-density, customizable sector array. Between eight and thirty-six antennas (for horizontal and vertical polarization) can be integrated, with several specialized low-frequency antennas available to extend the published frequency range (X – X) down to 9 kHz.

In total, up to 52 independent antennas can be equipped to maximize 3D tracking abilities. A complete Drone Detector kit is also available, which includes an IsoLOG 3D antenna and a real-time spectrum analyzer (the XFR V5 PRO outdoor spectrum analyzer), working in conjunction with real-time spectrum analyzer software to track, monitor, record, and stream UAV positioning.

Contact AaroniaUSA today for a customized Drone Detector quote by clicking below.

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