Box-shaped and pyramid-shaped high performance EMC shielding canopies are made from AaroniaUSA’s Shield 50db shielding fabric. Extremely air permeable, highly transparent, washable, and antiseptic, these canopies offer the highest RF shielding performance.

In contrast to cotton-based canopies and chambers, there’s NO muggy air feeling inside! The canopies protect against the low frequency electric field as well as RF fields & electrosmog, particularly in the high GHz range (Smart meters, cellular phones, microwaves, Wi-Fi, radar, military broadcast etc.). These products offer the world’s best RF shield-performance among the highly transparent canopies and screening chambers on the market.

The Aaronia canopy systems are shipped with installation accessories (ceiling hooks, anchors, cords, spreader bars, steel cords, etc. For proper shielding effectiveness, the Aaronia X-Dream Grounding Mat must be used with any canopy system.



*Please note that there are no returns or exchanges on any bedding canopies.

Aaronia Shielding Canopies
 Aaronia Shielding Canopies
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