The AaroniaUSA line of HyperLOG antennas includes over 20 models of lightweight, portable log periodic antennas that are idea for directional RF and EMI analysis. Our affordable log periodic dipole array antenna (LPDA antennas) are the ideal solution for interference tracking, site survey and field analysis, and most general RF and EMC analysis applications. Log periodic antennas are designed for enhanced signal reception, due to the unique dipole elements positions along the antenna axis (forming a triangular shape) that make them perfect for picking up weak signals out in the field, directional frequency tracking or hutning, or even laboratory test and measurement applications.

Each HyperLOG log periodic antenna model is optimized for a specific broadband frequency range, between 20 MHz and 35 GHz. While all of the standard HyperLOG models (380 MHz – 35 GHz) are passive antennas, each of these lp antenna models can be upgraded to active broadband antennas with the optional “X-Version” upgrade (includes an active preamplifier) for a small upcharge. EMI-optimized versions (“E-Versions”) in lower frequency ranges (20 MHz – 6 GHz) are available as well, designed specifically for EMI electromagnetic interference tracking applications.

Each HyperLOG log periodic antenna is shipping with a lightweight, foam-lined aluminum carrying case, and is fitted with a high-quality SMA connector to allow direct connection with any compatible spectrum analyzer. HyperLOG antennas interface directly with AaroniaUSA handheld spectrum analyzers, making them the idea spectrum analyzer antenna for field work and directional signal tracking. Optional upgrades and accessories are available (in addition to the Active “X-version” upgrade), including a high powered laser scope / sight for improved directional signal tracking accuracy, SMA to N adapters, and SMA cables in varying lengths. HyperLOG LP antennas are all fitted with a standard-thread tripod mount as well, and fit directly onto the AaroniaUSA mini pistol grip / tripod stands, larger tripod stands, or any standard photography tripod.

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Watch a Video Demonstration of HyperLOG Directional Log Periodic Antennas

Calibrated Antenna Radio Frequency Chart