Aaronia external low noise preamplifiers (LNA) and battery-powered RF signal generators offer an unprecedented mix of performance, design and functions, in a surprisingly affordable price category.

Our full line of low noise preamplifier models offers between 15 dB and 40db of RF signal gain, with frequency ranges spanning DC up to 20GHz and everything in between. This line of broadband antenna preamplifier offers world-class features including user-controlled bypass mode, ultra-wideband frequency ranges, and extended battery lives.

Each model features an internal battery, AC adapter, and a 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Click here to view and compare specifications for all AaroniaUSA low noise antenna preamplifier models.

Our full line of RF signal generators also come in various models covering 20MHz to 6GHz, with outstanding frequency accuracy, high output, and high dynamic range. Each portable RF signal generator model is battery-powered for hours of untethered use, or able to be used with the included adapter.

For more information about Aaronia USA LNA and portable RF Signal Generator lines, please call us now at 214-935-9800 or click below to request a custom quote.

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