The UBBV broadband pre-amp is the answer to measuring weak signals, boosting probe and antenna gain, as well as many other needs. You can use the UBBV anywhere a high gain, low noise amp is called for- digging out those weak shortwave signals or putting new life into an analyzer, especially in the frequency range below 1GHz. The UBBV pre-amps offer battery or AC adapter operation (internal, chargeable LiPO battery), with 40dB broadband amplification at very low noise levels. Highly recommended for EMC and Pre-Compliance tests like EN55011, EN55022, EN50371 etc. Attaches directly to any SPECTRAN Analyzer and will work with any other brand of Spectrum Analyzers. Comes in two models with ranges of 1 MHz-1 GHz (UBBV1) and another from 1 kHz-10 GHz (UBBV2).

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UBBV Broadband Pre-amp
UBBV Broadband Preamp

Sensitivity Comparison

EN Frequency range incl.CISPR Class A & Class B limit lines
 EN Frequency range incl.CISPR Class A & Class B limit lines
 5600MHz WLan/Wifi 6GHz band)with up to -170dBm (Hz)
 575MHz (GPS L1 band) with up to -172dBm (Hz)
 868MHz (ISM 868 band) with up to -170dBm (Hz)
 433MHz (ISM 433 band) with up to -170dBm (Hz)