06.05.2022 - v2.2.0.10815
  - add: reject invalid DroneId packets based on CRC (J)
  - add: turbo decoder to dji drone ID
05.05.2022 - v2.2.0.10810
  - add: CRC24 LTE-A (J)
  - add: droneid struct marshalling (J)
  - add: initial version for DJI symbols parser
  - add: local debug output for droneid
  - add: local debug output for droneid - frame type 0x58
  - add: local debug turboFec dec for droneid
  - add: local debug turboFec dec for droneid
  - add: viterbi decode for drone ID instead of external process
  - fix: end bits of viterbi decoder
04.05.2022 - v2.2.0.10795
  - add: drone ID decoder up to QPSK
  - add: scrambler for DJI Drone ID
  - add: Scrambler for DJIDroneId (J)
  - fix: fix windows buildserver
  - fix: fix windows buildserver
  - fix: scrambler for DJI drone id
03.05.2022 - v2.2.0.10785
  - fix: SUITE-1991 letters in custom grid mode
30.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10775
  - add: SUITE-1991 add custom grid for geo map
28.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10766
  - fix: Possible crash in Package Editor dialog
  - fix: Possible WatchDog events based on long compress operations
  - fix: Possible WatchDog events based on processing large downloaded packages
  - fix: When clicking in an child dock the parent was selected instead
26.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10759
  - add: key for Offline Maptile Server functionality
  - add: Placeholder for additinal UAV frame decoder
  - add: SUITE-1981 extend marker range features
  - fix: offline map tiles keyname
26.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10751
  - add: SUITE-1986 add pulse threshold to directional find block
26.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10748
  - fix: SUITE-1987 merge ocusync 1 and 1-3 decoders to avoid duplicate detection
23.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10741
  - fix: SUITE-1988 slowdown of refresh with marker power display
  - fix: SUITE-1989 marker table limited to 64 markers
22.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10738
  - add: SUITE-1978 pan, scale and more adaptive response to dynamic full range mode
21.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10735
  - fix: LINUX: JSIQ AIO: library loader path fix
14.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10720
  - fix: SUITE-1979 playback positrion in file source block, and dropped packets on file writer start
13.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10717
  - add: SUITE-1967, Offline MAP Server
  - add: SUITE-1974 export pulse data from pulse inspector
12.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10712
  - add: SUITE-1977 add secondary view for marker table to spectrum, wrapped spectrum, waterfall and combo view
12.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10707
  - fix: Crash report from 2ß22-04-11
11.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10701
  - fix: display of old drone tracking files
08.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10693
  - add: SUITE-1969 mouse coordinates in script block
  - fix: crash in drone detection block on FFT size change
  - fix: use ISO time for HTTP JSON response
08.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10687
  - fix: Pause button in dock header wasn't updated properly
  - fix: SUITE-1971Spectran V6: Need features check on mission load
07.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10683
  - fix: SUITE-1983 increase number of vertices in monitored area to 100
06.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10678
  - Bugfix: declination from script antenna
  - Bugfix: deg->rad correction for ANTENNA_CHANGED in dds.js
05.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10672
  - fix: declination from script antenna
  - fix: SUITE-1976 multiple detection of not connected drone
04.04.2022 - v2.2.0.10668
  - add: attach cursor to marker table in secondary view
  - add: marker table in child block of spectrum
  - add: SUITE-1975 limit line delta in marker table of wrapped spectrum
  - fix: Potential crash in Package Editor Dialog
  - fix: Potential crash in Power Limits Editor Dialog
31.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10656
  - add: hardware trigger support for V6 IQ stream
  - fix: crash in marker table of wrapped spectrum view when selecting specific marker
31.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10646
  - Bugfix: dds correction an gpsOffset-Block correction due to different elevation/altitude names in packages (sendGraph)
  - fix: SUITE-1932 use file path for recording size check
30.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10639
  - fix: Crash when updating a package in a new mission
25.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10624
  - add: New option in Block Graph Editor Configuration: "Set as App Default"
  - fix: debug overlog
  - fix: increase space for in tree nodes of drone legend tree
24.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10618
  - add: late wakeup warning in debug log file for V6 data streame
23.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10612
  - add: IQ noise filter path to IQ direction power spectrum block
  - Fix: HISLIP-SCPI Server Space in blocknames
23.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10602
  - fix: protect from crash in broken RTSP response on hikvision cam
22.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10598
  - fix: Modified .pro configuration to fix Linux AVX build
  - fix: test for AVX2 support on linux
19.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10588
  - add: V6 Rx trigger
16.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10578
  - add: SUITE-1932 show free disk space and warn if below 10GB
  - fix: crash due to drone detection overload (>200 simultaneous detections)
15.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10570
  - fix: RTSA build script
15.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10567
  - fix: SUITE-1923 legend config not updated after load
14.03.2022 - v2.2.0.10553
  - add: Package HISLIP-SCPI Server
12.03.2022 - v2.1.1.10536
  - Bugfix: forgotten Auto start...
11.03.2022 - v2.1.1.10527
  - Bugfix: Missions.js - undefined value wehen pressed Button within group
  - Bugfix: PTZ Head - cleanUp due changes in mission.js
10.03.2022 - v2.1.1.10522
  - fix: SUITE-1962 left mouse click into dialog sprite closed sprite
10.03.2022 - v2.1.1.10517
  - add: more IQ remote detectors
09.03.2022 - v2.1.1.10514
  - add: FlySky IQ Drone RC detection
  - add: more autotest
  - add: show attribute for JISQA chart items
  - fix: add missing package file for FrequencyRangeFollower with description links
08.03.2022 - v2.1.1.10507
  - Fix: Fixed and improved Undo/Redo
  - fix: handle leak in USB enumerate devices call
  - fix: improve stability of DSP thread scheduler
04.03.2022 - v2.1.1.10490
  - add: five second retain period for IQ based remote detection
  - add: SUITE-1926 hide beam/cone on a per antenna type
  - add: SUITE-1933 add LIVE/REPLAY status display in DDCC
  - fix: SUITE-1929 non dBm export to csv
  - fix: SUITE-1938 stop sweep when disconnecting sweep block
03.03.2022 - v2.1.1.10482
  - fix: remote config meta data for script block config items
  - fix: SUITE-1855  Grid changement is possible for User without any rights
  - fix: SUITE-1910 No data will be transferred if User Management is enabled and Sat gets restartet
02.03.2022 - v2.1.1.10469
  - fix: JSIQA dictionary delete element
01.03.2022 - v2.1.1.10466
  - add: stream overflow debug error button
  - fix: SUITE-1937 fix memory leak in IQ drone detector
01.03.2022 - v2.1.1.10462
  - add: SUITE-1930 add power unit to exported data files
28.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10459
  - add: trigger source config for V6 trigger debugging
25.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10448
  - fix: memory leak in command sequencer block
  - fix: SClock notch filter for packet sizes with non multiples of 16 IQ pairs
  - fix: wrong input names in drone detector block
23.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10430
  - Fix: V6 FW 0.4.254: Increased USB TX swing level
23.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10424
  - fix: Correctly determine frequency unit in chart
22.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10415
  - fix: pattern generator sweep precision
18.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10387
  - add: V6 Tx pattern generator autotest
17.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10368
  - add: emulate realtime playback in file source block
  - add: more V6 trigger testing
  - add: signal generator, pulse detector autotest
  - add: V6 trigger test code
  - fix: flags size in stream debug log
16.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10356
  - add: V6 sweep autotest
  - fix: SUITE-1854 cursor delta calculation for non dB units
16.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10351
  - add: prepare V6 trigger
15.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10344
  - add: SUITE-1614 IsoLOG V6 Proto Package
14.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10338
  - add: SUITE-1925 time offset for realtime file playback into Tx
12.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10327
  - add: call to autotest heartbeat in V6 test
  - fix: SUITE-1924 assert in new default mission
10.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10307
  - add: SUITE-1849 remote config for IQ signal generator
  - fix: SUITE-1887 changed beam length to 100km
10.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10301
  - add: IQ drone remote detector for RadioLINK AT10
09.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10288
  - add: Autotest for V6 start/stop
09.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10282
  - add: RTSA AutoTest scripts
08.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10279
  - fix: Log texts with line feeds were rendered too large
08.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10273
  - fix: SUITE-1921 force vector scope min/max/avg lines off for long missing phase ranges
05.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10265
  - add: Health Monitor v2
  - fix: SUITE-700 Mark as read in info center
02.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10253
  - add: autotest feedback function to script block
  - add: initial autotest
  - fix: Crash in Feedbackdialog when taking snapshots of already closed dialogs
  - fix: Feedbackdialog wasn't able to take snapshots of floating docks anymore
  - fix: memory leak in jsiqa http client
01.02.2022 - v2.1.1.10240
  - fix: crash in drone pattern detector
31.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10237
  - add: SUITE-1914 multiple NTP servers
  - fix: increase number of vertices in waterfall view of drone pattern detector
  - fix: linux: static link libFTDI
  - fix: SUITE-1901 scaling of QAM overlay in IQ osci
  - fix: update Linux ftdi driver to resolve libusb dependency issues
  - fix: update Linux ftdi driver to resolve libusb dependency issues
  - fix: update Linux ftdi driver to resolve libusb dependeny issues
29.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10223
  - add: Added feature to delay the initial load of a mission by 'n' seconds. This can be configured in the RTSA Configuration dialog
  - add: SUITE-1912 stream time offset display in V6 status
  - add: SUITE-1913 put dsp stream time offset into log
27.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10215
  - fix: drone pattern detector for spectra sizes not divisible by 16
27.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10211
  - add: SUITE-1762 add map with markers to signal strength locator
25.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10205
  - fix: SUITE-1917: Aaronia GPS Logger, correct lat/lon value conversion
22.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10197
  - fix: SUITE-1431  Warning sound needed if device changes its state
20.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10191
  - add: transceiver mode to API dll
  - fix: clamp dsp streaming thread count
  - fix: new GPS serial device baud rate config item
19.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10182
  - fix: Linux: added Sense Lock HW Serial Dongles (NON RTC dongles) library
18.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10178
  - add: SUITE-1762 add user markers with direction beam to iso log directional find
  - add: SUITE-1811 Connect and Disconnect V6 with control sequencer
  - add: SUITE-1861 calibration for NRQ sensor
  - fix: SUITE-1907 increase number of useable marker buttons in map
15.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10168
  - fix: chopper mode with IsoLOG 6
11.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10156
  - add: SUITE-1902 functional buttons overlay for the map
  - fix: HealthMonitor Case insensitive sorting
  - fix: SUITE-1908  Show Master Stream Time in status bar
07.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10142
  - add: AppDashBoardWidget
  - add: Package Editor : Mark Packages for integration into Graph Editor
  - fix: PackageManager info messages caused the InfoCenter to popup
07.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10134
  - fix: use proper serial number for GPS license check in SDK
06.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10130
  - fix: SUITE-1897 set synch flag and IP address in SNTP response
04.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10124
  - add: parseInt and parseFloat to builtins in JSIQA
  - add: segments to JSIQA antenna
01.01.2022 - v2.1.1.10115
  - fix: recursive V6 remote config
22.12.2021 - v2.1.1.10086 - add: GPS time to RTSAApi 19.12.2021 - v2.1.1.10060 - fix: linux: updated udev rules - fix: multiple sweep restarts for RTSAAPI dll 17.12.2021 - v2.1.1.10052 - add: smooth realtime GPS correction of sample clock if downsampled - add: SUITE-1897 add SNTP server and client to DSPStreamGraph - fix: Linux default to AVX2 build - fix: timer stop in jsiqa UDP connection 16.12.2021 - v2.1.1.10046 - fix: preserve http headers containing colons 15.12.2021 - v2.1.1.10037 - add: bounds check to IQ symbol decoder for QAM 14.12.2021 - v2.1.1.10034 - add: SUITE-1898 probability threshold for drone map display 10.12.2021 - v2.1.1.10023 - add: SUITE-1069 added endpoint for user position and status 08.12.2021 - v2.1.1.10013 - fix: SUITE-1889 Selection Icons instead of pulldown for Ribbon Bar 08.12.2021 - v2.1.1.10006 - fix: dronesdatabase test code - fix: Fixed crash due to strange mouse handling under linux. ( Right mouse press ) - fix: keep frequency range when loading/saving V6 sweep zoom block and realtime span > 100MHz - fix: SUITE-1875 Linux: Suite crashes, when selecting Grid 1x1 via Context Menu 07.12.2021 - v2.1.1.9997 - add: SUITE-1069 user info via HTTP REST 06.12.2021 - v2.1.1.9989 - add: GPS clock pulse to V6 timing - fix: Possible crash in DockingUI function Divide - fix: Setting an invalid DockingUI caused problems - fix: SUITE-1895 Feature_PackageCreator should enable "Create derived factory" action for Script block 03.12.2021 - v2.1.1.9970 - fix: limit size of tooltip map images to 1024x1024 - fix: Minor fix in block title rendering - fix: SUITE-1894 Check for missing feature keys does not work for built-in blocks 27.11.2021 - v2.1.1.9945 - fix: Random crashes on GNU/Linux due to SSE alignement 26.11.2021 - v2.1.1.9939 - fix: SUITE-1881 Drone direction suffers on greater distance 24.11.2021 - v2.1.1.9931 - fix: Broken creation of Perforce changelists 23.11.2021 - v2.1.1.9925 - add: SUITE-1882 customer adjustable clock scale factor - add: SUITE-1893 add WiFi drone vendor to drone name - fix: ASSERT in watchDog - fix: autostart of IQ Drone WiFi detector - fix: some heap fragmentation - fix: SUITE-1886 TxConfig dialog opens outside visible desktop 18.11.2021 - v - fix: SUITE-1163 Calibration Block: missing input trace in graph - fix: SUITE-1769 Package Manager: External hyperlinks do now open in system default browser. 18.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9851 - add: SUITE-1874 add color coded display for number of sats in waterfall - fix: SUITE-1163 V6 Calibration Block: Unique colors for traces and legend now lists "Power Offset" & "HF Path" - fix: SUITE-1487: GPS Block. Enforce 20 second timeout for serial port NMEA devices / Report block error if GPS fix fails
17.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9832 - add: new scheduler modes for DSP scheduler to allow more parallel streams on 64core threadripper - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-1865, Linux/libUsb, USB connection on application startup now works reliably. Likewise, reconnecting after unplugging USB now also works under Linux.
16.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9823
  - fix: V6 startup crash on firmware load problem
16.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9819
  - fix: SUITE-1869 rename IQ WiFi drone detector inputs
15.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9808
  - add: V6 auto reset after 15 seconds of no communication
  - fix: SUITE-1859 AM/FM Demodulator, Add channel now uses "Channel Width" from Main config item.
  - fix: SUITE-1859 AM/FM Demodulator, Add channel now uses "Channel Width" from Main config item.
15.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9803
  - fix: V6 BSOD caused by premature USB buffer release in error situations
11.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9763 - add: fix for intel graphics driver memory leak using shared PBOs - fix: crash in sector waterfall on iso log autorotate start - fix: Crash when restarting app with open mission - fix: minor memory leaks 11.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9746 - fix: Conditinal expression failes to auto cast MemberHandle with GCC - fix: Set DEBUG_BUFFER_USAGE only for Windows builds - fix: SUITE-1828 fix WiFi 5.8 range 10.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9741 - add: gps sat information in streams and files - fix: crash in linux due to misalined sse load 08.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9733 - add: App-wide privileges for Blockgraph Edtor - fix: DragNDrop to create new blocks 05.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9718 - add: debug info to packet factories - add: SUITE-1838 add size control for antennas in DDCC 3D view - add: SUITE-1847 Blockgraph Editor configuration inside User Editor - fix: SUITE-1836 find dialog in script editor triggers twice 04.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9706 - add: After canceling the authentification dialog, the user can re-enter his password to stay in the app instead of just closing it - fix: Auto Clean Crashreports was called always in NIG mode 03.11.2021 - v2.1.0.9700 - add: SUITE-1834 binary samples to Tx via HTTP connection 30.10.2021 - v2.1.0.9685 - fix: SUITE-1830 unrealistic max hold 27.10.2021 - v2.1.0.9675 - fix: SUITE-1784 add interpolation for RF geo heatmap 22.10.2021 - v2.1.0.9654 - fix: add protection for crash in spectrum marker code - fix: SUITE-1778 auto detect PAL/NTSC video - fix: SUITE-1835 detector FFT size lockup 21.10.2021 - v2.1.0.9649 - fix: potential deadlock leading to watchdog induced crash in IQ chopper converter block 19.10.2021 - v2.1.0.9642 - add: SUITE-1833 serial number to V6 device info - fix: division by zero crash in recorder block 16.10.2021 - v2.1.0.9633 - add: SUITE-1788 triangulation with IsoLOG directional find block 12.10.2021 - v2.1.0.9623 - fix: rare crash in file writer when changing sample size 07.10.2021 - v2.1.0.9612 - fix: Ribbon buttons wasn't updated correctly on saved external monitors 07.10.2021 - v2.1.0.9605 - add: Minimize / Maximize and Dock All Button on 'External Monitor' windows - fix: Memory leaks 06.10.2021 - v2.0.0.9590 - fix: SUITE-1818 live video cam color - fix: SUITE-1819 color decoding in PAL 04.10.2021 - v2.0.0.9580 - add: SUITE-1803 Overload should be indicated clearly within the RTSA 01.10.2021 - v2.0.0.9563 - add: New icons for blocks - fix: SUITE-1797 false detection of generic remote 01.10.2021 - v2.0.0.9552 - fix: SUITE-1800 instable beam for detection - fix: SUITE-1806 pattern generator not turned off on Stop 30.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9539 - add: New icons for blocks - fix: SUITE-1802 Important things should be shown inside "Short Description" of a block 30.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9534 - add: New icon for block IQDirectionPowerSpectrum 29.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9529 - fix: crash in script block toString() - fix: SUITE-1787 fixed crash of IQ decoder symbol decoder on non developer systems 24.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9496 - add: New Radio Profiles - add: ribbon to wrapped spectrum block 21.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9461 - fix: SUITE-1779 Undocked windows could not be docked (Multi Monitor) 21.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9458 - fix: Crash when dragging a tab in the default mission 14.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9427 - fix: SUITE-1759 config of spectrum multi notch filter not saved 14.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9423 - fix: crash in drone detection for small spectrum sizes 10.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9414 - fix: new package revision with fixed filetype 08.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9398 - fix: SUITE-1758 remove stale drone detection on connection lost 06.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9388 - fix: startup crash with spectrum peaks due to uninitialized variable 03.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9372 - add: weak occusync patterns to drone detector - fix: Crash in ComboView Block 02.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9365 - fix: Problem with emtpy external DockinUI Monitors 01.09.2021 - v2.0.0.9353 - fix: Crash when dropping a mission file onto the GraphEditor - fix: Delete row / col when the cell was to large - fix: Potential crash when clicking on the More button in the RibbonBar 31.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9347 - fix: SUITE-1754 GPS manual update immediate 30.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9340 - add: SUITE-1742 Spectrum Multi Notch Filter - fix: crash in geo rf histogram if input stream has no antenna information 28.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9331 - fix: crash in IQ pulse decoder and sweep aggregate blocks 27.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9328 - fix: RBW in chopper mode IQ to power conversion - fix: SUITE-1744 RF Drive Test: adjust default settings 25.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9322 - fix: Configuration area visible state was overridden from user management - fix: crash with marker on time range base traces 25.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9318 - fix: crash in IsoLOG directional finder block 25.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9312 - fix: SUITE-1739 No graphs after RTSA-Minimize on some PCs 24.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9300 - fix: SUITE-1739 No graphs after RTSA-Minimize on some PCs - fix: SUITE-1741 "Tab all missions" dont boot with Windows orientation as saved 18.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9282 - add: 40MHz video channel width for occusync2 - fix: SUITE-1732 power ramp in V6 pattern generator - fix: SUITE-1734 Cell (0,0 1x1) occurs and could not be closed 17.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9276 - fix: crash in RTSA linux when using a smaller span size in V6 - fix: crash when changing combine mode of empty reference trace 14.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9268 - add: SUITE-1713 RF geo Heatmap - fix: add check for BOOST connection in Jammer mode of V6 - fix: SUITE-1732 sweep mode different in Tx pattern and signal generator 13.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9262 - add: SUITE-1675 Simple channel power for spectrum blocks 12.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9259 - add: SUITE-1723 Tx control buttons in ribbon 11.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9253 - add: SUITE-1713 inital heatmap for RF test drive - add: SUITE-1729 stream portal block 10.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9250 - fix: 3D models with polygon list for mav views 04.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9234 - add: SUITE-1726 IsoLOG sector information with sweep block - fix: SUITE-1724 Tab title is only updated after reload mission 03.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9228 - add: SUITE-1721 Missing AVX needed Error Message - fix: SUITE-1722 wrong density in histogram 03.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9223 - add: support for 184 and 245 MHz Tx calibration - fix: 184MHz Tx Profile for V6 02.08.2021 - v2.0.0.9219 - fix: crash in video monitor when created by script block 29.07.2021 - v2.0.0.9208 - fix: Better colors for Spectran V6 Modes in the Ribbon 27.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9202 - fix: Block FunctionHandler was visible in the ConfigItemTree 27.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9199 - add: Compact / Split WorkMode - add: Green BlockGraphEditor special button - fix: Better colors for slider bars - fix: Linux build - fix: Not release blocks after Ctrl+N - fix: Possible crash when dragging a block tab 23.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9184 - add: SUITE-1686 add option to turn of video display if camera feed is lost - Bugfix: OffsetBlock ANTENNA_CHANGED Filter - missing [] led to value jumps in the following block - fix: declination display in stream debugger 22.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9177 - add: DockingUI - Direct Resize Docks 21.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9171 - add: autodetect of QPSK and BPSK decoding in IQ symbol decoder - add: Switch between Single / Multi Layout - fix: Copy&Paste in Block Editor 20.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9166 - add: SUITE-1717 Block Graph Editor needs Autoadjust Icon (F5) - fix: crash in IQ symbol decoder 17.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9156 - Bugfix: GNSS Compass - "jumping values" from compass 16.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9145 - add: DockingUI - 'Locate Block' in context menu - add: support for 245MHz Tx pattern generator - fix: DockingUI - Potential crash when adding new docks after deleting a row or a column - fix: SUITE-1706 continuous position change of IsoLOG in drone detection 14.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9133 - fix: Crash when dragging a tab outside the dock dock 13.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9128 - add: SUITE-1710 accept azimuth and elevation on gps inputs 09.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9100 - add: New DOCKING SYSTEM - initial shot 08.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9095 - add: altitude and azimuth in JSIQA graph message antennas - fix: crash in IQ osci when decoding some symbol types the span across the sample range 07.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9088 - add: SUITE-1704 show geo location in file reader legend - fix: racing condition in V6 config mutex between iso log rotation and normal user operation - fix: SUITE.1705 change text color in legend 06.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9083 - fix: SUITE-1699 elevation discrepancy in RF block due to wrong order of applying declination - fix: SUITE-1701 missing segment in sector waterfall 03.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9074 - add: compass arrow to JSIQA geo map shapes - fix: crash in IQ filter with small span direct V6 IQ output - fix: SUITE-1697 texture overflow in 3d waterfall with wide spectrum 02.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9068 - add: color config item to JSIQA 02.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9064 - fix: crash in IQ filter for small frequencies and large filters 01.07.2021 - v1.5.152.9061 - add: DC masking to sweep zoom block - fix: TX in 122.88 MHz was broken due to 245 MHz tests 30.06.2021 - v1.5.152.9054 - Bugfix: IsoLog Azimuth - Bugfix: IsoLog Azimuth 29.06.2021 - v1.5.152.9047 - add: SUITE-1699 add elevation config to calibrartion block - fix: crash in IQ QAM decoder on type change at start of package - fix: locale date in JSIQA - fix: SUITE-1695 tabel now drawn if directed graph in same block - fix: SUITE-1698 geo location in V6 not propagated if default location 29.06.2021 - v1.5.152.9039 - add: scaled text and clipped area alignment to canvas2d in JSIQA - fix: SUITE-1697 boundary errors in spectrum decimation with 3D Waterfall and scale >= 16 26.06.2021 - v1.5.152.9031 - fix: problems when using pre decimation > 512 in RTSAAPI dll 25.06.2021 - v1.5.152.9027 - add: "fsweep" mode for V6 sweep block for full span sweep - add: SUITE-1650 selection of multiplexed stream by name instead of index with StreamMerge/Split blocks - fix: crash in combining arithmetic block when changing spectrum decimation 24.06.2021 - v1.5.152.9022 - add: gradient to JSIQA canvas 2D - add: new drone video patterns - fix: ADC range in V6 health status now in dB - fix: spectra DC hiding with enabled amps - fix: SUITE-1685 ghost cursor labels in wrapped spectrum 23.06.2021 - v1.5.152.9015 - add: SUITE-1689 hide DC in V6 Spectrum - fix: noise compensation underflow in DC hide for spectra 22.06.2021 - v1.5.152.9011 - add: IR zoom support for Hikvision cam 18.06.2021 - v1.5.152.9000 - fix: crash in V6 if sweeping with strage parameter setup - fix: limit hikvision tilt to 45 degree 17.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8993 - fix: SUITE-1688 various crashes with linux - fix: unicode decoding in JSIQA unmarshal 16.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8989 - add: usb memory size expansion for linux to startup script - fix: crash of volumetric histograms on linux - fix: shutdown V6 usb bulk channels before closing device 14.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8982 - add: linux support for V6 - fix: text tabel polygon pre allocation - fix: windows build 14.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8976 - add: raw IQ sample rate measurement sample to sdk 12.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8969 - add: RawIQ sample for SDK - fix: linux build 11.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8965 - add: libusb for V6 usage - fix: inux build - fix: linux build 11.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8955 - add: SUITE-1680 add canvas 2D element to JSIQA 10.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8952 - add: second control http connection for hikvision - fix: SUITE-1682 harmonics range above 6GHz not saved in sweep zoom block 09.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8942 - add: SUITE-1645 bytes/s stats in http client - fix: SUITE-1657 scrubbing in time shift block stopped, if outside of recorded range - fix: SUITE-1667 sector selection not saved in waterfall - fix: SUITE-1670 add null pointer check for audio output device in audio monitor block - fix: V6 reset with new boot code 08.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8933 - Bugfix: GNSS Compass - fix: V6 i2c booted reenumeration of A2 version 08.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8928 - add: change boot for all V6 devices en block - add: receovery microcode for V6 flash - add: SUITE-1505 add IQ base WiFi interaction mapper block - fix: SUITE-1659 naming of IsoLOG in directional finding block 05.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8913 - add: flash file backup and restore when changing V6 usb boot mode - fix: SUITE-1663 cursor overlay shows in multiple views - fix: SUITE-1664 scaling of text field in sector waterfall 03.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8905 - add: more commands to v6 flash tool - fix: SUITE-1661 renamed connectors on antenna segment filter 02.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8901 - add: info field to directed graph views - add: more commands for V6 flash tool - add: prepare two stage V6 boot process - add: V6 flash tool - fix: reset command in V6 killed usb bus with some host controllers 01.06.2021 - v1.5.152.8896 - fix: crash in pulse detector with spectra > 32k bins - fix: crash in wrapped spectrum and histogram trace 29.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8887 - fix: single antenna drone detection to fire, if second antenna has signal but no direction 28.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8882 - fix: SUITE-1655 Profiles and Limits need to be crypted 27.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8879 - fix: Change filetype - fix: SUITE-1647 Deleting/changing of a connection inside BlockGraph Editor should not change the arrangement/focus - fix: SUITE-391 Default Configuration Width is often to small 27.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8874 - fix: placement and size of blocks and connectors in incremental graph update 26.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8869 - fix: graph size on delete block - fix: layout of blocks with minimal relayout after connect - fix: SUITE-1653 smooth noise floor was reset to 0.2 on stream change 22.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8854 - fix: DECT decoding with short preamble 20.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8848 - add: SUITE-1641 add directional beam to geo map marker - fix: reference trace with dBmV/m unit 20.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8844 - add: direction to antenna in script block messages - add: sanity checks to frequency profile dialog - fix: SUITE-1640 numeric input precision of duration config items 19.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8839 - fix: SUITE-1615 Watermarks not shown in script blocks 18.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8834 - fix: initial display of limits with dBmV/m - fix: max hold trace in dBmV/m - fix: SUITE-1621 power ramp signal generator glitches 15.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8823 - add: SUITE-1635 temporal gate for period in pulsed waterfall - fix: sample and hold and histogram display problems on some AMD graphics cards - fix: SUITE-1619 add IP3 text and IP5 markers - fix: SUITE-1632 fixed square meter in V/A units 13.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8814 - add: parameter checks in RTSA API config calls - fix: windows build 12.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8804 - fix: SUITE-1629 enum types not complete in block graph explorer 11.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8801 - fix: crash with negative frequencies and log frequency scale in spectrum view 11.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8797 - add: config tree SDK sample - add: disabled options bitset to config item info in SDK 11.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8793 - add: aaronia software license agreement text - fix: debug build - fix: remove qt header reference in api library - fix: windows build 08.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8782 - add: SDK samples for dll usage 07.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8777 - fix: SUITE-1626 limit calculation error 07.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8774 - add: aaroniartsaapi.dll and test - add: SUITE-1620 IM Analyzer needs trace control - fix: Crash with invalid dock layout mode loaded from mission - fix: SUITE-1616 IM Analyzer limited to 3GHz 04.05.2021 - v1.5.152.8759 - fix: Fixed potential crash in tabwidget 30.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8739 - add: IQ div, log, exp methods in JSIQA - add: SUITE-1610 VSWR measurement with directional coupler and V6 tracking generartor block - fix: SUITE-1308 Prio #3 Mission data loading progress bar missing at RTSA bootup - fix: SUITE-1522 Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom Block | Missplaced POI adjustment - fix: uninitialized variable in V6 streamer causing problems in V6 Device Tester - fix: V6 crash with span divide >=64 and spectra output 28.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8729 - add: silent retries for http client connection requests 27.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8726 - add: IQ pattern signal generator (experimental) - fix: Tx sweep scale calibration update 23.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8714 - fix: SUITE-1611 frequency rounding error in reference trace for V6 at some frequency bins, e.g. DC 22.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8711 - add: more logging data 22.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8708 - add: JSIQA TCP.adapters to get the list of local ip addresses 21.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8704 - fix: full spectrum in V6 Tx calib mission - fix: path of plugin in cyapi package 20.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8697 - add: Feedback Dialog - add: SUITE-1589 second input for signal locator - add: SUITE-1596 additional texts and second order channels to channel power measurement block - add: SUITE-1608 add missing legends to channel power measurement block - fix: Crash in License Manager - fix: Linux build - fix: SUITE-1187 User Editor - Problems with logout as Administrator 18.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8688 - add: Manchester encoding in IQ Signal generator for QAM and FSK - add: SUITE-1516 ASK to IQ decoder block - add: SUITE-1596 channel power measurement - add: SUITE-1607 remote control to stream multiplexer block 17.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8683 - add: markers for power percentile in spectrum - add: SUITE-1601 Frequency range follower block and package 16.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8678 - add: SUITE-1605 add output to spectrum and wrapped spectrum blocks - add: tooltips to block graph connectors - fix: artefacts with small wide lines that fold back on themselfes, trails in drone detection 15.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8673 - fix: SUITE-1598 multi spectrum zoom not updating 13.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8658 - add: SUITE-1588 spectral mask block - fix: connection: close response header on http error response - fix: SUITE-1600 title and trace legend in histogram - fix: SUITE-1603 frequency profile in grid and multi waterfall 12.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8649 - fix: V6 generator config 12.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8645 - Update/Fix: Robin Package with modified height input procedure 12.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8641 - fix: JSIQA UDP pipeline error in QT using forced packet drop of non existing packets 10.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8631 - add: pattern buffer signal generator to V6 08.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8621 - fix: SUITE-1599 synchronized file readers in continuous mode with premature ending of synchronized files 08.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8617 - fix: crash in DDCC transponder (ADSB) target fusion with complex antenna setup 08.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8614 - add: new FPGA bitfile for experimental pattern generator mode - fix: extra whitespace caused wrong AppInfo.xml to be shipped in the portable installer - fix: no power warning if feature set would work with limited power budget - fix: SUITE-1564 wrong span frequency with POST of IQ data to HTTP Server block 07.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8609 - fix: debug register access in V6 07.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8606 - add: documenation for jsiqa http server - add: http server to jsiqa 06.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8599 - add: Power button - add: SUITE-1492 USB and power indicators - fix: crash on changing properties of a zero size trace in spectrum view - fix: JSIQA file seek - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-1577 pulsed waterfall marker table not selectable at startup - fix: SUITE-1595 ignore duplicate transponder tracks in DDCC - fix: use input substream for output in analog video decoder 06.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8586 - fix: build - fix: build - fix: string.trim and instanceof in JSIQA 03.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8577 - add: test code and FPGA for V6 pattern generator - fix: SUITE-1590 sample rate limit for analog video decoder block 01.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8570 - fix: crash in drone detection on network loss 01.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8566 - fix: Fixed bug / crash in graph editor when deleting a connection - fix: SUITE-1594 reduce HTTP message queue overload due to message duplication using unique message ID for deduplication 01.04.2021 - v1.5.152.8562 - fix: nullptr reference crash in drone tracking if incomming energy stream has no categories - fix: SUITE-1243 Power Limits Editor displays the "Ranges" field incorrect and the field is not user friendly 31.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8558 - add: min/max/sum mode in V6 FFT aggregation - add: new V6 firmware fixes Tx zeoring of samples during LO transition - add: SUITE-1544 Add new key for Package Creators - fix: 3d Osci rendering for large sizes - fix: Ribbon value could be changed with the mouse wheel even when it was disabled - fix: SUITE-1550 Guidance solution needed if package collision - fix: V6 start with high FFT aggregation 30.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8551 - add: SUITE-1501 Notification/Information is needed when "Portable" RTSA version is installed 30.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8548 - add: new drone video patterns 30.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8545 - add: new drone video patterns - add: Tooltips for In/Out Connectors in block graph - fix: revival of sub stream categories - fix: stream/segment start on flush in HTTP connection - fix: zero width waterfall 29.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8538 - fix: prevent infinite loop in drone location detection gradient descent 29.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8535 - add: ambient occulsion to waterfall and histogram 3D 28.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8532 - add: V6 comb filter for ~460 MHz for span dividers of 64 and higher using HClock filter - fix: accept minPowr and maxPower values in HTTP samples POST endpoint of http server block 27.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8528 - add: SUITE-1564 stream data into HTTP Server Block using POST request with JSON data - fix: JSIQA throw and return of rejected promise in .then() - fix: SUITE-1519 License Manager: Incorrect display of licenses with multiple authorizations - fix: SUITE-1581 Info Center: Only display relevant "missing key" warnings 26.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8520 - add: audio alert control button to quick icons in ddcc - add: start stop and clear for stream debugger - add: SUITE-1578 add optional Cross-Dot grid mode - fix: crash in histogram when adding a trace to reference - fix: Possible crash when loading a corrupted AppManager.xml - fix: SUITE-1573 Add system information to crash dumps - fix: SUITE-1586 global audio alert disable in DDCC - fix: SUITE-1587 License Manager: "remove" button permanently disabled since 8504 25.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8509 - add: multiple inputs to stream debug view block - fix: 3D Waterfall artifacts with odd size spectra - fix: first segment in V6 sweep was sometimes broken - fix: remove debug output 23.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8495 - add: stream debugger/inspector block - fix: Remove old unkeyed package versions from public listing - fix: removed old unkeyed package versions from catalog 22.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8488 - add: V6 tracking generator block - fix: V6 second startup has wrong RX attenuation level 21.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8484 - add: Sample and Hold block to script blocks - add: Second trace source in spectrum views of script blocks 20.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8481 - add: offset frequency based IQ generator settings using graph messages - add: vertical splitter to pulse waterfall marker table 19.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8473 - fix: sweep with V6 spectrum output - fix: time range of demodulated signal display in IQ Osciloscope 18.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8468 - fix: SUITE-1574 traces legend in wrapped spectrum view 17.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8463 - fix: HTTP stream server connection blocked with unresponsive client - fix: SUITE-1570 scale parameter not included in response at /stream endpoint of HTTP stream connection 16.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8457 - fix: no waterfall or realtime spectrum for wide spectra 16.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8454 - add: negative trigger delay for IQ oscilloscope block - fix: crash in V6 when swiching to RX2->RX1 mode - fix: racing condition in DSP block scheduling and graph locking due to http connections - fix: racing condition of PullPacket and PushFlush - fix: SUITE-1569 reference level in auto mode of amps 15.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8448 - add: complete auto tune in IQ vector scope 14.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8445 - fix: border cases of waterfall or statistics data - fix: clipping problems when resizing waterfall bin count 13.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8441 - add: new drone video pattern training sets - fix: add feature flag to Receiver Band Sequencer package config 12.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8437 - add: Receiver Band Sequencer package - fix: crash in IQ osci when resizing time range 11.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8431 - fix: use proper licensing filename extension 10.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8426 - add: autotune for IQ vectorscope 09.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8422 - fix: licensemanager serial number mismatch - fix: Linux build 09.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8418 - fix: target selection for camera in DDSS 08.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8415 - add: Option to switch off the shadow in the graph editor - fix: fft for non AVX2 systems - fix: Fixed problem in RibbonBar menus when calling the same functions successively - fix: RibbonBar Changing the frequency by mouswheel wasn't working correctly 08.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8404 - fix: stopping audio alerts in ddss if interval was too short 07.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8399 - add: phase shift to IQ vectorscope - add: SUITE-1560 autp adjust to IQ blocks - add: SUITE-1561 add gird overlay to IQ histogram - add: support for local ip address in udp bind multicast for jsiqa - fix: closing debug view when stepping through JSIQA 06.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8395 - fix: crash when shutting down DDCC block while playing alert sound 05.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8392 - fix: Fix in License manager dialog 05.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8388 - add: optional audio file alert for drone DDCC - add: prepare for isolog integration into V6 virtualizer 04.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8384 - add: float16 format and optional scale parameter for raw http streaming - add: Test rtsakey and license files - fix: SUITE-1557 License Manager: Adding .license / .rtsakey files via + button results in chaos until RTSA restart 03.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8367 - fix: IQ vectorscope - fix: startup crash in V6 sweep mode with strong WiFi input connected 01.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8358 - fix: flush substream and antennacache if filled with more than 100 entries in HTTP connection to avoid memory leaks 01.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8352 - fix: continuous substream creation in IQ WiFi drone detection block, causing memory leak in master system 01.03.2021 - v1.5.152.8349 - fix: startup problems with V6 sample rate notch filter if 32x decimation is active 28.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8346 - add: debugbreak on runtime errors in jsiqa - add: stack entries in debugger of jsiqa 26.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8340 - add: context menu for monitored areas - add: enum config items to context menus - add: extend alert system for drones in monitored areas - add: spectrum notch filter - fix: import key file with dialog "+" button 26.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8335 - add: SUITE-1541 multi carrier power ramp in IQSignalGenerator - add: SUITE-1552 circle monitored area - fix: JSIQA catch clause without exception argument caused stack corruption - fix: stream flush on connect after connection loss in Axis PTZ cam in HTTP mode 25.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8328 - fix: SUITE-1257 Configuration Dialog: Registering RMIX filetype option is non-functional 24.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8325 - fix: memory hogging of HTTP stream connection 23.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8321 - fix: SUITE-1537 Window arrangement will be lost after Reload Mission 22.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8316 - fix: memory leak in IQ symbol decoder - fix: V6 rev A3 startup error due to longer negotiation time for power supply 22.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8313 - add: new package for default keys - add: Update Aaronia_Included_Keys - fix: AppPackageUploadInfo.xml of Aaronia Included Keys - fix: load and save of ultrawide spectra - fix: Package Manager dialog. Brief description wasn't displayed in the info area. - fix: Re-Apply Package XML CDATA for Long Descriptions - fix: SUITE-1517 Intermodulation analyzer auto function - fix: SUITE-1542 Remove "Legacy License Manager" 22.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8302 - fix: Ribbon bar drag 20.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8297 - add: Aaronia Keys package. Free included keys - add: flags to configitem ValueChanged and SetValue etc. - add: Ribbon Bar mouse support - fix: Connect to Screen change event - fix: script promise catch not returning the correct promise 19.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8282 - add: recheck licenses to v6 usb manager - fix: SUITE-1535 calibration for RX1 and RX2 was not separate for main component 18.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8277 - add: sanity check to iso log element and sector info 17.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8270 - fix: SUITE-1529 Connections will be lost after reload mission/installing new RTSA 17.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8265 - add: FSK and ASK signal encoder - fix: IQ oscilloscope data buffer size not correct after small capture duration change - fix: vector display in IQ oscilloscope - fix: workaround V6 A3 revision USB 2.0 startup problem 16.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8260 - add: color control to timeshift block - add: draggable legends for charts and traces - add: title and info text overlay to charts 13.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8252 - add: SUITE-1517 auto button for intermodulation analyzer 13.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8246 - fix: V6 recovery crash due to racing condition in firmware reload 12.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8238 - fix: Invisible input / output connectors won't accept a connection anymore 12.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8235 - add: more V6 usb error handling 12.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8226 - fix: Staging Generator FlowSheet improvements 11.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8223 - fix: SUITE-1523 Blocks in wrong Categories 11.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8220 - fix: file writer crash with zero sample size 10.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8215 - fix: SUITE-1524 Change Filename of File Writer block in the File Writer toolbar is not working 10.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8210 - fix: channel block watchdog for V6 did sometimes not check second channel 10.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8206 - add: Latest Build email template 10.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8201 - add: IVI Foundation VISA developer key - fix: Package Manager dialog displayed packages even after the key was removed - fix: reactivate channel reset for bulk command channels in V6 recovery 09.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8189 - fix: data errors in V6 if no output connected - fix: THD calculation in harmonics analyzer with missing harmonics 07.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8182 - add: additional result info in harmonic analyzer block - add: check for no data at stream start in V6 input streamer - add: harmonic selection in harmonic analyzer block 05.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8178 - add: Added PowerShell script to checkout all package files and their AppPackageUploadInfo.xml - add: status table for IQ WiFi drone detector - fix: ConfigItemStringList copy missed some entries - fix: crash when routing detection status of WiFi Drone detector through HTTP connection - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: Picture for IntelleNet PDU - fix: Picture for NRP-Z11 - fix: Picture for NRQ6 Power Sensor - fix: Staging generator 05.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8160 - add: SUITE-1481 3D Topographic Triangulation Heatmap 04.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8158 - fix: crash with invalid correction sets 04.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8155 - add: SUITE-1486 show antenna names in drone info field - fix: reading of older drone tracking data from file 04.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8152 - add: "IQ WiFi Drone Detector" package - fix: crash on V6 shutdown due to racing condition with health status - fix: FileSystemLayer scan file - fix: Migration Task Dialog 03.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8142 - fix: remove excessive debug logging 03.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8140 - fix: Block Graph Explorer files 02.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8137 - add: Spectran V6 Sweep Generator package - fix: Data Migration Dialog, test files was written into the wrong folder. - fix: jitter in stored spectra snapshots - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - Fix: Missing entries in AppPackgeUploadInfo 02.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8129 - add: IQ WiFi Drone Detector factory - fix: assert in status charts - fix: assert in xy status chart - fix: SUITE-1434 use wider lines for statistics XY charts - fix: SUITE-1503 output of IQ ADSB decoder - fix: V6 startup hickup due to synch of USB data and boost channels 01.02.2021 - v1.5.152.8117 - add: auto spectrum downsampling to histogram block for huge spectra - add: implement "step over" await expression in JS async functions - fix: improve stop/start stability of V6 block 29.01.2021 - v1.5.152.8095 - add: WinSCP for Powershell - fix: Crash when reading broken crypted files - fix: RADA Radar 29.01.2021 - v1.5.152.8078 - add: AnkCmd - add: Help Package - add: IQ MavLink Decoder - add: IQ MavLink Decoder - add: Package Block Graph Explorer - add: Package CyAPI Plugin - add: Package DDS Observer - add: Package Drone Location Calibration - add: Package Drone Thermal Tracking - add: Package Drone Video Patterns - add: Package Drone Video Traking - add: Package Echodyne Echoguard Radar - add: Package FLARM Decoder - add: Package Flir Radar - add: Package Harmonics Spectrum Analyer - add: Package Intellinit PDU - add: Package Intermodulation Analyzer - add: Package IQ ADSB Decoder - add: Package IQ Pulse Inspector - add: Package IsoLOG 3D Watchdog - add: Package IVI Foundation VISA - add: Package Map Heathrow - add: Package NRP-Z11 Power Sensor - add: Package NRQ6 Power Sensor - add: Package RADA Radar - add: Package RETIA Radar - add: Package Robin Radar - add: Package Short Burst Suppression Filter - add: Package UFO Generator - add: Package WIFI SSID Detector - add: RTSA_Staging_Generator_v4 28.01.2021 - v1.5.152.8011 - fix: crash with downscaling odd size large spectra - fix: SUITE-1476 show user markers reset after reload 28.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7996 - add: add some samples to JSIQA documentation - add: harmonics and intermodulation analyzer blocks - fix: add missing factories - fix: reset to default in script blocks 27.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7988 - add: SUITE-1235 extend FFT size and lower sweep RBW - fix: duplicate config items in script block due to colliding chart names 26.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7985 - add: marker control to JSIQA spectrum chart - add: V6 A3 device info flags to dialog - fix: prevent loading of images larger than 2GB - fix: various sweep issues with borderline RBW and sweep ranges in V6 24.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7979 - add: send graph message through specific connection in JSIQA - fix: change file type of IQ ADSB decoder factory - fix: Endless loop while reading enctypted XML - fix: file type of block graph explorer factory - fix: file type of DDS Observer factory - fix: file type of drone location calibration factory - fix: file type of drone thermal tracking factory - fix: file type of drone video tracking factory - fix: file type of IQ pulse inspector factory - fix: file type of IsoLOG 3D watchdog factory - fix: file type of NRP Z11 power sensor factory - fix: file type of NRQ6 power sensor factory - fix: file type of short burst suppression filter factory - fix: file type of UFO generator factory - fix: filetype of intellinet pdu factory 23.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7963 - fix: file type of sweep zoom factory to binary 23.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7961 - add: ditone V6 signal generator - add: JSON number conversion to config items - add: script block spectrum view markers - fix: LO leakage calibration timing - fix: rbw of sweep zoom block - fix: sweep in lower sample frequency modes in sweep zoom block 21.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7956 - add: dialogs and realtime graph messages to JSIQA - add: new power modes to board test function - add: SUITE-1457 smooth noise floor in sweep mode - fix: enhanced noise floor in IQ power frequency conversion 20.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7953 - add: enable SO_KEEPALIVE for streaming connections 19.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7947 - add: 5G Profile Germany - fix: thermal glitch in FX3 to FPGA Tx interface 18.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7943 - fix: filter settings for A3 board revision 18.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7941 - add: stream statistics table in http client 18.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7937 - add: 5G Profiles 18.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7935 - add: V6 board revision A3 FLASH firmware - fix: memory leak in sweep mode 16.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7931 - add: support for V6 A3 revision and 9V power 15.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7928 - fix: minor drone detection memory leaks 15.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7924 - add: config for upstream/downstream remote control - fixed performance issue in large DDS mission - add: noAA option for RTSA to improve performance on weak systems - fix: SUITE-1474 show legend for all views in video grid - fix: SUITE-1475 individual camera movement through video grid 14.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7919 - add: Latency control for FFT and IQ demodulator block - add: prepare wifi drone detection - add: SUITE-1477 show V6 installed devices - add: SUITE-1479 add battery warning to FPGA update message box - add: Tx control output for V6 11.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7912 - add: prepare drone detection infrastructure for MAC based detection 10.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7909 - fix: crash in config item table with no control items 08.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7905 - fix: accumulating latency in HTTP connection - fix: compression for weak IQ signals 08.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7903 - add: New RTSAKey for packages - fix: rollback FPGA to half rate FFT - fix: SUITE-1470 enum config item names changed by remote config 07.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7899 - add: SUITE-1464 prompt user if FPGA firmware is too old 06.01.2021 - v1.5.150.7895 - add: fast rate adaption of IQ file compression on stream discontinuities - add: layers and antenna segment to jsiqa dsp stream block 31.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7880 - add: SUITE-1458, SUITE-1444 multi spectrum zoom time compression and trace control 30.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7834 - fix: SUITE-1448 Packagemanger Icons should be same as Blockgraph Icons - fix: SUITE-1459 New Config Setting "Show Minimized at startup" 29.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7822 - add: new FPGA bitfile re-enables second FFT - add: SUITE-1391 automatic selection of source and format of V6 data based on connected outputs - add: V6 USB compression setting, move sample mode to debug section - fix: gate V6 GPS by feature key - fix: volt unit type for V6 IQ output 24.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7811 - add: housekeeping thread in FX3 firmware to avoid GPS latency - add: propagate GPS information from V6 to streams - fix: V6 sweep range 23.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7807 - add: delay on reload microcode to avoid failure due to Fx3 not yet fully booted - add: prepare GPS in V6 - add: prepare V6 GPS - fix: crash when searching for blocking dsp block - fix: sample accurate placement of stored spectra 22.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7802 - add: FX3 firmware version check and auto reload at program startup 20.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7797 - fix: slow sweep speed due to frequent FX3 watchdog clears 20.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7795 - add: SUITE-1456 Rx Off mode - fix: Rx1/2 blocked in some cases due to Rx off changes 18.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7790 - add: usb abstraction class for V6 - add: V6 USB channel status fields to ribbon - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: lower and uppercase for V6 serial number 17.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7777 - add: basic IQ calibration correction in V6 and TeK IQ sources - add: RTBW IQ correction block 16.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7775 - add: Tag Selection Filter for the BlockEditor 16.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7773 - add: IQ Correction block - fix: Layout of the categories 16.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7768 - add: fast app V6 reset code to prevent startup crash with watchdog due to unresponsive V6 - add: five second hardware watchdog in V6 - fix: Crash when floating and redocking - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-1379 License Manager: Add keys for "Video Decoder" and "Drone Signal Locator" blocks 15.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7763 - add: base code for new Hikvision PTZ - add: IQ MavLink decoder - add: IQ MavLink decoder - add: LO harmonics measurements for V6 - fix: initial axis scale of wrapped spectrum 14.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7757 - add: far jmup to jsiqa to increase possible code size per function - add: MavLink decoder - fix: SUITE-1451 added extended hop delay for sweep in compressed float format 92 and 184 13.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7754 - fix: linux build 12.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7751 - fix: linux build - fix: linux build 11.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7741 - add: complete customer device test for V6 - fix: SUITE-1400 Version should be shown on the starting screen of the RTSA 10.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7735 - fix: V6 status display update 10.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7733 - add: MavLink decoder - add: prepare V6 device test - add: severtiy levels to V6 device test responses 09.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7723 - add: missing packages - fix: Fixed annoying 'Save Mission' even when there were no changes. You need to enable / disable Auto Recover in App Configuration dialog. - fix: SUITE-1435 Additional block keys needed - fix: SUITE-1436 Function packages should be keyed 08.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7714 - fix: potential crash and flickering in "Time Range" and "Period Buffer" traces 06.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7709 - add: SUITE-719 add more information to clarify non rotating antennas 05.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7707 - fix: SUITE-1117 ROC Client lost configuration after restart / ASAP - fix: SUITE-1418 Possibility to open a mission without/ with missing keys 04.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7704 - fix: jsiqa enum item values / script based health status 04.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7702 - add: context menu for chart axis - fix: SUITE-1430 IsoLOG 3D Watchdog package could not be installed if block is in usage 03.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7694 - fix: SUITE-1117 ROC Client lost configuration after restart / ASAP 03.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7692 - add: SUITE-1300 save chart offset and scale - fix: SUITE-1350 made FPGA bitfile path ephemeral and expert only 02.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7688 - fix: Case insensitive licenses now correct with serial number - fix: SUITE-1411 Spectrum stitcher lower bound to high - fix: SUITE-1424 smooth sweep with 92 and 184 MHz 01.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7680 - add: ddcc mobile key to all keys and developer keys - add: RTSA Installler now includes options to install V5 & V6 drivers - add: SUITE-1386 add authorization with SpectranV5 and TekRSA - fix: SUITE-1392 use separate categories for Paraglider and Hangglider - fix: SUITE-1422 Jammer ready state if power off 01.12.2020 - v1.5.150.7672 - fix: SUITE-1417 ISOLog Segment enable buttons have no function 30.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7665 - fix: SUITE-1396 zoom to cursor center - fix: SUITE-1409 add config to enable offline direction view 29.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7662 - fix: SUITE-1401 display of scan group in DDCC health status - fix: SUITE-1409 cameras sometimes classified as receivers 28.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7658 - add: SUITE-1402 list of warnings in device health - fix: SUITE-1403 Remote Config block in merge/split chain 27.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7651 - fix: stop antenna rotation if connection lost 27.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7647 - fix: reclaim unused merged USB command buffers immediately 26.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7643 - add: additional V6 connection check 5 seconds after startup - fix: developer keys for V6 26.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7640 - add: reference level feature info in V6 - fix: log message for unordered V6 appearing in USB device tree 26.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7638 - fix: JSIQA Http get with split body response 26.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7636 - fix: crash when switching full spectrum with spectra data on the fly - fix: remove remote control feature from spectrum sweep block 25.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7623 - fix: Crash when editing frequency 25.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7621 - fix: SUITE-1357 Naming of the camera keys should be changed - fix: SUITE-1384 RibbonBar will be new arranged after RTSA restart - fix: SUITE-1388 user defaults in IQ signal generator 25.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7618 - fix: add error check when updating RF FPGA without second USB connection 25.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7616 - add: SUITE-1377 remain shadow health status if http connection is lost - fix: crash in JSIQA Object.keys for empty object - fix: SUITE-1369 color histogram time filter 25.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7612 - add: statistics info in stream merger/splitter block - add: SUITE-1381 velocity data to ADS-B decoder - fix: crash in IQ filter block when changing center frequency - fix: FX3 startup problems due to I2C and reset racing condition - fix: mouse wheel digit in ribbon - fix: SUITE-1354 Package Manager: Unable to remove package with missing license - fix: SUITE-1371 Missing 3D image if velocity is zero - fix: SUITE-897 Package display in the Package-Manager shows simultaneously "Download" and "Install" 24.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7605 - add: SUITE-1373 keys to video blocks - fix: startup locking problems with too many V6 starting together 24.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7601 - fix: SUITE-1353 key limiting for V6 - fix: SUITE-1372 Missing "Connect" button inside Ribbon Bar - fix: SUITE-1376 Drone signal locator stops when one input goes AWOL 23.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7593 - add: store key changes to V6 flash - add: SUITE-1353 feature keys for V6 - fix: ADSB altitude decoding mith q=0 using modified gillham code - fix: time based rendering in IQ vector scope 21.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7587 - add: more 3D models for DDS 20.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7585 - add: limit V6 clock rate by key - fix: device change notification callback for V6 initial firmware load - fix: more logging and recovery code for ISO Log - fix: SUITE-1365 Settings menu is difficult to open if more than 2 blocks are tabbed in a window - fix: SUITE-1368 ignore ISO Log GPS info if mode set to manual 19.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7574 - add: more logging info in ISO Log rotation thread - add: more ribbon buttons for V6 - fix: SUITE-1356 multi row layout of health status bar 19.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7570 - Fix: Potentional crash when shutting down a large mission with lots of radar blocks ( or script blocks ) - Fix: Selected frequency from the Frequency Select Dialog wasn't propagated to the RibbonBar and Freq Edit control 19.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7568 - add: SUITE-1089 exported traces need system setup - add: SUITE-1263 remote config for V6 - add: support for USB disconnect/reconnect of primary V6 USB connector 18.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7565 - add: SUITE-1352 start of camera with control sequencer - fix: low frequency range sweep filter selection with 92 and 184 18.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7561 - add: recover V6 from temporary power loss - fix: linux build 18.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7556 - add: beacon type detection in FLARM decoder - add: new power control for V6 USB - fix: Checkable buttons are now updated correctly after their internal values were changed - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-1072 hide special segments - fix: SUITE-1339 sparse segments in ISO Log - fix: SUITE-1345 removed key protection from V6 block - fix: SUITE-1346 The block name inside the Ribbon Bar is not shown completely - fix: SUITE-1348 V6 mapping not retained if device enumeration failed or slow 17.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7543 - add: SUITE-1342 more stats for choppermode in IQ direction spectrum block - Fix: Messages in Health Status - fix: SUITE-1344 Licensemanager: filename check too strict - fix: Typo in RTSAFile.exe help dump 16.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7535 - add: more stats on USB errors and error recovery - fix: SUITE-1341 wrong size in sweep block frequency 15.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7532 - fix: crash on recursive network error in iso log 15.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7530 - fix: prevent crash on invalid stream config in cat merge block 14.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7528 - add: more USB logging in V6 14.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7526 - Fix: The Up/Down arrow in Ribbon Value Edit wasn't switched off 13.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7524 - add: SUITE-1337 show script messages within info center - add: SUITE-1338 add source location to JSIQA callstack - fix: increase progress dialog update rate in RFFPGA programming to avoid watchdog problems - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: Open Mission from file menu won't open in last directory - Fix: Problem with large Missions and Script blocks trying to set their titles. - fix: SUITE-1332 Sector waterfall shows special sector - fix: SUITE-1333 Scaling of sector waterfall 13.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7515 - add: drop of rtsa files into grapheditor - fix: crashes in DDS blocks with unexpected spectra size 12.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7512 - add: New License Manager - add: New Ribbon Bar - add: TabWidget's - Added ObjectInfo Areas - fix: GraphEditor sometimes lost the snapped connection target when releasing the mouse - fix: SUITE-1178 Robin Radar "StartButton" arrangement could not be saved inside ribbon bar 12.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7508 - add: move reference level with Alt+Mouse on y-axis - fix: SUITE-1323 Unidentified noise in directional finding block - fix: SUITE-1324 non chopper mode settings greyed out in chopper mode - fix: SUITE-1325 antenna segment highlight in chopper mode - fix: SUITE-1326 visualization of chopper mode 10.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7504 - add: icons and alternate text for script block config items - add: IQ pulse inspector package - add: on the fly change of auto gain control in V6 - add: RBW control of V6 FPGA - add: reference level to V6 ribbon - add: second legend in split spectra combo view - add: SUITE-1281 show FFT size and window type in legend - fix: loading of small IQ files in file source block 07.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7496 - fix: crash when switching to elevation map with large map image - fix: SUITE-1282 markers section in waterfall export - fix: SUITE-1307 zero line width for zones in DDCC - fix: SUITE-1316 3D Waterfall slow/crashes - fix: SUITE-1318 marker function value setting 06.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7490 - fix: rx channel/fft select 05.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7488 - add: on the fly stream format change in V6 FFT/IQ - fix: ISO log rotation with V6 FPGA spectra 04.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7484 - fix: SUITE-1309 trails of far away drones off by some meters 02.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7480 - add: spectra/s stats in V6 status display - fix: linux build - fix: reset recovery in FX3 code 01.11.2020 - v1.5.150.7477 - add: auto generate V6 license keys - fix: smaller FFT ranges for FPGA FFT now correct - fix: span ranges for FPGA FFT 30.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7473 - fix: crash on USB command recovery - fix: workaround for FFT data with only USB1 connected 29.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7467 - add: more debugging information for USB command streaming - add: scaling of summed FFT spectra from FPGA FFT 29.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7464 - fix: window function for FPGA FFT 28.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7460 - add: FFT window in FPGA 28.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7458 - add: frequency profile to JSIQA and V6 zoom pan block - add: frequency profile to v6 zoom pan block - fix: set config flag for frequency items in new ribbon - fix: SUITE-909 Multi monitor usage error 27.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7448 - add: V6 USB command channel recovery on 0 packet received 27.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7443 - add: SUITE-1267 health status for multi stream logger block 26.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7432 - fix: improve handling of dropped packets in IQ demodulation block 24.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7427 - add: block health status changed by JSIQA script - fix: ignore drag custom grid if not using a custom grid 23.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7423 - add: New icons for the RibbonBar - add: SUITE-1291 context menu to start/stop jammer - fix: crash in V6 with small sweep lists - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-1296 Crash report needs a hint where to add a user scrash report - fix: SUITE-1297 Rename window orientation "Default" to "Tab All" and add new symbol - fix: Tooltip in BlockEditor stays visible even after the Block was set invisible - fix: V5 backward sweep not starting 22.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7411 - add: large page support for V6 dma buffers - add: new FPGA FFT with various sizes - add: workaround for broken DMA of PCIe cards with bridge chips 21.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7408 - fix: SUITE-1287 reference traces with log scale view - fix: SUITE-1289 comma and dot mismatch in CSV with semicolon export 20.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7405 - add: prepare V6 variable FFT size 20.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7403 - fix: SUITE-1288 spectrum export broken 18.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7399 - add: center sweep in V6 signal generator - add: error message on queue overload for JSIQA blocks - add: fast frequency pattern hop in V6 - add: initial setup test for calibration missions 17.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7396 - add: shorter duration for generic sweep in V6 signal generator - fix: disconnect/connect problems in some V6 due to flaky FPGA status bits 16.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7394 - add: debug log (syslog) to JSIQA - add: prepare center logscale to FFT - add: SUITE-1204 source config profile controls in V6 and IQ signal generator - add: SUITE-1269 log center and log in FFT and spectrum blocks - add: tooltip to JSIQA config items - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: longitude spelling in JSIQA geomap - fix: SUITE-1212 cursor range limited to -150dBm - fix: SUITE-1221 rename "Show cut off ranges" to "Hide cut off ranges" - fix: SUITE-1266 control sequencer start button not reset for immediate action - fix: SUITE-1271 file writer does not overwrite file - fix: SUITE-1272 bytes written counter jumps at end of file - fix: SUITE-1273 file writer compression display - fix: SUITE-1277 reference level not reloaded correctly 14.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7379 - fix: SUITE-1242 Inconsistent order for InfoCenter and Health Monitor symbols in Title- and Statusbar - fix: SUITE-1268 Missing icons in ROC Client and ROC Installer - fix: SUITE-1274 Not or no longer implemented settings - fix: SUITE-1275 Window Autolayouts cause wrong views to be displayed - fix: SUITE-1276 Infocenter and Health Monitor symbols should act as toggle buttons 10.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7372 - add: SUITE-1229 feedback in file writer block - fix: send Ack on reset endpoint in FX3 code (experimental) - fix: SUITE-1264 noise clipping with low noise floor and high reference level 09.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7368 - add: use single ended clock input for OCXO 08.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7362 - fix: improve V6 USB error recovery 07.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7359 - add: frequency offset to static traces - fix: SUITE-1071 wrong sector placement with special element in mix 06.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7356 - fix: check correct setting for auto-cleaning log files - fix: improve recovery on USB connection loss - fix: SUITE-1071 disable buttons for disabled sectors in iso log 05.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7352 - add: file delete and rename to JSIQA - add: more control to V6 clock calibration - fix: timeout for no power on USB 1 05.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7349 - add: upload and download of calibration data to V6 eeprom - fix: adjust sample rate to clock calibration 04.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7345 - add: below 10MHz LO power calibration - add: front end clock frequency calibration - add: LO Leakage and Quadrature error correction Tx calibration - add: Status display of calibration data in V6 03.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7343 - fix: SUITE-1249 reorder buttons in analyzer control bar 02.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7340 - fix: JSIQA garbage collection fail on generator functions 01.10.2020 - v1.5.150.7337 - add: optional zero LO correction block in V6 output path 30.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7334 - add: SUITE-1238 Tukey window function - fix: correction data for IQ preview views - fix: SUITE-1240 and SUITE-1241 find control of 3D model in map config xml - fix: SUITE-1242 Inconsistent order for InfoCenter and Health Monitor symbols in Title- and Statusbar 29.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7327 - fix: linux build 28.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7324 - add: support for calibration in EEPROM - add: support for low frequency calibration 26.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7320 - add: SenseLock USB Dongel support in license manager - fix: close and vendor write in cyapi.js 25.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7317 - add: adaptive sample rates for IQ signal generator and IQ modulator - fix: AD9528 mixed clock source initialization order problem 23.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7312 - add: missing default calibration data for amp - add: optional adaption to Tx sample rate in signal generator - fix: low level Tx noise due to JESD communication error in FPGA - fix: SUITE-1231 oberserver flight path overshooting target 23.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7308 - fix: crash on focus change 22.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7304 - fix: correct attenuator requirements in calibration document - fix: SUITE-1231 wrong attack path to observer with signal fusion 22.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7300 - add: Copy Info button in 'About Dialog' - add: debug code for JESD symbol error detection - add: multitone to V6 signal generator - add: power ramp to V6 signal generator - fix: Rx filter calibration script block 22.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7297 - add: accept TCXO config in board eeprom - fix: minor hickups during sweep 21.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7294 - add: independet calibration data for each filter and amp combination in Rx paths 21.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7292 - fix: calibration and partial spectrum when crossing 6GHz boundary - fix: Color coding Undo / Redo - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-1219 color coding config broken with non custom modes - fix: SUITE-1226 function checkbox in marker now gated by function selection not measured function 20.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7286 - add: read of frontend config - add: support for OCXO and TCXO clocking 19.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7284 - fix: SUITE-1072 Antenna direction display on map 18.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7279 - fix: detect and workaround spurious JESD startup errors in V6 all lane mode 17.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7277 - add: frontend overclock checkbox to debug section - add: SUITE-1071 parse ranges of disabled elements - add: SUITE-1071 parse special antenna items - add: SUITE-1071 reset and silent mode input elements for ISO log 16.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7274 - add: noise floor compensation - add: one more rtbw correction zones for RX - add: SUITE-1218 option to rotate marker texts - add: thermal noise for noise floor estimation in noise floor calculatuin - fix: marker position was wrong if an interpolating reference trace was used as a reference trace in spectrum view - fix: spurios first sector in sweep start - fix: SUITE-1215 marker labels for spectral density wrong separator - fix: SUITE-1216 window type does not change RBW in sweep block - fix: SUITE-1222 Sweep recordings with RBW failed 15.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7267 - add: experimental noise floor extension - add: replace and replaceAll to JSIQA string class - fix: alternating calibration in 122.88 and 245.76 modes - fix: small reference levels caused numeric precision loss in device pipeline, changed base exponent 13.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7264 - add: SUITE-1198 extend functions to single frequency markers using RBW as width - fix: missing checkin 12.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7260 - fix: DC overcompensating with no DC in spectrum during sweep - fix: linux build 12.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7257 - fix: V6 reference level during sweep was not updated 11.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7255 - add: normal distributed noise RBW estimate to FFT super sampling - fix: display of marker table columns with multiple different markers - fix: problems loading blocks with default markers or rtbw range setting 10.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7249 - fix: SUITE-1203 quick menu tooltips cannot be disabled - fix: SUITE-1210 marker pulldowns unusable in wrapped spectrum 09.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7245 - add: floor overlap mode in spectrum sweep with V6 - add: multicast UDP support for jsiqa - fix: rbw frequency in sweep mode 08.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7241 - add: RBW FFT bin size mode in IQ Spectrum conversion to ensure even RBW when sweeping different span sizes in V6 - add: SUITE-1198 add spectram density measurement in cursor and markers in band mode 07.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7237 - add: RBW FFT mode for IQ FFT conversion block - fix: SUITE-1200 RBW in legend and analyzer control disagree - fix: SUITE-1201 POI limit in analyzer control and FFT block 05.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7234 - fix: linux build - fix: tracking cal control during sweep 04.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7227 - add: V6 unit specific calibration data - fix: let Set Color Range adjust both sides of the color spectrum 04.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7218 - fix: memory leak in license manager 03.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7216 - fix: SUITE-1202 marker table not restored in some blocks 02.09.2020 - v1.5.150.7214 - add: SUITE-1138 add device serial number and device unique ID check for V6 base licenses - add: SUITE-1138 prepare new key management - fix: memory leak in license manager with duplicate features - fix: release build - fix: SUITE-1197 RBW Calculation and display 31.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7198 - fix: crash when switching calibration data during sweep 31.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7192 - add: sub grid and widget element for JSIQA custom GUI 30.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7190 - fix: crash in loading mission with strange marker combination - fix: sweep overlap frequency rounding error 28.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7185 - add: altitude to JSIQA graph messages - add: save trace as calibration data 28.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7182 - add: routing of RX1 and RX2 in mixed channel mode RX1/RX2 - add: Rx and Tx LED control - add: sweeping of both channels in parallel - add: TX amd RX led basic support - fix: lockup in dual input spectrum block - fix: thermal calibration in sweep mode 27.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7179 - fix: linux build 26.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7177 - fix: limit file rotation to start at one - fix: reordering of traces and commands in command sequencer - fix: workaround message loss with ASMedia USB controllers and Microsoft drivers during sweep 25.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7171 - fix: SUITE-1189 switch from QSaveFile to manual name mangling - fix: SUITE-1190 multi stream logger does not respond to command sequencer 24.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7161 - Fix: Timeout in receive and reconnect-problem solved 23.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7158 - add: gradient descent optimization of Tx equalizer 17.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7144 - add: SpectranV6 Sweep Zoom Package - fix: inputs of Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom block 16.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7139 - add: board revision detection for V6 - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: small span sweep mode 15.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7134 - add: IVI visa library for JSIQA - add: NRP-Z11 block - add: V6 calibration missions 14.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7129 - add: drop overlap samples in power spectrum FFT on packet loss - fix: app lockup on USB connection lost during streaming in V6 - fix: V6 racing conditions for 32bit register reads from FPGA 13.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7123 - fix: dword register read in FPGA during high FX3 load 12.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7119 - add: device node change notification to V6 device manager - fix: linux build - fix: multi V6 firmware load 11.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7109 - add: mblaze source with THz optimizations - add: Spectran V6 device manager - fix: SUITE-1186 propagation of azimuth through calibration block 10.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7103 - add: async lambda to JSIQA - add: optional chaining and nullish coalescing to JSIQA - add: SCPI client class to JSIQA - add: timeout for JSIQA tcp and udp receive - fix: delayed message return in JSIQA - fix: exception handling JSIQA async/await calls 09.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7101 - fix: SUITE-1175 Sub chapter Antennas in Map Overlay should be renamed into Sensors 08.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7099 - add: async and await to JSIQA - add: reset button for tek rsa306 block - fix: SUITE-1182 ingore single detection was overzealous and started to include radar detected drones 07.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7092 - Fix: JIRA case 1177 - fix: SUITE-1179 Antenna name change of radar blocks - fix: SUITE-1180 Radar target classification wrong - fix: SUITE-1181 control commands propagated via merge and split blocks 06.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7086 - add: generator functions and yield to JSIQA 04.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7083 - add: SUITE-1144 write jammer usage to log - fix: rename async to Async in jsiqa 03.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7079 - add: sample for IQ streaming via REST API 02.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7077 - fix: AGC for Flarm decoder 01.08.2020 - v1.5.150.7075 - add: log message if AxisPTZ connection fails to shutdown - fix: crash with integer sliders and zero size range - fix: memory leak in analyzer remote control of spectrum and combo view - fix: vanishing default traces in spectrum view 31.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7069 - add: NRQ6 power sensor block 28.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7060 - add: SUITE-1166 Watchdog should provide notification to user if it terminates the RTSA 27.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7055 - add: area fill to static XY charts - fix: chart axis in IQ histogram - fix: timing in IQ demodulator for time discontinuities 25.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7052 - fix: crash in jammer remote detector - fix: Lock WatchDog for long lasting system file dialog operations - fix: SUITE-1125 marker setting order 24.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7046 - add: basic signal generator for V6 Tx path - add: new FPGA bitfile fixing Tx startup issue - fix: dual channel RX streaming modes 23.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7039 - add: simple signal generator mode to V6 block - fix: linux build - fix: slider for large number ranges - fix: SUITE-1161 mirror in frequency profile - fix: vector display in IQ oscilloscope 22.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7034 - add: padding for V6 chart area - fix: clock recovery for http server client time synchronisation - fix: SUITE-1162 reading of attenuator calibration data - fix: touch support for IQ oscilloscope 21.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7029 - add: 122.88MHz support for Tx fast jammer - add: new V6 FPGA firmware 21.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7025 - Add: RadarDecoder ImageBuild - add: support for 122.88MHz TX - add: V6 short latency jammer mode 20.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7021 - add: active jammer preparation - add: pulldown buttons to in block view button set - add: synchronize V6 Tx and Rx channels - fix: Frequency Control colors weren't updated correctly 17.07.2020 - v1.5.150.7005 - add: Added new Linux Installer Framework 3.2.2 - fix: OpenGL version check at program start - fix: SUITE-1160 save of regions in DDCC broken 16.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6996 - fix: crash due to mismatching stream and meta stream when restarting cam on sat - fix: removed debug output 15.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6993 - fix: RTSA Startup shell script for Linux now installs missing xinerama package and checks for root permissions 15.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6986 - fix: timing precision of IQ sample packets in V6 14.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6984 - add: multi input IQ scope - add: new device clock for V6 13.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6978 - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: linux build 12.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6974 - add: more quick menu entries for combo and file reader block - add: use axis chart config for time stats views 11.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6972 - fix: crash when adding multi spectrum zoom - fix: crash with undo of config item after redo of block delete, when item was added manually using AddGroupItems - fix: display order of axis and curve in colormap - fix: remove hover on touch up 10.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6967 - fix: SUITE-1156 vertical layout of views blocked by quick menu height 09.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6964 - add: header and compression mode for TX channel 09.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6962 - fix: drone probability waterfall not displayed in drone detection block - fix: SUITE-1154 UDP port blocked when reloading JSIQA block - fix: SUITE-1155 position information not accurate with V5 frequency hopping 09.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6957 - add: Spectrum Analyzer control elements to spectrum and combo view - add: SUITE-1075 Default settings for common config Items in Blocks in Configuration Dialog - add: SUITE-1151 Highlight settings that have been changed by the user - fix: SUITE-1137 Color and font settings permanently disabled in View menu 08.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6953 - fix: toString in ConfigItemFloat 07.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6949 - add: data table block 06.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6945 - add: horizontal scrolling to text tables - fix: initial display of invalid rate in legend 05.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6942 - add: break command for jsiqa serialport 04.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6939 - add: complete 2nd input channel for combo view 03.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6934 - add: second input for combo views - add: second spectrum input to spectrum block - add: undo to config item dialog - fix: crash in signal generator when using raster image generator without an image - fix: linux build 02.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6927 - fix: Linux openGL - fix: merge of config items with different types - fix: SUITE-1149 Problems with fonts at RTSA installation. Packed the fonts into a zip archive 01.07.2020 - v1.5.150.6913 - add: thermal calibration for V6 - add: view selection in quick icon menu of combo box - fix: playback problems with file reader - fix: SUITE-1147 display of POI and rate in waterfall and combo 30.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6907 - add: context menu for script block - add: frequency panning in 3D charts - add: outline and depth shadow 3d rendering options - add: some more quick menus - fix: build - fix: SUITE-1147 calculation of latency parameter now based on packet arrival, not display time 29.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6902 - add: more context menus - fix: solid pixel shader with shadow parameter in 2D 29.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6899 - add: context menu to color palette and tables - fix: linux build 28.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6896 - add: add traces context menu - add: context menu for rtsa chart blocks - fix: length parameter for cyapi read vendor - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-1145 scaling with linear power range 27.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6888 - add: cyapi plugin javascript interface classes - add: plugins folder to common factory data structure 27.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6886 - add: cypress USB plugin library for jsiqa 25.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6877 - add: SUITE-1141 Yuneec H520 integration - fix: drone detection for non directional antennas - fix: missing init in config items - fix: SUITE-1143 remote camera wiper control 24.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6871 - add: Block Graph Explorer package - fix: SUITE-1142 Problems with RTSA font installation. Installer tried to be clever and set the fonts to auto registration 23.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6868 - add: tx and rx attenuation calibration - fix: SUITE-1140 handling of transparency setting in quick menu 22.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6865 - add: IQ euqalizer for Tx filter compensation - add: XY charts for script blocks - fix: crash due to not cleared popup menu map 20.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6861 - fix: crash in sweep block when changing frequency range 19.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6859 - fix: cascading of sweep blocks - fix: timer explosion in frequency edit control 17.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6853 - add: more statistics with V6 info panel 16.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6851 - -Bugfix: Traces Tooltip/Menu corrections 15.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6847 - add: statistics for V6 transmitter channel - add: Tx attenuation settings 14.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6844 - Add: RF-FPGA Support for TX Amplifier 11.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6835 - add: 92MHz Tx profile - add: iq input connector and output stramer to V6 - bugfix: Localization Problem German/Arabic solved - fix: V6 stream output 11.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6828 - add: test ramp for Tx 11.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6826 - add: SUITE-599 change camera cone color in file reader 10.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6823 - add: shadows and specular highlights to 3d charts - fix: SUITE-946 alpha channel for camera cones 09.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6819 - fix: crash when deleting packet type with size zero (http sector jammer) 08.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6813 - add: more extensions for comboview 07.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6811 - add: enable single sample traces (e.g. max hold) as reference trace in spectrum - add: power side view for waterfall in combo view - add: reference trace view in combo - fix: marker calculation in waterfall with small frequency span (less than min distance) 06.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6806 - add: center and span frequency to V5 config set for control sequencer - fix: line edit change with auto complete - fix: SUITE-1110 Strings with non-Ascii characters are not displayed properly on Linux - fix: SUITE-1133 add missing fields in camera commands via HTTP connection 04.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6797 - fix: meta data transport via http and storage in files 04.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6794 - add: Added new RTSA command line argument: - InteractiveGUI - fix: display of old video files - fix: SUITE-1132 moved max mode above numeric inputs, and fixed visibility 04.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6790 - fix: end of stream handling in trigger block 03.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6787 - fix: crash in display of large profiles - fix: crash when clicking on channel in frequency profile - fix: re-activate area build in condition block and combo view 03.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6780 - fix: border flicker when activating or deactivating window - fix: drop areas of docking windows 02.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6774 - fix: double click selection in script editor 01.06.2020 - v1.5.150.6770 - add: video monitor grid block - fix: inactivate control buttons in video monitor while dragging 31.05.2020 - v1.5.150.6763 - add: SUITE-1093 keyboard controls for navigation in video monitors - fix: spikes in wide lines 30.05.2020 - v1.5.150.6761 - fix: flickering in resizing window due to borderless - fix: reactivate shadow in borderless windows - fix: workaround invalid window border settings on screen change 28.05.2020 - v1.5.150.6752 - add: SUITE-1027 load progress indication for map and model load - fix: SUITE-808 reset geo cut coordinates to map center on change to visible - fix: windows build 27.05.2020 - v1.5.150.6748 - add: config menu to marker table - add: frequency hopping to IQ pulse signal generator - add: IQ Modulator block 25.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6740 - add: low pass filter for FFT/sec display - add: splitter for waterfall marker coressection display - fix: click on trace legend - fix: SUITE-1125 inconsistent order of marker settings - fix: SUITE-1126 marker settings using X/Y/Z 24.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6737 - fix: SUITE-1054 Panorame Image height in Sector Waterfall 23.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6735 - add: spectrum resample DSP block - add: UDP sockets to JSIQA - fix: alignment of IQ demodulator output packets 22.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6732 - fix: IQ demodulation filter preview for small frequencies 21.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6730 - fix: filter out of range demodulation requests in IQ demodulation block - fix: reactivate zero packets for sweep 20.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6727 - add: V6B TX startup JESD config 20.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6725 - add: graph message filter in jsiqa - add: stack overflow error in jsiqa - fix: flicker of sample and hold trace when panning frequency 19.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6717 - fix: SUITE-1084 RTSA starts with zoomed overlay on ribbon bar - fix: SUITE-1124 ROCClient crashs when opening configuration. 19.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6714 - add: SUITE-1119 Record button for multi stream logger in ribbon - fix: Crash in segment detector block if incomming stream has no antenna info - fix: SUITE-1122 cursor axis names for histogram volumetric - fix: SUITE-1123 inconsistent block connectors in editor and toolbox 18.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6709 - fix: Crash when starting the RTSA initially on a system 18.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6704 - fix: horizontal scroll wheel usage with alt key 16.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6692 - add: export of IQ data from oscilloscope - add: Radar documentation, sdks and samples - fix: SUITE-1120 Disabled slide controls of parameter inputs after interrupted manual entry - fix: SUITE-6665 no data transport of structured data via HTTP 15.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6684 - add: conversion to mp4 with video import tool - fix: TX int format issue 14.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6680 - add: TX Testtone for V6 14.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6676 - fix: startup problem with timeshift block and IQ data - fix: V6 stream time problem in debug mode 13.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6673 - add: FFT merge modes for V6 - fix: new FPGA with correct FFT IDs - fix: stream statistics block - fix: V6 FFT aggregation power correction 13.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6665 - fix: binary arithmetic spectrum processing of streams with different sample rate and bin size - fix: crash when connecting combo view to non spectrum data - fix: overlap handling of sidebar in DDCC - fix: timing problem in V6 on dropped samples 12.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6658 - add: RTSA will now present a dialog with possible command line options when starting it from a console with '-help' - fix: crash when attaching wrong stream type to jammer input of DDCC - fix: SUITE-1115 ROC App restarts RTSA not with "mission" parameter - fix: timing and power offset for V6B FFT 11.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6651 - add: decimation for V6B FPGA FFT 10.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6649 - add: quick menu to multispectral 3D - fix: multi spectral half band shoulder alias region - fix: SUITE-1092 remove display of video drone icons on wrong cameras 09.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6645 - fix: crash when loading DAE model with line elements - fix: SUITE-1048 Big logfiles should not be compressed to be used for crash dump 08.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6640 - add: quick buttons for IQ oscilloscope - fix: read V6 FPGA version register twice during startup to flush UART 07.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6638 - add: config dialog for legend box - add: config dialog for traces in spectrum view - add: FPGA code for V6 FFT - fix: RTBW correction block 06.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6633 - add: V6B FPGA FFT - fix: IQ scope scaling 06.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6627 - fix: closures in JSIQA debugger - fix: Fixed crash in ROCInstall - fix: linux build - fix: shutdown crash due to watchdog caused by long timeout in http server waiting for encrypted connection 06.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6621 - add: ConfigItemGroup dialogs - add: JSIQA debugger 05.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6617 - fix: new V6B FPGA compression format register value 04.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6614 - add: multi stream with V6B new FPGA 01.05.2020 - v1.5.142.6607 - add: new V6 stream protocol - add: temperature information to V6 health status - fix: crash in JSIQA due to Objects.keys() method - fix: SUITE-1113 bands marker mode in combo view 30.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6599 - fix: Wrong colors in DataMigration dialogs 30.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6593 - add: reference line to spectrum view - fix: attenuation setting in V6 for GA float types and attenuation less than minus 18 28.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6585 - add: reference trace based view in spectrum block 25.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6581 - fix: undo and unit conversion when editing float config items 25.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6578 - add: contiguous sweep mode to IQ signal generator 24.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6575 - fix: add missing files for build 24.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6573 - add: new FPGA protocol support for V6 23.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6570 - add: trigger hysteresis to IQ oscilloscope block - fix: aspect ratio in vector views - fix: filter correction for on the fly filter change in V6 - fix: offset based marker frequencies - fix: SUITE-951 crash when using remote config 21.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6562 - add: support for sweep with halt and quarter rbw size 18.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6553 - add: Alt+ and Alt- for zoom in and out on the frequency axis 17.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6547 - fix: crash in channel power accumulation if no channel is specified and mode is merge - fix: crash in time erosion for wide spectra - fix: prevent crash with uninitialized bearing text in DDS 16.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6542 - add: inverse ADC compensation 15.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6530 - fix: linux build 14.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6523 - fix: IQ file compression for odd packet sizes 12.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6519 - add: direct IQ based AM/FM decoding 09.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6513 - fix: crash with marker and limits 08.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6511 - fix: V6 preamp autoselect in sweep mode 07.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6501 - fix: SUITE-1103 Wrong background color in frequency profil selection dialog - fix: workaround for 8.3 gain control update 04.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6491 - add: processing packet flags from V6 to downstream blocks for IQ post processing - fix: crash in IQ symbol decoder 02.04.2020 - v1.5.141.6487 - add: harmonics for markers - add: implement markers for wrapped spectrum - fix: Config Item Tree Folder icons were swaped - fix: SUITE-1097 ROC App view has display problems 30.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6478 - add: automatic sample format and frequency range detection in V6B based on sample rate, filter and decimation setting - fix: memory consumption problem with multi span sweeping 29.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6474 - add: experimental notch filter for 122.88MHz removal in V6B - fix: power bin aggregation mode in spectrum sweep for variying FFT sizes 28.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6472 - add: Decimating IQ modes for Spectran6B 25.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6467 - add: temperature fan control for V6B - fix: memory leak in reference traces - fix: on the fly amp change reflects in RF correction curve 24.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6465 - add: FPGA bitstream with zeroed out data during PLL locking - add: more window functions for FFT - fix: hardmax interpolation in traces - fix: linux build - fix: sample limit in reference trace 23.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6457 - fix: SUITE-1096 CrashReport could not be send because its shifted and cannot be moved 23.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6454 - add: V6 calibration mission - fix: workaround 8.3 bit float startup problem in V6 FPGA 22.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6450 - add: first set of filter correction coefficients for V6B - fix: numeric entry in cursor frequency sprites - fix: V6B power workaround 21.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6445 - fix: add workaround for V6B power up problem 19.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6440 - fix: CL-1087 DDCC wrong camer assignment - fix: SUITE-1095 Error dialog is placed behind the splash image 19.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6437 - add: prepare peak/marker mosaic display - add: SUITE-1089 system config info in traces - fix: crash in DDCC when rotating alert zones with active drones 18.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6424 - add: New RTSA WatchDog feature - fix: SUITE-1090 Mission could not be saved if Non-Interactive GUI (NIG) is enabled 16.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6418 - add: Added Spectran V6 driver files to the installer - add: Fixed an problem when installing the RTSA on a fresh system 13.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6407 - fix: max traces samples was limited to 4k, now 32k 13.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6402 - fix: Fixed an issue where the DataProtection dialog pops up behind the SplashScreen 12.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6398 - add: block icons and background images - add: New menu items under '?': Feedback / Send us a Smille / Send us a Frown / Send us your CrashReports - add: New menu items under 'Extras/Data': Open DataFolder CrashReports - fix: lambert shader with 3D models in map view - fix: SUITE-887 hide unneeded parameters in binary arithmetic block 12.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6392 - fix: RX2 filter settings in RFFPGA microcode for V6 - fix: SUITE-1085 drone video position not updated if DDCC closed 11.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6389 - add: filter settings and amp for V6B - add: SUITE-1063 add marker delta display for Spectrum, Waterfall, Comboview and Pulsed Waterfall - fix: filter settings for RF FPGA V6B - fix: linux build 10.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6383 - add: FPGA programming with V6B - add: triggerline to IQOscilloscope - fix: SUITE-1081 Block Graph Editor has black content in view area 09.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6378 - fix: Fixed potential application crash 08.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6375 - fix: incomplete checkin - fix: IQ oscilloscope reallocate of buffers 07.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6372 - add: V6B JTAG for RFFPGA - fix: SUITE-1081 Block Graph Editor has black content in view area - fix: SUITE-1083 Mission Reload function does not work for 'Factory Missions' 06.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6364 - fix: comsume all but single type data in rtsa chart block - fix: missing checkin 05.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6356 - add: FPS/s and FPS annotation to legend - add: SUITE-1079 add visibility and activation control to user markers on map - fix: SUITE-1077 tooltip placement of quick menu - fix: typo in GPS block 04.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6351 - add: SUITE-1068 rest authentication with RTSA user manager - fix: crash in spectrum reference chart when chaning spectrum size on one input - fix: dB display in spectrum reference chart 02.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6344 - add: SUITE-1073 tilt offset for axis ptz - fix: crash when selecting limit lines without ranges - fix: QAM decoder in IQ symbol decoder - fix: SUITE-1074 quick menu not retained when auto hide is off and cursor leaves view - fix: vanishing constellation in IQ osci 01.03.2020 - v1.5.141.6339 - add: more window functions for FFT e.g. Kaiser window - add: POI display in trace legend - fix: SUITE-819 Graph Editor should not scroll after block deletion 29.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6335 - add: spectrum reference block - fix: extend image object tracking meta data packet size to avoid buffer overflow - fix: vanishing decodes at end of stream in IQ osci 28.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6328 - add: HTTP priviledges 27.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6321 - add: 16 bin FFT to IQ to Spectrum block 24.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6315 - fix: V6B FPGA JESD initialization 23.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6312 - add: shockburst protocol decoder - add: SUITE-456 SNR to Spectran V5 and RSA306 blocks in block graph editor 22.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6309 - fix: odd samples dropped in IQ demodulation block 21.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6296 - fix: clock output settings for V6B 21.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6294 - add: IQ symbol decoder to script blocks 19.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6284 - add: auto detect IQ symbol decoder - fix: crash when disconnecting Axis cam 17.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6279 - add: Spectran V6B for FPGA development 17.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6277 - add: GSM to IQ symbol decoder - add: status and last error info to Axis PTZ cam 16.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6271 - fix: start/stop of axisptz rtsp tcp transport 16.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6268 - add: use pan and tilit speed settings for exavision 14.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6264 - add: SUITE-1041 add flexible chopper control with CL1041 - fix: visibility/label order when adding iso log segments to ribbon 13.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6261 - add: WiFi protocol decoder to IQ oscilloscope 10.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6257 - add: audio monitor block 08.02.2020 - v1.5.141.6254 - add: detectors to IQ oscilloscope - fix: network access problem in Qt when no internet 02.02.2020 - v1.5.140.6239 - add: prepare IQ protocol decoding e.g. BTLE in IQ scope block 29.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6231 - add: SUITE-1041 flexible chopper mode rate - fix: SUITE-951 incomplete enum values in JSON for remote control endpoint - fix: SUITE-952 placement of drone icons in video monitors if drones are behind the camera 28.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6227 - add: licensekey endpoint to HTTP stream server - add: zoom support for exavision cam - fix: crash with invalid pilot indices in IQ histogram block 26.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6222 - add: basic pan and tilt on exavision cam 25.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6220 - add: capture video with Exavision CAM RTSP 24.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6218 - add: initial exavision PTZ classes - add: sample precise trigger in IQ oscilloscope 22.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6211 - add: drone location calibration package - add: SUITE-264 RBW based FFT size and non power of two FFT sizes in IQ to Spectrum block - add: SUITE-944 RADA Radar support - fix: crash with large IFFT (e.g. sweep and pulsed waterfall) 21.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6206 - add: SUITE-376 show marker trace source color in marker table 18.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6201 - add: more video file import - add: RTSAVideoImport tool 17.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6197 - add: option to remove trigger sector in ISO Log chopper mode - add: SUITE-508 add custom grid to map view - fix: check for segment size zero in isolog to prevent crash due to div by zero - fix: SUITE-1024 "Force to Tab" option for views - fix: SUITE-481 writing and reading from meta data enum fields - fix: temporal direction filter in signal locator when rotating cross +/-180 degree 16.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6191 - add: support for chopper based directional finding 15.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6189 - add: IQ to directional spectrum conversion block for ISO log chopper auto detect - add: noise detection in antenna segment detector block - add: Permanent Tab in the Ribbon Bar 08.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6178 - fix: add reset buffer to quasi max (peak) trace - fix: energy accumulation in sweep conversion 07.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6175 - add: add QP measurement for traces - add: limit to marker display in marker table 04.01.2020 - v1.5.140.6171 - add: Added FlowSheet to process the FrequenzPlan PDF - add: SUITE-1024 show limit lines in spectrum view - fix: linux build 29.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6159 - add: more blocks changed to implement the box/inside axis labeling 28.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6156 - fix: cursor axis lable position with inside axis labeling 26.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6152 - add: color setting for multi zoom spectrum - add: optional right and top chart axis 24.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6149 - add: title to multi spectrum zoom blocks - fix: crash in drone signal locator with looong trails 23.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6146 - add: option to overlay frequency profile on spectrum in multi spectrum zoom 21.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6143 - add: frequency profile to multi spectrum zoom - fix: Qt5.14 high DPI scaling - fix: SUITE-1018 Actualisation of status line message does not work propperly 20.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6139 - fix: SUITE-1031 Deleting or adding user defaults crashes RTSA 20.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6137 - fix: SUITE-1006 RTSA does not start on double click on a mission file (windows system) 20.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6135 - fix: Corrected check for new vc_Redist.exe 20.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6133 - fix: crash in V5 shutdown code due to racing condition - fix: display problems in condition block with long duration packets 18.12.2019 - v1.5.140.6123 - fix: msvc2019 build 16.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6109 - add: flexible rows and columns to multi spectrum block - add: optional placement of axis labels on chart side of axis - add: optional waterfall view in spectrum block - fix: 5.14 build issues - fix: log message for invalid object/parent/thread mix in AxisPTZCam - fix: spelling error in drones.xml - fix: SUITE-1022 Detached windows saved as full screen comes up as small windows 14.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6099 - add: numeric labels to spectrum zoom areas - fix: changed NaN encoding in JSON to use null instead 14.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6096 - fix: SUITE-983 areas not visible in topo mode when editing 13.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6094 - add: complete V6B checkin - add: firmware for V6B - add: SUITE-1010 added check box to lock/unlock the primary and secondary map view in DDCC - add: V6B - fix: color import of 3D models failed with too many spaces - fix: V6 callback was broken due to V6B changes 12.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6087 - add: SUITE-1011 autodetect areas of interest in multi zoom spectrum block 09.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6079 - fix: revert absolute antenna transform on file import 08.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6076 - add: pan and zoom using ALT+MOUSE in IQ demodulator block 06.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6073 - add: SUITE-1011 add multi zoom spectrum view block - fix: Position and size of detached docking windows on a mixed high-DPI setup - fix: SUITE-1004 Health Monitor and BlockGraphEditor have no content in detached windows at start up - fix: SUITE-1012 video channel masking was broken due to changes for channel hopping - fix: SUITE-1013 drong labels placed at wrong position in split map mode - fix: SUITE-411 Mission handling 06.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6064 - fix: potential crash due to empty detection packet in DD signal locator 05.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6058 - fix: crash when moving alert zone saved by previous version of RTSA 03.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6047 - add: optional per vertex elevation and height for areas in drone detection - fix: missing checkin - fix: ScaledSubUnit type bug - fix: UnitConversion bug 03.12.2019 - v1.5.132.6041 - add: RTSA can now register the rmix file type in the operating system ( Windows ) so that a double click on a mission file opens the app - fix: SUITE-1009 No second warning that mission cannot be saved - fix: SUITE-965 Suite style change works not properly 29.11.2019 - v1.5.132.6035 - add: ROCClient: added WatchDog Function for RTSA - fix: SUITE-1006 RTSA does not start on double click on a mission file (windows system) 28.11.2019 - v1.5.132.6028 - add: antenna base azimuth and declination to drone data 25.11.2019 - v1.5.132.6024 - fix: improve gui/watchdog responsiveness during V5 recovery 21.11.2019 - v1.5.132.6006 - fix: crash if topo data cannot be loaded from server (http errror code) - fix: crash in rtsa due to incomplete layers transfer in http connection of drone data - fix: SUITE-1006 RTSA does not start on double click on a mission file (windows system) - fix: SUITE-1008 Crash report sending fails - missing dialog to remove report data. - fix: SUITE-987 show floor elevation config in 3D model view 21.11.2019 - v1.5.132.6000 - add: SUITE-994 add REST API to log messages in info center 20.11.2019 - v1.5.132.5993 - add: keyboard movement of spectrum condition ranges - add: show disabled condition ranges ghosted - add: SUITE-947 remember frequency range in blocks - add: SUITE-947 show condition ranges outside of active range - add: SUITE-947 update frequency range in blocks when connected or source range changes 19.11.2019 - v1.5.132.5991 - add: New helper tool: ROCCmd 16.11.2019 - v1.5.132.5980 - fix: SUITE-990 remove duplicate antenna name 13.11.2019 - v1.5.132.5973 - fix: RTSA installer was still using an old Qt dll 12.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5960 - add: ROC - Licenses 12.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5958 - add: second frequency for FLARM decoder - fix: linux build 08.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5951 - fix: SUITE-1000 use elevation to display antenna 3D model 06.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5948 - add: New REST Endpoint Infocenter Delete - add: version 1.1 of echodyne radar 06.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5943 - fix: Compiler error 06.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5941 - add: HealthMonitor can now display the status of a remote block in the tooltip - add: InfoCenter can now report its status to the HealthCenter - add: RestServer can now report its status to the HealthCenter - fix: A mission load request from a remote RTSA could crash the client 05.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5935 - add: SUITE-978 add spectrum mask from signal in trigger block - add: SUITE-991 tooltips for quick icons - add: transfer of conditions from stream to stream using binary operator blocks 01.11.2019 - v1.5.131.5923 - fix: clipping of areas that are completely below the ground level in topo mode - fix: SUITE-986 area elevation not configurable with slider 31.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5920 - add: SUITE-984 add checkbox for sector highlights in antenna grid - fix: SUITE-981 sea level not correctly displayed in user markers 30.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5917 - fix: crash in DDCC due to empty user marker icon menu 26.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5908 - add: remote control configuration for script blocks - add: remote control of elevation offset in FLARM block - add: stream export filter for multi stream logger - add: SUITE-976 export and import of areas and traces to condition block - fix: SUITE-975 Elevation range to -200 to +8000m 25.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5901 - add: autostart and autotrim to multi stream logger block - add: SUITE-970 add info endpoint to http stream server block 23.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5896 - fix: Linux build 22.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5894 - add: SUITE-970 ssl encryption of HTTP connection with custom certificates - add: SUITE-970 user/password option in HTTP client - fix: open ssl 1.1 dlls missing 22.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5891 - add: multi stream logger block - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-949 fix direction and thread display in icon annotation 19.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5886 - add: condition flags preview to file reader and writer block 18.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5884 - add: Notification ToolTips in Configuration Dialog - add: SUITE-949 target annotation fine control - add: SUITE-958 show hovering items in drag mode 16.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5878 - fix: drone signal fusion maintains distance when positional info lost - fix: SUITE-960 Error in Info Center issue 16.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5875 - add: Health Monitor 15.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5871 - add: range setting to user markers - fix: SUITE-948 add/remove control points in color mapping using menu 14.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5867 - fix: memory leak in continuous healtcheck by watchdog 14.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5864 - add: start button to ribbon for radar and observer blocks 13.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5862 - fix: - fix: SUITE-927 Config Item Trees not connected to Mission root config 12.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5858 - add: SUITE-941 elevation for user markers 11.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5855 - add: SUITE-936 independent control over drone attack path - add: SUITE-937 select participating detection sources in signal fusion - fix: SUITE-931 non linearity in zomm factor from angle calculation - fix: SUITE-938 Mission Security: password is displayed in plain text after protection has been activated. 10.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5847 - add: SUITE-933 add target selection in video monitor by clicking on the object icon 09.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5845 - fix: ISO log sector 63 was not usable - fix: SUITE-930 target observer elevation not used 08.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5843 - add: SUITE-844 mark location in DD command center map and focus camera on hotkey 05.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5839 - fix: antenna dome mesh not updated if order changes - fix: ISO log loop mode antenna 03.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5835 - fix: SUITE-926 Camera cones dont show up at records 02.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5833 - fix: enable all iso log sectors for loop antennas - fix: timer wraparound error in AXIS PTZ cam when using RTSP/UDP 02.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5830 - fix: slow shutdown of axis ptz block if connection failed - fix: SUITE-928 tracking grid highlights not aligned 01.10.2019 - v1.5.131.5823 - add: color histogram to trigger block - fix: SUITE-925 deactivated targets show up in detection grid - fix: undo / redo problems with condition block 30.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5818 - fix: patch timing in stored drone detection data, when replaying contiguous 28.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5814 - fix: crash in condition block with zero size packets 27.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5812 - add: drone thermal image tracking - fix: clear last error in V6 when entering ready state - fix: SUITE-922 replay with loop mode does not restart in DDS 27.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5806 - add: elevation for drone detection zones - fix: SUITE-914, SUITE-915 exclude zones now respected for blinking and - fix: SUITE-921 crash when closing a detached RTSA view 25.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5801 - fix: Problem when switching the REST Server off and on 24.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5797 - add: Better application sounds under Windows - add: camera control via http block connection - add: Table tooltip support for Block Performance backchannel - fix: crash when removing copied jammer section - fix: Enabling / disabling the Status and Ribbon has no immediate effect when leaving the Configuration dialog - fix: SUITE-918 camera moves when joystick disconnected 22.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5787 - fix: http client synch queuing problem 21.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5781 - add: custom cotainer window to workaround QT hidpi scaling error with open gl windows - fix: crash in DDS when crating custom map 20.09.2019 - v1.5.131.5778 - fix: SUITE-909 Multi monitor usage error - fix: SUITE-911 Crashdump is shown with Non-Interactive Gui option 20.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5776 - add: SUITE-908 added sensor fusion control to side bar icon menu - fix: remove log line - fix: system time offset was only sec not msec precisionin http connection 19.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5769 - fix: crash in restart of axis ptz cam - fix: flickering of drone info boxes if map is busy with drones 18.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5763 - add: statistics display for RTP transport in Axis PTZ 15.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5755 - fix: Fixed problem with ROCInstall Install Endpoint 14.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5753 - fix: drone log update for track fusion 13.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5748 - fix: linux build - fix: linux build 13.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5743 - add: drone target fusion - fix: SUITE-900 copy current issue url Config column labels of RTSA DDCommandCenter get truncated 11.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5739 - add: RTSP streaming support for Axis Camera - add: SUITE-901 added missing generic drone images - add: synch input to observer block - fix: linux build - fix: video drone detection camera altitude not propagated error 06.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5729 - fix: improve numeric stability of stream clock 03.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5715 - fix: linux build 02.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5711 - add: SUITE-737 Joystick for PTZ control - add: SUITE-890 targets in video monitor block - fix: smooth playback of multisource drone tracking data 02.09.2019 - v1.4.1.5709 - add: Option to restart the RTSA after installling new licenses 30.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5680 - fix: crash due to compass display in map 30.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5678 - add: JIRA-825 add compass to map view - add: SUITE-657 New RC and Drone Patterns - add: SUITE-847 show date and time as overlay in DD command center block 27.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5670 - fix: devazimuth 24.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5662 - add: SUITE-487 remote control of sector and segment of ISO log using HTTP remote block or DDCC block - fix: SUITE-882 DPI Scaling was not working in DDCC 23.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5655 - fix: more flicker in drone signal locator 22.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5650 - add: SUITE-866 added system config mode setting to DDS to prevent accidential change of base configuration - fix: SUITE-875 azimuth was math instead of geo oriented in DDS JSON 22.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5647 - fix: flickering drone signal locator and vertical position 21.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5640 - add: SUITE-864 add user sensor block (DDS Observer) 20.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5637 - add: Missing app icons for Mac build 18.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5629 - add: SUITE-874 ETag support for HTTP block - fix: drone video stream detection with V6 and rotating ISO log 17.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5626 - fix: SUITE-773 more immediate feedback if file cannot be written by file writer block - fix: SUITE-875 RTBW Span of V5 conflicted with selected profile 16.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5619 - add: SUITE-872 add dronesdb REST endpoint - add: update period for UFO generator - fix: startup timing of V5 when sweeping or switching between frequencies - fix: SUITE-873 V5 RTBW Span not saved - fix: SUITE-896 size of label area in grid waterfall with single row 15.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5613 - fix: crash when sample size changes in direction power block 05.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5600 - add: ROC - Remote GetInfoCenter 02.08.2019 - v1.4.1.5594 - add: individual zoom factor for thermal image on axis ptz - fix: aperture to zoom calculation in PTZ cam thermal mode 30.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5586 - add: wiper support for axis ptz - fix: Present localized dates in PackageManage and Package Editor dialogs - fix: Smile and Frown functions didn't work 29.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5577 - add: brightness, saturation, contrast etc. to Axis PTZ Cam block 27.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5574 - add: more checks for filename in file writer - add: SUITE-773 putting file writer block into critical state if file cannot be written or filename is empty 26.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5570 - add: show drone icons and names in video views for drones detected by radar or iso log - fix: SUITE-861 fix crash with GPS module on Windows 7 25.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5567 - add: SUITE-851 switch to manual mode, when camera controlled by user 23.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5562 - add: clustering and classifier to pulse detector block 20.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5555 - add: start/stop to robin radar block 19.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5551 - add: tile argument for geomap json endpoint - fix: json parser error message in watchdog 19.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5545 - add: booster stage to oulier detector in pulse detector block - fix: linux build 18.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5539 - add: geomaps endpoint to http server and source argument to geomap endpoint 17.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5536 - add: improve pulse detector - add: robin radar package 16.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5532 - add: Sky mantis video detector - fix: crash in jpeg decoder with image sizes not divisble by 8 13.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5524 - add: outlier detector to pulse detector block - fix: uninitialized zero repeat coefficient in drone video channel detection 12.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5521 - fix: SUITE-850 drone icon color changed with type - fix: SUITE-855 crash when attaching block to pulse detector 10.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5513 - add: pulse detector block 08.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5506 - add: FPGA Bitfile Version 2.0.001 - add: show FPGA version and revision for V6 06.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5502 - add: gzip compression for HTTP server - fix: only use http compression if requested 06.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5499 - add: Version String to FPGA Bitfile 05.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5496 - add: geomap endpoint for http connection 05.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5492 - add: FPGA version number read for V6 - add: shifted FFT modes for V6 05.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5490 - fix: layout in default mission 03.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5485 - fix: flysky GT3E remote - fix: SUITE-843 crash in DDS for FFT sizes > 8k 02.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5481 - fix: linux build - fix: linux build 01.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5476 - add: direction icons and beams to topographic views in DDCC - add: support for geo tif - add: watermark control, blocke by Feature_Watermark key - fix: crash in DDCC with incomplete text to speech installation - fix: Mac Build 01.07.2019 - v1.4.1.5471 - add: health status for V6 - add: more quick menus - add: quick menu to combo view - add: V6 run button now includes connect 30.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5466 - fix: SUITE-820 absolute time in histogram volumetric 29.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5464 - add: SUITE-824 hotkeys for camera control in DDCC - add: time shift block now supports drone tracking data - fix: CheckBox text visible after click - fix: Crash reported on 2019-06-28 14-21-08 - fix: Possible fix for: SUITE-772 Closing a changed mission sometimes the user get not asked to save the mission - fix: SUITE-834 Second started RTSA mission should be an empty mission 28.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5459 - fix: linux build 27.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5457 - add: Added an option for ConfigItemBool to force the display of the text ( test is hidden by default ) - fix: SUITE-834 Second started RTSA mission should be an empty mission 27.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5451 - add: speed to dds jsiqa blocks - fix: power level and timing of FPGA FFT streaming and V6 - fix: SUITE-839 wrong level in category timeline block 26.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5444 - add: declination setting to jsiqa drone detectors - fix: initial show of tracked targets when type changes 26.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5442 - fix: update of drone icon when type changes 25.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5439 - fix: crash in drone detection history table - fix: memory leak when overflowing inbound block 25.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5437 - add: parrot drone to drone video detection - add: support for drone type on the fly change - fix: elev angle in flir radar 25.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5435 - fix: crash due to racingcondition in V5 and ISO Log 24.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5432 - add: compression control to Axis PTZ - add: focus and hover for drones in map and history table - add: parrot drone images to drone live video detector - fix: crash in video monitor block 24.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5426 - add: remote control filter for drone video channel detector - fix: new mission modified message on close - fix: SUITE-837 Improve Slider and Text Input 23.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5415 - add: grid and minimap to video monitor view 22.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5413 - add: manual focus for Aixs PTZ - add: position preview for video monitor pan and tilt - add: support for LIVE vs. ANY dropping of samples in outbound blocks - add: zoom of sub axis layout in stream statistics - add: zoom preview to AxisPTZ with video monitor - fix: display of center frequency in spectrum blocks - fix: horizontal layout of spectra frequency - fix: jsica compiler error - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-836 changing FFT size will not update resolution 20.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5403 - fix: float12.4 conversion 20.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5401 - add: Inspiron 2 remote detection 19.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5398 - add: declination angle for drone video detector - fix: linux build 19.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5395 - add: height offset to flarm block - fix: remove memory leak from video detection pipe 19.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5393 - add: drone video tracking package - add: new version of flarm decoder plugin - fix: crash due to racing condition in V5 FTDI driver - fix: crash when shutting down isolog while rotating 18.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5390 - fix: add max processing time to jammer detector - fix: crash when rebooting or reconnecting v5 - fix: potential racing condition in timing queue of circular byte buffer 18.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5387 - add: angle based camera drone tracking - add: more radar targets 16.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5384 - add: key shortcuts to switch focus drone in DDS - add: new drone pattern files - fix: SUITE-832 dynamically adjust to FFT power range or V6 non GA modes reference level changes 14.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5378 - add: type detection to FLIR Radar 14.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5375 - add: SNR and IP address info to Axis PTZ health status - fix: Axis PTZ check generic key was disabled in previous checkin - fix: frequency profiles channel not showing up 14.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5370 - add: low pass filter for direction in ISO Log Direction Finder - fix: domination was not initialized for script generated drone events - fix: ISO Log AutoRotate/Switching with on the fly change of sector mask or element - fix: SUITE-829 antenna range only works in topographic mode 12.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5361 - add: domination features for drone detections - add: SUITE-807 add parrot disco detection as a wifi digital video drone - add: WiFi SSID Detector and UFO Generator plugins - fix: SUITE-828 ISO Log Amplifier switching for ancient protocol 12.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5355 - add: SUITE-824 coverage area for script block based sensors - add: SUITE-826 key for ISO Log directional finding block - fix: Memory Leaks 11.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5345 - add: SUITE-628 added coverage area for camera 09.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5342 - fix: crash in trigger block - fix: segment length in trigger block - fix: SUITE-814 AM/FM Demodulator Bugs - fix: SUITE-822 Spectrum Condition Area Name not saved 07.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5329 - add: New Frequency Profile Selection dialog - fix: cursor based range markers in waterfall 05.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5318 - add: multi selection in frequency profile dialog - fix: SUITE-810 V5 frequency offset shifted 05.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5313 - add: frame rate setting to configuration - fix: crorrect marker sort order in waterfall - fix: hide ShowXLine inw aterfall in non peaks mode 04.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5308 - add: head, put and delete to http.js - add: patch to http.js 04.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5302 - add: SUITE-637 add ADSB Decoder Package - fix: SUITE-806 wrapped spectrum does not show Clear/Write with time compression 01.06.2019 - v1.4.1.5292 - fix: antenna propagation in V6 and IQ slice block - fix: linux build - fix: slider maximum right position was not encoded correclty - fix: SUITE-801 to 804 31.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5288 - #fix: SUITE-783 Channel hopping drone should not be recorded as new target 30.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5285 - fix: SUITE-800 Wrapped Spectrum shows no trace updates 29.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5283 - fix: initial wrong rf configurationpath in V5 - fix: SUITE-805 hide outer surfaces in geo map cross cut 29.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5273 - fix: crash due to a bad combination of V5 channel hopping, stream signaling and chunk handling in http connection, when reconnecting to a closed connection 28.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5269 - add: more logging for dsp file stream 28.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5265 - add: SUITE-787 cut plane for 3D topographic map - add: SUITE-799 Input and Output configuration of Block Factories - fix: dual Lane IQ Mode with FFT support 25.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5256 - add: dsp load stats to axis ptz block - add: health status to http client block - fix: antenna memory leak in DDCC - fix: buffer size in PTZ JPEG - fix: remove potential racing condition in inbound stream block 24.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5251 - add: float format for V6 FPGA fft data - fix: time compression in V6 23.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5248 - add: FPGA FFT Support for V6 21.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5244 - add: FLIR and Echodyne radar packages - fix: crash during frequent V5 attenuation changes 21.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5242 - add: FLARM decoder block to perforce - add: Software AGC for V5 - fix: remove ADSB prefix from drone detection view 21.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5240 - add: IQ Condition and Select blocks for JSIQA WiFi Decoder - add: TCP connection based radar base class in JSIQA 20.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5237 - fix: crash in DDS when using more than one remapping for one drone 20.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5235 - add: reguilar expression matching to drone remapping - fix: crash in image scaling code for zero sized images - fix: Fix problem in - fix: map elevation range was 8000km instead of 8km - fix: paths to installed packages was locked to "Documents" 20.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5231 - add: antenna propagation for radar blocks - add: IQ power condition block - fix: bind() method in JSIQA 18.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5228 - add: Mission support for derived blocks. Extended the Create Derived Factory dialog - add: SUITE-695 antenna range grid - fix: SUITE-794 removed sorting option from histogram markers - fix: SUITE-795 center config in markers - fix: SUITE-796 accumulation mode sum in histogram markers - fix: SUITE-797 added meaning to x and y values in histogram markers - fix: SUITE-798 removed x and y lines in histogram markers 17.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5222 - add: UFO for drone detection 16.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5220 - fix: failed to read more than one drone mapping 16.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5218 - add: SUITE-771 renaming of drones bases on type and callsign 16.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5216 - add: Block Editor - Backchannel for BlockGraph (Icon) Buttons - add: connect health action buttons to ISO log and Spectran V6 start buttons - add: SUITE-784 InfoCenter needs more Information - add: SUITE-790 No automatic scrolling inside the *BlockGraph Editor* - fix: JSIQA gather - fix: SUITE-789 ISO log directional finding time compression crosses segment boundaries - fix: SUITE-793 remote setting of ISO log azimuth and declination 15.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5205 - add: if and gather methods to IQ object in JSIQA 14.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5203 - add: more IQ SIMD operations for JSIQA - fix: crash when mapping non existing config item in JSIQA - fix: Problem with help package 13.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5198 - add: geo library for JSIQA - add: text marker in JSIQA editor - fix: crash on heap memory exhausted in JSIQA 13.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5195 - add: more JSIQA BitArray methods - add: performance profiler to JSIQA 12.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5192 - add: BitArray to JSIQA 11.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5188 - add: alternate channel select for dual receiver mode in V6 - add: new drone pattesn for DJI Mavic AIR - fix: crash when exporting file segments more than once from a file reader - fix: missing check out - fix: problems with adding new classes in video pattern detector - fix: SUITE-782 dot in files exported from file reader block 10.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5180 - add: block health state icons - add: BlockGraphEditor - Copy Paste Cut - fix: crash on shutdown of HTTP server block due to race condition - fix: crash when using text entries with completion - fix: incomplete chunk processing in HTTP streaming connection (may have caused crashes and invalid data) - fix: Removed strange include which causes the linux compiler to fail 09.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5169 - fix: improve error resilliance of radial controller code - fix: SUITE-781 missing dll after RTSA installation (WIN7) 09.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5166 - add: compression setting to time shift block 07.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5162 - fix: SUITE-780 file reader retains compression on file export to rtsa file 06.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5160 - add: FFT and modulation to JSIQA IQ for WiFi decoding - add: Geodata charts for JSIQA for ISO log placement by drone flight - add: New menu item in 'File' - Opens a new RTSA application with an empty mission - fix: crash in adsb decoder when restarting playback - fix: memory leaks and crashes in JSIQA - fix: orientation of preview waterfall in IQ recording - fix: rad vs. dergree problems in ISO log and Jammer when rotating antennas from a remote side 04.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5154 - add: New layout functions: Make same width, Make same height - add: New TabWidget. Items can now be moved. 03.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5147 - fix: Memory leak 02.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5145 - add: more methods for JSIQA IQ Object - fix: memory leak in JSIQA stream packet processing 01.05.2019 - v1.4.1.5143 - add: phase/radius info to cursor in IQ vector scope - fix: crash in drone detection block when no antenna in first slot - fix: flaky cursor position in extreem zoom scenario 30.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5140 - fix: switch to older time adjustment API in GPS block to improve compatibility 30.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5138 - fix: memory allocation problem in IQ Histogram block 29.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5136 - fix: USB bus reconnect in V6 for command and debug channels 28.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5134 - add: binary IQ operator block - add: phase shift to IQ FIR Filter Block - add: USB buffer usage stats in V6 - fix: crash in previous checkin - fix: minidump level full 27.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5130 - fix: Eliminated performance penalty when hovering over the GUI 26.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5128 - add: GHz/s sweep rate in legend 25.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5126 - fix: Crash after opening a Mission 24.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5124 - fix: Package Manager memory leak 24.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5119 - add: option to set system time from GPS when using AAronia GPS Logger - fix: linux build - fix: right boundary adaption in x range cursor (zoom frequency view) - fix: time display in histogram volumetric 23.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5110 - add: span cursor to IQ Demodulator block 23.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5108 - fix: crash on V6 sweep with delayed status check 23.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5106 - add: delayed check for sweep config item for V6 - add: experimental quick menu icons to waterfall and spectrum - add: new source file for microblaze CPU - fix: New FPGA Microblaze code 22.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5101 - add: Frequency zoom view for spectrum view - add: V6 bytes per second and USB channel stats 19.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5096 - add: rate info in legend - fix: missing unit in rage legend - fix: semicolon in AppShortcuts.cpp - fix: SUITE-770 Crash with new tab headers 19.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5090 - fix: AD9528 startup problems reduced by multiple retries 18.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5083 - fix: SUITE-768 crash with invalid graph connection 17.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5080 - add: selector for switching segment in antenna segment filter - fix: V6 antenna segment propagation 16.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5078 - add: keyboard and mouse frequency panning using ALT as qualifier - add: sample delta processing to IQ vectorscope - fix: initial placement of operators in graph - fix: SUITE-765 Blockgraph Layout for huge column of unconnected blocks - fix: test build 14.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5071 - add: parallel firmware download for V6 USB controller - fix: V6 USB command dma buffer problems 13.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5067 - add: 5ms safe interval to iso log switching before enabling new segment - add: elevation support for drone detection - add: second IQ output channel for V6 - fix: SUITE-764 trail duration limited by array size - fix: SUITE-766 doubled number of antenna segment regions in waterfall view 12.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5062 - fix: antenna height problem in drone detection, preventing correct power calculation - fix: antenna rotation on map - fix: reactivate raw streaming in V6 after changes to streamer thread 10.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5058 - fix: crash in shutdown of V6 - fix: crash in spectrum sweep when changing fft size on the fly - fix: RF correction data now applied on a per bin base in fft 09.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5055 - add: flarm decoder key - add: SUITE-689 Unfold all menu controlls (toggle function) - fix: data rate display in graph editor - fix: linux build - fix: warning message when sending JSIQA data into dds command center 08.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5050 - add: DSP packet drop statistics to V6 - fix: stream end problem in DC offset correction 06.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5047 - add: video object tracking groundwork to JSIQA and DDS 05.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5045 - add: ComboBox in ConfigItemTree can now enable / disable specific items - add: QuickColorWidget for ConfigTreeItems - fix: 'Reset to Factory Defaults' in group 'Settings' wasn't working - fix: linux build 04.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5040 - add: variable ISO log switching phase discarded by antenna segment detector in chopper mode - fix: missing checkin 03.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5037 - fix: antenna layout propagation through HF block - fix: SUITE-762 numbering of areas is not correct 03.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5034 - add: additional ISO Log chopper modes - add: Antenna Segment Detector Block - add: IQ VectorScope to chart blocks - fix: drone detection overload due to high spectra rate of V6 - fix: scaling of drone annotation texts in 3D 02.04.2019 - v1.4.1.5027 - add: Blinking line edit when entering an invalid value in the ConfigItemTree dialog. The dialog won't come up anymore. - fix: Mac Build error 30.03.2019 - v1.4.1.5020 - fix: linux build 29.03.2019 - v1.4.1.5007 - add: A mission can now be saved in compressed mode ( gz ) - add: choppermode for ARCP device ISO log - add: status information to V6 chart - fix: start noise in V6 sweeping by delaying one packet - fix: too high rate of debug log in USB V6 firmware - fix: V6 SW DC offset for sweeping 28.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4994 - fix: Possible crash when opening the configuration dialog 28.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4992 - add: SUITE-759 Full Screen option for the Aaronia RTSA Suite PRO - add: video blocks to JSIQA 27.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4988 - fix: large zoom buttons on maps - fix: remove log message from SSID plugin dll 26.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4986 - fix: reduce number of errors reported for short V5 spectrum packets 26.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4982 - fix: antenna rotation display if azimuth non zero 26.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4980 - add: alternate location algorithm to drone signal locator 25.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4976 - fix: status of manual position in GPS block 25.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4972 - fix: gps state with manual mode, when changing update mode 25.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4970 - add: FFT super sampling 22.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4965 - add: expand IQ to spectrum FFT to 32K - fix: crash in AM/FM decoder 22.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4961 - fix: RadioLINK AT10 false detection 21.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4959 - add: Deverived Factories protection - add: merge and split stream blocks - add: missing files from previous checkin - add: SUITE-729 license key protection for script files - add: SUITE-755 add health status to SSID block 20.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4954 - add: RX2 to V6 - fix: Crash when exiting AppPackageEditor dialog 19.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4950 - add: SUITE-754 add keys for 3D map models and Axis PTZ - fix: SUITE-758 warning status of GPS with manual configuration 18.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4945 - add: Spectran V6 12 Bit IQ format 16.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4937 - add: secondary map block to DDCC - add: SUITE-750 OGN Receiver preparation and fixes - add: SUITE-753 Multi lines waterfall - fix: Fixed an memory leak in IsoLog block 14.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4930 - fix: new firmware for V6 - fix: script block problems due to denormal number suppression 14.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4925 - add: remote control for SP4T block - add: SUITE-186 config option for SP4T RF Switch to work as 4:1 or 1:4 - add: SUITE-525 rule based switching in SP4T block - add: SUITE-752 add column slider to grid waterfall - add: support for multiple HF calibration blocks - fix: any output type - fix: hang in script block when last line is comment - fix: linux build 13.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4916 - fix: completion of half band filter cascade - fix: start/stop messages in V6, sweep could not restart after disconnect - fix: streaming clock in V6 now stream relative to improve precision - fix: thread scheduler when all DSP threads busy 12.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4914 - fix: blurry block title in toolbax at 125% display 11.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4911 - fix: crash when drone specification referenced by detector is missing in drones config 11.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4907 - add: placement of secondary map display in DDCC 09.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4904 - add: in field update of Spectran V6 FPGA 09.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4902 - fix: SUITE-748 Info tab zoom buttons in DDCC not alligned 07.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4890 - fix: crash with pulsed waterfall when switching bin size - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: linux build 06.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4886 - fix: RTSA Help couldn't be opened if there's an available identical version from the RTSA Service 06.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4884 - add: 12 bit float format and simulator for V6 - add: more gui to video classification training operator 05.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4879 - add: fft video filter - add: image preview and thread for video object classifier trainer block 04.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4877 - add: SUITE-747 additional drone patterns 01.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4873 - fix: ditone drone detection for beacons - fix: missing checkin 01.03.2019 - v1.4.1.4870 - add: Updated Vietnamese translation - fix: Potential crash when changing the gui language. 28.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4865 - fix: watchdog restart of V5 28.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4862 - add: empty shell for operator for video classifier training - add: icons for image processing operators - fix: crash when rendering too complex jammer setup - fix: SUITE-742 auto restart of V5 not working - fix: SUITE-744 camera range is white - fix: SUITE-745 wrong camera icon when 3D planar 27.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4857 - fix: crash in DDCC when attaching more than four cameras - fix: rare shutdown crash - fix: SUITE-741 no hover feedback in jammer control 25.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4853 - add: image object tracking block 22.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4848 - add: video image combine operator 21.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4839 - add: region labeling operator 20.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4836 - fix: invalid map geo coordinate position in topo maps 20.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4830 - add: contrast video operator - add: debug gui and raw data output for Spectran V6 - fix: geomap coords not updated when switiching to topo mode - fix: linux build 19.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4822 - add: video frame delta block - add: video image morphological operator block 18.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4819 - add: experimental movement of atennas in files using DDCC 17.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4817 - add: transparency for colors in drone ranges - fix: initial antenna settings for jammer block 17.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4815 - fix: JSIQA IQ processing problems 16.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4813 - add: details control for range domes - fix: Workaround for Qt bug. Initial width of menu is not correct. You need to open the menus a second time to get the correct width. Related to items with a shortcut. 15.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4809 - add: 184MHz mode for V6 - add: dual JESD support for V6 - add: new Talise Firmware - fix: crash with file reader and antenna coverage domes in DDCC 15.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4806 - add: color control for hex grid on range domes 14.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4804 - add: convolution video operator - fix: crash during stale antenna data when showing antenna coverage domes - fix: crash during startup with early warning message 14.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4802 - add: Added menu item to show / hide the RibbonBar. 13.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4798 - add: buildings and zones in secondary map of DDCC - fix: axis PTZ zoom factor - fix: missing hex grid on area coverage domes in DDCC - fix: remove jammer antenna range setting in DDCC 13.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4794 - add: SUITE-733 show 3D coverage domes 11.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4791 - add: SUITE-738 drone and category name to drone detection block output - fix: position tracking with 2nd view in DDCC 11.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4788 - add: image processing blocks - add: second JESDI channel for V6 config - add: use V6 packet ID for sweep and frequency change 10.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4784 - fix: material management in DAE reader 08.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4781 - fix: Improved Save / Load User Defaults menu creation 07.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4776 - fix: mac build 07.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4773 - fix: initialize all fields in drone detection data structure to reduce clutter in json on http response - fix: linux and mac build - fix: linux and mac build - fix: lockup in json formatter for infinite or nan numbers - fix: mac/linux build - fix: V5 watchdog restart on initial startup 07.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4768 - fix: Infinite loop in geomap_jammers 06.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4764 - add: second usb streaming channel for V6 05.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4759 - add: velocity for ADSB targets 05.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4756 - add: independent range for camera coverage in ddcc - add: serial number for Axis PTZ 04.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4750 - add: lightbridge 2 remote - add: use config alpha channels for antenna ranges 03.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4745 - fix: SUITE-734 Alpha color regulator for Colorcontrol 03.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4743 - add: secondary 2D map view to DDCC 02.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4741 - add: ADSB Plane to drones database - add: more inputs for DDCC 01.02.2019 - v1.4.1.4738 - add: New qwindows.dll 31.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4733 - fix: unix build 31.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4729 - add: drone config for mavic in 5.7GHz - add: Error messages will be displayed on the status bar - fix: Global application shortcuts stopped working after loading / creating a new mission - fix: paths for drone detection database in documents folder - fix: receiver replication in scan groups due to multiple HTTP paths to block - fix: SUITE-668 Message if rtsa opens twice or more on the same system - fix: vertical placement of chart titles for V5, RSA and ISOLog 29.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4720 - add: support JSIQA marshalled json for HTTP server block - fix: SUITE-731 antenna coverage heatmap not shown in top mode 29.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4717 - add: resolution switch in Axis PTZ 26.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4713 - add: offset to watermark in DDCC 26.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4708 - add: mjpeg compression for images and video streams in rtsa files 25.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4705 - add: aartos watermark to dds - add: video output connector for analog video decoder - add: zoom for infrared channel in axis PTZ - fix: crash when shutting down axis PTZ block - fix: random crash when changing config values in sweep block 25.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4699 - add: axis PTZ support - fix: max build 24.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4697 - fix: crash in dron detection caused by ADSB decoder and single fake antenna 24.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4695 - add: base implementation of 3D models for geo location and map - fix: linux build - fix: NTSC video decoder for V5 23.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4691 - add: V6 driver code for Bulk command channel - add: V6 firmware code for Bluk command channel 22.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4686 - add: overlapped USB read/write test for V6 18.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4673 - fix: Wrong productname in installer. Error introduced last year while editing the version.h 18.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4669 - add: SUITE-720 show 3D range domes around antennas - fix: crash with hidden iso log window - fix: memory leak in drone detector block 16.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4663 - fix: file writer blocking input stream if more than consecutive packets with zero time distance in stream - fix: Potential crash in BlockGraph editor - fix: SUITE-713 Content of Blockgraph editor not correctly scaled 15.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4652 - add: SUITE-722 capture indicator in wrapped spectrum block - fix: SUITE-721 gaps in wrapped spectrum graphs 11.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4644 - fix: mac and linux build - fix: mac build 10.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4641 - add: additional channel for WiFi Digital Video drone 09.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4639 - fix: empty UART buffer before new transfer 08.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4636 - add: receiver clock config for V6 08.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4634 - add: Version with 921.600 baud - fix: mac build 06.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4630 - fix: crash in multi waterfall when connecting V5 without ISOlog 04.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4624 - fix: single suppresion for externaly detected drones 04.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4622 - add: WiFi network for drones.xml 04.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4620 - add: energy for SSID based drone detection - add: prepare WiFi SSID based drone detection - fix: value size not 16 in JSIQA 04.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4616 - add: debug print to USB - add: Uli's Transmit - fix: add sleep - fix: read version string after app start 03.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4610 - fix: multiple problems in UART protocol 02.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4608 - add: new FPGA SPI communication code for V6 02.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4606 - add: Frontend Board communication via FPGA - add: V6 Firmware with Frontend communication via UART<->FPGA at debug speed of 115.200 baud 02.01.2019 - v1.4.1.4602 - add: batch and small sample boost to neural net training settings - add: WiFi SSID/Drone detector plugin 31.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4598 - add: New translation for Thai 29.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4594 - add: factory info with block info in JSIQA - add: JSIQA class and super declaration - fix: clear documentaion on close/terminate for JSIQA plugins - fix: JSIQA parse error introduced with lambda - fix: remove trace from jsiqa interpreter 26.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4587 - add: js lambda support for JSIQA 21.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4578 - fix: MacOS FTDI driver communication 21.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4576 - add: ditone drone detection pattern - add: SUITE-710 auto delete of old files based on folder size - fix: SUITE-721 fix DDCC layout problem caused by jammer toolbars not scalable 19.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4568 - add: HW assisted sweep mode - fix: SUITE-715 default switch time not used 18.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4563 - add: fast DC offset correction block to V6 - fix: crash in ISO log view 18.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4560 - add: SUITE-648 warning and statistics re. ISOLog switch times - fix: crash when writing PDU block output to file 18.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4557 - add: Added translated tooltips for the language menu items - add: Feedback Dialogs can now submit System Details - add: Fixed a bug when switching the languages - fix: mac build 16.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4550 - add: watt as unit for config items - fix: crash when exceeding 8 scan groups 14.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4546 - fix: reference lvel in V6 13.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4544 - add: text to button link in jsiqa - fix: mac build 12.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4540 - add: dynamich on/off fasz hopping mode in V6 - add: SUITE-708 rotating sync requests for http relay jammer - fix: crash in iq histogram - fix: crash in tile map server on 404 in openstreetmap response - fix: mac build - fix: mac build 08.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4530 - add: volumetric 3D histogram block 07.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4526 - fix: crash when loading drone mission with configured voice, on a system with no voice installed 06.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4524 - add: gain adaption in V6 hw block 05.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4519 - add: floating point support for V6 04.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4517 - add: float formats to V6 - add: manual agc test for V6 04.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4513 - fix: crash in reosion block when changing frequency - fix: crash when changing slice size in IQ oscilloscope - fix: SUITE-706 filereader does not remember selected range 02.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4507 - fix: SUITE-707 no correction display in HF path block 01.12.2018 - v1.4.1.4505 - add: center frequency settings for V6 - fix: IQ slicer for larger times 30.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4502 - add: SUITE-466 startup and stop delay for file writer automatic segment recording - fix: crash in spectrum shape detector when selecting too small frequency span - fix: SUITE-699 Calibration Block does not find the related calibration files in the cdata folder - fix: switch to QSaveFile for rtsa streams to avoid reading and writing to the same file - fix: viewport odd/even pixel size problems in QT window resizing 30.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4496 - add: Global RESTful API for RTSA Suite - add: key events to JSIQA - add: Start and Stop recording graph message support for JSIQA and HTTP blocks 29.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4491 - add: more filter options for DDCC history table - fix: SUITE-697 store layout of DDCC view - fix: SUITE-698 red distortion at start of DDCC due to target heatmap 29.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4487 - fix: An opened Frequecy Selection dialog could prevent the app from closing - fix: SUITE-703 Multiwaterfall missing data display in loop - fix: SUITE-720 ghost legend in multi waterfall 28.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4482 - fix: crash when removing marker - fix: http client shutdown - fix: https client and server connections - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-701 MultiSpectral 3D block is not showing any data 26.11.2018 - VERSION_H - add: SUITE-694 Wrapping spectrum view 24.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4461 - fix: crash in drone detection path due to empty packets at segment end - fix: crash in waterfall and legend display due to changing antennas - fix: crash with RF V5 remote RSA client due to moved certificate path 23.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4458 - fix: file writer adding old data at start of file - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: linux build by disabling AVX2 22.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4454 - fix: input of degree values in config items - fix: linux build - fix: mac build - fix: next gcc build fix attempt - fix: Possible problem to find the correct dmp file for the crashreport - fix: startup problems of IQ signal generator 21.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4448 - fix: follow target mode in DDCC 20.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4446 - add: Added CPU requirements check. Mininum CPU feature set is now support of AVX ( usually supported since 2011 ) - add: SUITE-658 notification when blocks are streaming invalid data into an input - add: SUITE-692 add 3D Cursor slice view to 3D histogram volumetric 20.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4438 - add: SUITE-691 add block title to legend 19.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4433 - add: lock free dsp scheduler - fix: http streaming of limited number of samples 19.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4427 - add: jesd test patterns to V6 19.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4425 - add: AVX compiler options - fix: mac build 14.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4385 - add: Data MigrationDialog 13.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4382 - add: axis selection for 3D autorotate - add: color histogram to IQ 3D Histogram Volumetric - add: color map for IQ 3D Histogram Volumetric 13.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4379 - fix: error message on FPGA start for V6 13.11.2018 - v1.4.1.4375 - add: ARM microcode upload burst mode for SPI in V6 - add: JESDI scramble config for V6 - add: multi byte SPI write for V6 - add: shutdown code for 9008 in V6 - fix: add special return code - fix: do not start RTOS App twice - fix: Tripple Transfer Mode - fix: Version 0.1.4 12.11.2018 - v1.3.1.4357 - add: ad9528 init code for V6 - add: init RF frontend on V6 - fix: Firmware GPIO fix and Version with channel ID - fix: support Reset in SPI Firmware 12.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4351 - add: initial Channel 1 Firmware image - add: more init code for V6 - add: more talise firmware - add: spectran V6 arm firmware - add: Spectran V6 Channel 2 Firmware image (SPI debug prototype) 11.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4343 - add: "physics" entry for drone configuration 11.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4341 - add: focus target animation mode 10.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4339 - fix: bottom border display of zones in DDCC with topo enabled 10.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4337 - add: cone outlines in DDCC map - add: support for recursive nodes in 3D models - fix: crah with rotating map view and active zones 09.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4333 - add: enable and disable of vertical separator lines in 3D drone trails - fix: crash in script block release build due to path changes 09.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4331 - add: control for drone trail opacity 09.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4329 - add: SUITE-673 added persistence config to iso log direction heatmap - fix: close 3D trail at current drone position - fix: linux build 08.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4317 - add: 3D models for drones and controller in DDCC 06.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4296 - add: SUITE-673 heatmap to ISO log direction block 05.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4290 - add: drone direction indicator to 3D maps 04.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4287 - add: texture size and trilinear mipmap filtering for topo maps - fix: remove memory leaks with map tiles 03.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4285 - add: config color for offline cameras and jammers - fix: click position of DDCC map toolbar items - fix: crash when saving DDCC event recording 01.11.2018 - v1.4.0.4270 - add: TALISE library for V6 - fix: linux build 31.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4262 - add: IQ ramp with TripleBuffer in Rampdata - add: sample Firmware for SpectranV6 Channel1 - add: V6 USB transfer of "IQ" data - fix: add IQ ramp - fix: ramp data on bulk-in - fix: Version 0.1.1 28.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4252 - fix: crash when marshalling huge data elements in JSIQA - fix: linux build 27.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4249 - add: IQ osciolloscope to JSIQA - fix: precision of timing axis in waterfall - fix: starting filter preload in IQ demodulator 26.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4247 - fix: Problem when running the app. Defaults paths weren't created correctly 25.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4244 - add: CyAPI.lib to SpectranV6 - add: initial framework classes for Spectran V6 Block - add: SUITE-685 acceleration now configurable in drone xml for drones and categories - add: SUITE-685 added Kalman observation noise configuration to signal locator block for noisy environments - add: SUITE-685 made Kalman observation noised dependent on detection probability - fix: potential crash on drone video channel switch 25.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4238 - fix: CPU usage indicator in unary arithmetic block - fix: restart of timeshift recording block 23.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4229 - fix: color histogram in time shift block - fix: replay of IQ streams from start to end - fix: timing of overlapped FFT spectra 22.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4227 - fix: missiing connection state change after connection in graph editor - fix: vertical status chart placement and scaling in e.g. spectran block 21.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4223 - fix: Crash when autosave tried to write a backup into a write protected FOLDER 20.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4221 - add: Added a new switch in the configuration dialog. Non-Interactive GUI. Prevents unwanted dialogs when operating the RTSA in an operatorless environment - add: dphi function to IQ in JSIQA in FLARM preparation - add: SUITE-663 Automatic save of missions in progress - fix: Compiler break 19.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4215 - add: gui performance bar to graph editor 18.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4209 - fix: crash in grid waterfall on stream switch 17.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4207 - add: packet drop block for stress testing - add: target extend for auto follow of cameras in DDCC - fix: config item sub units lost due to illegal address of QVector element - fix: segment start flag error on queued input overflow - fix: SUITE-682 wrong map source loaded 17.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4192 - fix: initial wild rotation of PTZ camera 16.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4187 - fix: out of sync of drone index in drone database of master and slaves - fix: out of sync problem of PTZ movement - fix: wrong drone icon position if antenna order changes or is not in right order from start 16.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4178 - add: energy offset and cross/energy bias config to drone position block - add: SUITE-532 add trail for events of history table - add: SUITE-532 show trail history in 3D view - fix: SUITE-672 adding a channel to am/fm block crashes the RTSA 15.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4172 - add: display of energy based position prediction as diamond in drone location block - fix: tracking across video frequencies, when more than one jump occurs in sequence 13.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4169 - fix: flickering of remote control config items - fix: layout of remote control config items in high dpi displays 12.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4167 - fix: crash when showing too many flight predictions 12.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4165 - add: debug info for PTZ 12.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4163 - add: save remote systems to DDCC - fix: active region of health tooltip - fix: crash on reload/close when mouse cursor hovers n map view 12.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4161 - fix: crash in drone video pattern detector when autodetecting channel - fix: Kalman filter based flight path prediction 11.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4157 - fix: SUITE-677 DDCC does not show any detections 11.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4155 - add: script blocks and script DSP blocks to CPU usage display - add: select operation to multi source operands arithmetic block - add: temporal auto correlation block - fix: minor memory leaks - fix: multiple tracking of same drone - fix: sweep duration in IQ signal generator block 10.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4152 - add: Auto Recover for Mission files - fix: Crash right after loading a mission 10.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4150 - fix: crash when building a recursive chain of http client and server - fix: http sample request returning empty sample for energy or detection payload 06.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4143 - add: more drone remote patterns 05.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4140 - add: find and goto line to script block - fix: crash if radial controller cannot be initialized - fix: stack trace in log file for windows - fix: SUITE-627 file replay not starting on DD command center start system - fix: SUITE-675 drone icon not vanishing after end of detection 04.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4130 - fix: font issues in script block 02.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4118 - add: more documentation for JSIQA plugin dll - add: terminate function for JSIQA plugin 02.10.2018 - v1.4.0.4114 - add: file name handling to jsiqa fs - fix: path config json conversion - fix: SUITE-672 added initial reset for RSA 306 for more error messages 29.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4108 - add: prepare auto regression test of drone detection - fix: end of stream propagation in drone location detector 28.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4106 - add: basic DLL plugin support for JSIQA - add: SUITE-669 add scan group config to Tek - add: support for cpu usage in IQ signal generator - fix: linux build error - fix: mac build - fix: reduce mavic rc false alarms 26.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4098 - add: dsp load and cpu bound stats to blocks 25.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4094 - fix: crash in tree view when setting string completion in hidden widget - fix: packet rate value in connectors - fix: SUITE-646 rework neural network training process 22.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4089 - fix: crash when connection from http client failed 21.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4086 - add: stats, health and error information to RTSA and DSP blocks - fix: BlockGraphEditor layout 'List', wrong calculation of group height. The last item wasn't displayed. 21.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4082 - add: Improved Graph layout, Zoom Buttons can now change their positions or visibility ( on / off ) - add: SUITE-640 flight path prediction 20.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4077 - add: "const" and "let" to jsiqa - add: Tooltips for the BlockGraphEditor. Can be enabled in the 'Settings' Group - add: Two new layout modes for the BlockGraphEditor: Small, List. Can be selected in the 'Settings' Group - fix: SUITE-649 performance problems with high resolution images - fix: SUITE-651 crash in drone pattern detector - fix: SUITE-662 background color in sector waterfall - fix: SUITE-665 delayed update of once trigger 19.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4070 - fix: missing fields in combined drone tracking 18.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4068 - add: compression for IQ streams - add: VT30 drone detector - fix: crash in ISO log directional find 14.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4058 - add: realtime emulation of file replay uses current system time as stream time - fix: backup of P4 server - fix: Docking System wasn't able to load floating dock correctly - fix: Fixed a layout problem with floating docks - fix: slave replay now working with "contiguous" mode 12.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4049 - add: support for external processes in JSIQA - add: support for fake drone beam detection 12.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4047 - fix: Potential crash when selected Docking System main tabs 12.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4042 - fix: FIx for DragNDrop crash on MacOS 12.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4039 - fix: Fixed openGL issue under MacOS 10.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4031 - add: adsb decoder module to jsiqa libraries - add: serial config to jsiqa - add: SUITE-641 workaround for broken V5 settings when switching across 4Ghz boundary 08.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4025 - add: Create derived factory dialog now stores its config into the mission file - add: serial port IO to JSIQA 07.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4022 - add: IQ SIMD functions in JSIQA - add: prepare ADS-B parsing 05.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4013 - fix: crash when adding HTTP server and client to same mission in unexpected order 04.09.2018 - v1.4.0.4011 - fix: SUITE-627 placement of camera control in DDCC toolbar - fix: SUITE-633 text scaling on map control buttons in DDCC 31.08.2018 - v1.4.0.4002 - fix: Most Factory Missions couldn't be loaded because of an mission internal factory 28.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3998 - add: New Feedback buttons in the RTSA Ribbonbar. 25.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3992 - fix: Zoom functionatily in Block Editor was broken 21.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3978 - add: Specific InfoCenter warnings can now be enabled/disabled in the Configuration Dialog - fix: SUITE-583 Wrong Reset to Factory Default 17.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3972 - add: AARONIA RTSA Experience Improvement 16.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3969 - add: Systemtray message is now connected with the InfoCenter. Click on the popup will open the InfoCenter. - fix: SUITE-624 Broken Mission when opened without license 16.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3965 - add: Dialog for the programm version check - fix: linux build 15.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3962 - add: cone color control for PTZ camera - add: hiding of script config for script blocks - fix: name dependency of interpreter config in script block 15.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3960 - fix: SUITE-632 jammer cone orientation in topo mode 15.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3951 - add: Info Center, double click on notifications can now execute actions. E.g. double click on the 'New app version found' will open a WebBrowser with the RTSA download site - add: keyboard navigation in tables - add: Mulhouse protocol streaming - add: trigger status to IQ scope - add: UDP support for Mulhouse protocol - fix: end of segment handling in IQ scope 14.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3948 - add: timeshift chart item for JSIQA block - add: window overlap for IQ to spectrum FFT - fix: IQ resampler for odd sample sizes 13.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3945 - fix: memory leak in RSA 306 block - fix: short IQ sequences did not work in IQ Scope block 11.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3942 - add: add lines to text tables - fix: crash in IQ histogram block for packets with <16 samples - fix: crash when switching between grid styles in 3d blocks - fix: dropping of single events in IQ scope during scrubbing - fix: flickering 3D cursors - fix: millisecond display in config items - fix: short sequence replay in recorder block - fix: SUITE-627 DDCC toolbar alignment broken after DPI change 10.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3931 - add: peak detection dsp stream block - add: pulse to IQ signal generator - fix: SUITE-605 directional finder should work with hopping scangroups 06.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3925 - fix: SUITE-539 crash when opening config item in drone video pattern detector 02.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3919 - fix: remove incomplete info center checkin from build - fix: SUITE-612 vanishing health status of http client 01.08.2018 - v1.4.0.3916 - add: started documentation for JSIQA script block and libraries - fix: SUITE-611 crash of DD replay with no antennas in recording 31.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3910 - add: health status for RSA306 - add: spectrum view to script block - add: SUITE-623 start/stop and frequency settings for Spectrum Stitcher block - fix: number of bins display in waterfall legend - fix: SUITE-617 crash when removing ISO log from block graph 30.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3905 - add: waterfall and histogram view to JSIQA - fix: jumping slider at movement start 28.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3902 - fix: JSIQA crash due to GG while allocating closure 27.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3900 - add: ping command and error processing to jammer block 27.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3898 - add: font style and placement to script text fields - add: new group 'Frequent Blocks' in the BlockGraphEditor 27.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3894 - fix: duplicate member variable layout info might have caused font and other minor layout problems in charts - fix: SUITE-618 crash in V5 driver when signal hopping 26.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3891 - add: SUITE-622 add temperature and humidity to status - fix: Popup menu identicator in Block Graph Controller widget was positioned wrong - fix: SUITE-619 manual jamming south with omnidirectional antenna 24.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3884 - add: SUITE-582 RTSA Block lock mode - fix: SUITE-583 Wrong Reset to Factory Default 21.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3878 - fix: SUITE-613 crash in DDCC info tab 18.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3871 - fix: SUITE-607 crash on mission open due to connected hidden connector 17.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3869 - add: startup and shutdown command for http jammer 16.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3867 - fix: SUITE-606 sticky demo mode with drone detection block 10.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3857 - add: Added suport for derived block factories - add: SUITE-589 GPS status and health information for ISO Log and GPS Block 10.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3853 - fix: SUITE-557 trace display in sector waterfall - fix: SUITE-601 drag bitmap live over topo data - fix: SUITE-603 resetting display on stream change in sector waterfall - fix: SUITE-604 show antenna coverage in file reader based antenna setup 07.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3845 - add: connector priority to block graph layouter 06.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3842 - add: health/status for robin radar block 06.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3840 - add: New images for blocks 06.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3838 - add: device level key for Tektronix Devices - add: SUITE-592: Add optional expiration date to keys - fix: SUITE-602 Jammer Azimuth offset not working in DDCC 05.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3832 - fix: SUITE-597 hovering drone elements with topo data 04.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3830 - fix: SUITE-596 RTSA Suite Style does not change Blockgraph Editor background 04.07.2018 - v1.4.0.3827 - add: bird and fixedwing categories to drones.xml 29.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3817 - add: non drone icons for robinradar - fix: iso log directional find chart - fix: SUITE-594 Detection problem with MapTopography.key in License Manager 28.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3812 - add: SUITE-591 direction indicator for signal locator block - fix: Fixed several bugs in the BlockGraphEditor - fix: SUIE-593 use non antennas for coverage map 28.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3804 - fix: Prevent cyclic connections in the BlockGraph editor - fix: Undo for Delete Block operation was broken 27.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3801 - fix: radial controller with DDCC - fix: rtsa files for jsiqa structured data 26.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3796 - fix: Fixed build on Mac. RedialController is only supported under Windows - fix: linux build 23.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3788 - add: TCP sockets to jsiqa script 22.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3786 - add: check box to disable scan groups in ddcc - add: SUITE-584 show/hide map control toolbar - fix: SUITE-566 turn off jammer on stop system - fix: SUITE-586 do not reset V5 SNR selection if device is not present - fix: SUITE-587 Language Switch Crash 21.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3777 - add: clock source selection for TeK block to avoid drifting clocks while stitching - fix: stticher status display did not scale until moved 20.06.2018 - v1.4.0.3775 - add: Changed icons for FileReader and FileWriter 19.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3766 - add: SUITE-556 highlight selected sector in DDCC - fix: memory leaks 16.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3758 - fix: improve file writer idle render performance 15.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3756 - fix: low noise level stream stitcher sync problems with Tek - fix: video stream latency reduction 13.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3748 - add: promises to script libraries 11.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3740 - fix: thread performance problem with double value types due to mLocale member 10.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3737 - fix: crash with spectrum stitching in time compression block 05.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3728 - add: initial shot at mulhouse protocol 04.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3723 - add: SUITE-572 add serial number check to PTZ camera 03.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3717 - add: SUITE-580 add timeout counter to jammer toolbar 01.06.2018 - v1.3.1.3713 - add: control zoom size with cursor targeting of DDCC camera control - add: SUITE-575 start camera on start system of DDCC 31.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3708 - add: SUITE-574 add set to north and go to north buttons - fix: check icon size - fix: SUITE-576 minimum size of DD info block broken due to full jammer command bar 30.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3702 - fix: mouse position workaround for dragging tabs in multimonitor high DPI setup on windows - fix: SUITE-569 Lock Jammer Settings not working after mission load - fix: SUITE-570 Add Range to locked setup elements 29.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3695 - fix: assert in spectran block 27.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3692 - add: map control toolbar 27.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3689 - add: control and direction for PTZ - add: max time and cooldown for jammer 27.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3687 - add: remote control bar to ddcc 26.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3683 - add: grid waterfall - add: grid waterfall item - fix: linux build 26.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3677 - add: Tooltip for Dock tabs - fix: server connection table stats display 25.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3673 - add: Added item in ConfigItemTreeDialog to set the number of DSP threads 24.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3669 - add: wiper button to camera control - fix: crashes due to slow waterfall with iso log sectors - fix: multi camera control in DDCC 24.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3665 - #add: SUITE-561 sort health status by name - add: SUITE-564 add suppress single detection flag to target classification setting - fix: crash in DDCC with too many Cameras/Jammers/Antennas 24.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3661 - add: icons and header to ddcc toolbars 22.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3654 - add: first shot for jammer toolbar - fix: crash in startup of script block 22.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3646 - fix: low memory race conditions in JSIQA garbage collector - fix: startup problem with autostart in script block 19.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3642 - Add: Futaba T3BV Remote Control detector - add: multiple video outputs to PTZ block - fix: stream end handling while looping in histogram block 18.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3631 - add: Block configuration entries can now be filtered - add: status bar to script block - add: stream multiplexer block 17.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3628 - add: IO system for script block - fix: add timing restart check for V5 sweep - fix: extend sweep down to 9kHz - fix: frequency input control for small frequency (no decimals) - fix: mac build 16.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3625 - add: experimental focus control to PTZ 14.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3620 - fix: looping with DDCC 11.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3615 - add: language/locale selection in DDCC 11.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3613 - fix: zone flashing by hidden drone 11.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3611 - fix: audio alert for invisible drones 09.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3604 - add: io system to jsiqa - add: SUITE-553 change custom map creation and editing by using a hamburger menu - add: zone detection with single antenna 06.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3594 - add: ptz camera drone tracking 05.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3592 - fix: SUITE-500 crash in spectrum shape detector - fix: SUITE-551 monitored area cannot be moved 04.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3589 - add: streaming support for jsiqa - fix: linux build - fix: linux build - fix: SUITE-540 Extension not automatically save with mission or record files (Linux) - fix: SUITE-540 Extension not automatically save with mission or record files (Linux) - fix: SUITE-540 Extension not automatically save with mission or record files (Linux) - fix: SUITE-540 Extension not automatically save with mission or record files (Linux) - fix: SUITE-541 Undocked RTSA blocks cannot be resized in Linux - fix: SUITE-550 crash when exceeding 100 detectors in shape detector 03.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3579 - fix: SUITE-450 Changing a block name will only work after RTSA restart 01.05.2018 - v1.3.1.3575 - add: message system to jisqa 30.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3569 - add: #SUITE-545 add custom pattern files for jammer antennas - fix: potential crash due to isolog IP display if system changed 28.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3564 - fix: SUITE-542 health status not update in HTTP client without remote control or DDS attached 27.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3557 - add: SUITE-455 Show IP Address in ISO Log Footer - fix: SUITE-538 Spectran Start button not active 26.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3553 - fix: SUITE-535 Maximize View of undocked RTSA block does not work - fix: SUITE-536 Undocked RTSA blocks are not closed if a new mission was created 23.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3543 - fix: SUITE-523 turning drag map off when changing map should fix the problem 23.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3541 - fix: SUITE-529 crash when removing newly added HTTP server block - fix: SUITE-530 fixed watchdog crashes due to delayed network responses with a crashed process 23.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3535 - add: SUITE-528 add config item to disable cone transparency and outline 21.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3531 - add: double click and mouse wheel to control camera pan/zoom in video monitor - add: typed arrays to jsiqa - fix: linux build - fix: Mac Build - fix: Mac Installer 18.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3517 - add: 915MHZ frequency profile - add: New slider control in Config Item Tree Widet - add: SUITE-506 frequency profiles now updated with scan group changes - add: SUITE-518 outline to jammer cones - fix: SUITE-501 IsoLOG stops spinning after V5 reset 17.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3509 - fix: SUITE-515 scan group span now used 16.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3505 - add: SUITE-509 add lock config checkbox to jammer setup - add: SUITE-510 add colors to jammer antenna config - add: SUITE-511 add opacity to jammer antenna config - add: SUITE-512 add range to jammer cone config - fix: add license check on mission load - fix: crash in ISO log block when shutting down - fix: SUITE-501 IsoLog does not turn in DDCC block due to stop/start of V5 15.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3501 - add: video monitor remote control of ptz camera - fix: azimuth orientation - fix: SUITE-498 propagation of frequency profile after mission load - fix: SUITE-500 ignore titles of deleted blocks when creating new block 14.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3497 - add: camera control in video monitor view - fix: various gc problems in jsiqa 13.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3492 - fix: isolog startup crash - fix: SUITE.495 HTTP server config not correct after load 13.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3489 - add: power button to http jammer - fix: Added missing HKVision dll's to the RTSA installer 13.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3486 - add: basic camera control to DDCC - add: support for demo mode to drone detection block - fix: SUITE-496 crash when removing jammer config 12.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3484 - fix: RTSA Suite crash caused by missing DLLs in the Windows Installation (HK Vision DLLs) 11.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3477 - add: embedded drone images in drone database file - add: network connection timeout to watchdog - fix: SUITE-489 crash in file reader sync mode 11.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3473 - add: map view to PTZ camera - add: support for up to eight jammer inputs in DDCC - fix: linux build - fix: topography check for empty folder 10.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3467 - add: multi drone config file support - add: Watchdog tool for RTSASuite 09.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3462 - fix: jammer config with multiple device IPs - fix: linux build - fix: linux build 06.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3455 - fix: LicenseManager couldn't find keys 06.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3453 - fix: Memory leaks - fix: support for ancient ISO log protocol 05.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3450 - add: devices table to iso log block - fix: invalid map center with jammer caused problems with animation - fix: Memory leaks 04.04.2018 - v1.3.1.3446 - add: SUITE-272 Jammer control to DDS 30.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3437 - add: grey default image for drones that have no actual image - add: HTTP replay based jammer block - add: scripting block - fix: drone detection not starting without antenna 24.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3423 - add: SUITE-446 multi waterfall needs antenna for each stream - add: SUITE-447 multi waterfall needs legend for each stream - add: SUITE-457 multi waterfall needs frequency profile - Fix: Linux Installer 22.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3413 - fix: crash with jammer show/hide in drone view legend tree 22.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3410 - add: basic support for HKVision camera - add: topographic tiles web access 21.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3408 - fix: SUITE-483 check device binding in license.xml 17.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3401 - add: developer keys for omniscale and topomaps - add: feature keys for topo maps and omniscale maps - add: Mavic AIR Video detection - add: support for gz compressed topo maps - fix: fix memory leaks - fix: SUITE-478 remote config with missing unit spec for floats caused serve to crash - fix: SUITE-479 made HTTP path and arguments case insensitive - fix: SUITE-480 added escape coding to JSON formatter 15.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3376 - fix: crash when adding isolog block to mission - fix: missing drone direction due to jumping antennas (GPS) 14.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3363 - add: sides to geomap 3D with topography 13.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3353 - add: license manager 11.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3337 - fix: various memory leaks 10.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3334 - add: remaining grid types to topo maps - fix: memory leak in graph editor 09.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3325 - add: --nogui and --minimized startup options - add: 3D grid lines for degree based grids - add: command line options to rtsa suite 09.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3317 - add: flowsheet showing required FPGA processing - add: HTTP endpoint document first draft - add: video pattern detection developer key - fix: crash due to slow opening HTTP server and uninitialized view variable 09.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3306 - add: statistics display for HTTP client and server 08.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3302 - add: compress RTBW calibration files 07.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3300 - fix: Change filetype for linux shell scripts 07.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3278 - add: jammer detection - add: zlib support 05.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3260 - fix: topo map creation if map out of sight 05.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3258 - add: flexible horizon distance in geomap - add: simpleconfig setting in remote config for HTTP server - add: SUITE-473 ddcc remote control config - add: SUITE-474 add https support to server - add: support for high detail topo maps - fix: SUITE-474 crash on https request with no https - fix: SUITE-475 crash in HTTP server with invalid remote config body - fix: z buffer clipping in volumetric IQ 04.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3248 - add: multitouch rotate - fix: 3D orientation of multitouch rotate 04.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3245 - add: dial support for DDCC - fix: highdpi font problems in DDCC 03.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3242 - fix: added glFlush() to gl pipe on linux seems to fix opengl issues in VM - fix: requested gl context in chart blocks destructor - fix: usage of abs(int) in linux due to stdlib.h 03.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3233 - add: topography data to map display - fix: location processing of WiFi detection 02.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3225 - add: missing checkin - fix: crash on shutdown in release build 01.03.2018 - v1.3.1.3199 - add: radial controller to more chart blocks - add: SUITE-461 check and show collisions in V5 assignment - add: SUITE-470 extend DJI4 video channel range - fix: manifest in build settings - fix: SUITE-467 map image coordinate confusion - fix: SUITE-468 crash in stream download of drone data - fix: SUITE-469 "step" setting in frequency profiles 28.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3186 - fix: dependencies and build folder 27.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3178 - fix: drone detection with TEK - fix: linux build 26.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3174 - add: missing manifest file - fix: SUITE-463 reduced reset of atenna data in drone tracker for small movements, added second level config display in map to show GPS update status - fix: windows 7 compatibility of radial controller changes 26.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3170 - add: prepare autoset button in window icon set - fix: remove debug file write code from ftdi producer 25.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3167 - fix: back axis display in 3D views 24.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3165 - add: dial control for 3D views - add: dial control for color and time compression in waterfall - add: touch support 24.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3163 - add: frequency shifting to x axis response for dial - add: missing files for radial controller - add: radial controller support on windows 23.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3159 - add: documentation for antenna UUID in drone detection json document 22.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3157 - add: SUITE-458 linear scaled power units in spectrum view - add: workaround for compiler error 21.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3150 - fix: crash win WiFi detector with out of bound power values 20.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3144 - add: Added new artwork for graphlayout - fix: auto recover in V5 20.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3139 - add: "none" option to scan group config - add: auto recover for ISO log communication - add: SUITE-449 GPS support for new Isolog 3D - add: SUITE-452 add scan group lock to spectran 19.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3134 - fix: repeat mode in QAM signal generator 18.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3132 - add: raster image signal generator - add: spread spectrum support in signal generator 17.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3129 - add: Select multiple blocks in GraphLayout by mouse area select 15.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3122 - fix: crash in drone detection - fix: stutter in drone detection with frequency jumps - fix: SUITE-448 V5 multi receiver mismatch 15.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3120 - add: SUITE-423 add height settings for ISO Log - fix: frequency hopping in DDS - fix: SUITE-444 fix black and flickering drone icons 15.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3116 - add: SUITE-413 multiple control points for color coding 14.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3113 - add: 2.4GHz WiFi target to drone detector - add: SUITE-442 add numbered default names for markers - fix: SUITE-442 fixed incorrect check for dummy antenna if first stream had no antenna attached 13.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3109 - add: editing options to block graph layout 12.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3105 - add: SUITE-374 add height parameter to alarm zones and display as 3D areas - fix: 5GHz WIFI Video was not detected - fix: SUITE-441 Markers table lost in space 11.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3102 - add: lock aspect ration in IQ histogram for I/Q axis - add: threshold setting for 3D volumetric IQ histogram 10.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3100 - fix: crash when opening empty property group - fix: image writing during video recording 09.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3094 - add: video capture and monitor blocks - add: Zoom for GraphLayout ( Ctrl + / - ) and ( Ctrl + MouseWheel ) - fix: SUITE-440 add datawatchdog to V5 08.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3089 - add: clock skew config for stream clock synch - add: remote stream clock synchronization via http - add: SUITE-345 sync streaming clock from client to server - add: textual IQ output format of AD9371 eval board to filesource import - fix: crash in drone detector - fix: graph layouter bounding box - fix: priority for remote clock - fix: SUITE-438 remote control block broken 07.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3073 - add: set condition C0 for warning and C1 for panic in drone detection - add: statistics block - fix: single block in graph display - fix: SUITE-436 fix crash of log scale for some frequency/band settings - fix: SUITE-473 reading block config may destroy graph structure - fix: vertical output connector placement 06.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3062 - add: initial column ordering for graphlayout - add: splines to block graph layouter - add: topo sort to graph layouter - add: volumetric 3D IQ histogram - fix: crash in WIFI Detector - fix: mac build - fix: mac build - fix: MAC build 04.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3044 - add: horizon and sky to 3D map view - fix: SUITE-432 segment filter cause false alarm in drone detection 03.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3040 - add: BlockGraphLayout dummy implementation 02.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3038 - add: drone pattern training document - add: flowsheet graph layouter sample 02.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3034 - add: 3D spindle chart for IQ data - add: clip mode for 3D cursor 01.02.2018 - v1.3.1.3030 - add: SUITE-210 Rebuld ISO Log block to support ARCP protocol 30.01.2018 - v1.3.1.3013 - add: -GL options for windows builds, enables link time code generation - add: buildings to 3D maps - add: more drone remote detection algorithms - add: rtbw correction for 4.588 firmware version - fix: qt studio debug data for msvc - fix: SUITE-339 x/y coordinate mixup with meter based map coordinates 28.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2993 - add: IQ histogram 3D block - fix: crash in IQ preview when span > sample rate 26.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2988 - add: 588 firmware 25.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2985 - fix: crash in IQ resample block if span was greater than sampe rate - fix: demod on/off for V5 now with streaming turned off - fix: drone detection crash with DROCON Bugs RC 25.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2979 - add: ortho projection to 3d views - fix: SUITE-242 interaction with isometric 3D display 24.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2976 - fix: SUITE-418 Fixed and common height for Config Item Widgets 23.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2974 - add: check box menu items - add: http client config via remote config block - add: SUITE-377 add trace lock feature to marker table - add: SUITE-406 GPS update mode setting - fix: disable demodulation on V5 open - fix: SUITE-420 filereader shows wrong filedata 22.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2966 - add: IQ imbalance correction to IQ correction block - fix: mac build 20.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2961 - add: health status to remote config block - add: isolog to remote config - fix: linux build 19.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2956 - add: missing icon files - add: remote config block - add: Sound Notification when saving a mission - fix: docking system drag on high dpi - fix: Improved High DPI Monitor support - fix: memory leaks 19.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2944 - add: direct processing dsp stream block 18.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2936 - add: checksum for GPS data - add: SUITE-406: Ignore invalid GPS coordinates - fix: time and hemisphere parser in GPS data 17.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2931 - add: error log entries to alert block, if called processes fail or http connections return an error response - add: load/save of individual block configurations into document files - fix: memory leaks - fix: SUITE-394 Chained Filereader does not loop after second replay - fix: SUITE-398 Info Tab Data Width is not saved within mission - fix: SUITE-401 Deleting A filereader crashes the RTSA 16.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2921 - add: alert block - fix: SUITE-396 Can't open Spectrum Shape Detector in Debug mode 15.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2916 - add: DROCON Bugs Drone Detection - fix: missing description for reference traces - fix: SUITE-390 flickering histogram in spectrum view - fix: SUITE-393 Adding a trace name crashes the RTSA if smooth mode is active 14.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2910 - #add: SUITE-379 explicit excursion and threshold values for peak markers - fix: SUITE-389 Trace function "Add to Reference" crashes RTSA 13.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2907 - add: SUITE-378 Add smooth range to trace legend - add: SUITE-381 explain trigger block 12.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2904 - fix: crash in trigger block 12.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2902 - add: device serial number to license file checking - fix: Fixed problem with unstyled message boxes opened from within the blocks 12.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2899 - add: auto reset during open, if V5 not responding - add: FFT size setting to sweep block - add: spkie filter to v5 stream conversion - fix: file read and variable write order in V5 open - fix: SUITE-362 Color coding of V5 play button in ribbon not correct - fix: SUITE-383 Hiding a config item group does not hide items 11.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2893 - fix: SUITE-385 workaround for limited line width in OpenGL 10.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2891 - add: auto rotate animation for drone map - add: directional separation for spectrum shape detector - Add: Network Scan to RSA Block; Fix: Save RSA RTBW - add: SUITE-382 spline based false color density display - fix: change license type to binary - fix: float/double confusion in load/save of config items - fix: SUITE-375 trace name changes not reflected in marker table / config - fix: SUITE-380 Technical Help crashes the RTSA (no internet connection) - fix: time compression for multi sample spectra packets - fix: window gain compensation in spectrum conversion block 09.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2882 - add: spectrum shape detector 05.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2875 - add: block for BPSG signal generator - fix: hide gui window when programming signal generator - fix: remove too much debug output 04.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2867 - add: SUITE-370 implement multiple RTBW calibration ranges - add: SUITE-371 smoothing option for traces 03.01.2018 - v1.3.1.2865 - add: color, mode and source inputs in marker table - add: SUITE-372 add delta mode for markers - fix: display of IQ rate in V5 block - fix: update rate of low frequency IQ data 29.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2859 - add: log scale frequency axis and sweeping - add: separate clear icons for traces in spectrum view - add: time cursor trace to combo view - fix: 64bit sample index for sample/hold traces 28.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2854 - add: center frequency config for RTBW calibration - fix: rtbw calibration block with frequency config - fix: SUITE-366 Marker delta should be dB not dBm 27.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2849 - fix: crash with markers in spectrum view 27.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2847 - add: SUITE-368 add reference marker, more interactive usage of marker table and cursor 26.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2845 - add: SUITE-369 cursor fstart and fstop readout and delta symbols 25.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2843 - add: max range and min floor overlap handling in spectrum sweep block - fix: SUITE-364 more noisy block reduction 24.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2840 - fix: SUITE-364 distored blocks in sweep 23.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2838 - add: SUITE-351 cone width depending on kalman bearing probability - fix: crosshair scaling on hi dpi 21.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2833 - fix: SUITE-363 Signal offset not propagated - fix: SUITE-364 Noiseblocks in spectrum sweep 21.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2827 - fix: windows build 21.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2819 - Add: Update RSA Server to Debian 9.3; Add UDP Discovery Service to RSA Server - fix: RTBW calibration block - fix: SUITE-360 time compression does not work with docked blocks to spectrum sweep 20.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2813 - add: 3D ddcc map view - add: SUITE-344 sync input allows synchronized playback - fix: markers in wide spectrum sweep 18.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2808 - fix: crash in V5 block due to racing condition with state QString variable 17.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2805 - add: antenna coverage heatmap to DDCC - fix: limit bin size based on sampling 16.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2802 - fix: drone detection minimum range filter for only 45deg segment - Fix: Stream Restart in RTSA Server - Fix: Stream Restart in RTSA Server, set inital Volume to zero of RSA and V5 Audio monitor 16.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2798 - add: pan and scale to sector waterfall panorama image - add: SUITE-348 provide drone/category type visibility configuration DDCC as map checkbox tree - add: SUITE-354 aggregate sweep data - fix: polling loop and missing waits in V5 command parser 15.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2790 - add: faster but less precission log function - add: SUITE 349 show DDCC antennas in offline state - add: SUITE-345 antenna sector filter block - fix: missing histogram in sweep 14.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2783 - fix: Audio Signal Saturation - fix: disable geo coords in dd heatmap if map not locked - fix: rounding precsion on meter in config items - fix: SUITE-347 sector waterfall panorama picture does not full scale 13.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2778 - add: map to remaining geo blocks 13.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2776 - add: SUITE-339 grid to map view - add: SUITE-346 Histogram and Traces for sector waterfall - fix: precision of sector change in iso log 12.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2772 - add: basic input check for correct stream payload - add: check overwrite in File Writer block - add: SUITE-342 hf infput path for RSA306 - fix: SUITE-327 implement stream selection in File Reader block - fix: typo SPECTRA 11.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2767 - add: multi level category support for category timeline block 08.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2763 - add: persistence slider to DDCC heatmap 07.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2760 - add: maximum hold for heatmap in DDCC - fix: second replay problem in DDCC heatmap 07.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2758 - add: more drone heatmap histogram modes - fix: crash in channel utilization block - fix: frequency hopping with drone video detector - fix: SUITE-335 Symbolic buttons in IsoLog 3D - main 07.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2750 - add: 5GHz video channels for DJI4 - add: distance penalty to drone detection heat map 07.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2747 - fix: crash due to missing icons 06.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2745 - add: first shot heat map drone detection - fix: stream selection in file reader block 06.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2738 - fix: crash when changing sweep boundaries on the fly - fix: SUITE-329 invalid initial image size on map import - fix: SUITE-331 add missing map cursor in drone detector 05.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2734 - add: 4.562 V5 firmware - fix: build - fix: build - fix: build - fix: drone detection block info and neuron display - fix: multi detection of Mavic PRO with slightly divergent video channels - Fix: V5 HW FM/AM 05.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2725 - add: icons for different layout modes - fix: azimuth propagation from DDCC - fix: build 04.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2719 - fix: crash when dragging antenna while detection is active 02.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2714 - add: Prepared language support for hungarian - fix: FileReader and FileWrite path completion 01.12.2017 - v1.3.1.2701 - add: drone position control in DD command center system control - fix: drone movement in DD command center 30.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2688 - add: FlowSheet to change the version infos 30.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2684 - add: detector validation table for video neural net - fix: Possible crash after a block got an ribbon dock - fix: removed old audio alert setting from drone detection - fix: SUITE-234 entering geo locations in DD areas - fix: table space reserveration did not use line spacing 29.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2640 - add: AnkCmd to be able to run FlowSheets from the command line - add: Block FileSource now displays the file title on the dock tab - add: Powershell script to create the Perforce changelists - fix: generic 2.4GHz directional energy - fix: YUNEEC remote false positives 29.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2629 - fix: optimize gcc warnings 29.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2622 - add: in place editing of cursor position and size in charts - fix: remote detection with fixed pattern and long sequence 28.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2618 - add: neural network training for video pattern detection block - add: SUITE-313 set dynamic range in views 26.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2607 - add: auto file split in file writer - add: file number rotation in file writer - add: recording button and auto start control to file writer - add: YUNEEC Video Detector - fix: neural network size for Yuneec video 24.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2601 - fix: alert modal close and alert modal update - fix: check for null samples before and in AddSamples - fix: detect server connection with '/sample' now delivering empty text instead of empty json array - fix: null value in json formatter - fix: SUITE-300 Profile not resized for single line items (e.g. Bluetooth) - fix: SUITE-312 error handling in file reader and source 23.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2589 - fix: math build 22.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2586 - fix: build 22.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2583 - add: SUITE-307 Playback speed setting in file read - add: waterfall and source peak highlighting to drone pattern detector - Fix: Improve V5 data Watchdog 21.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2568 - add: SUITE-301 Punch out exclude detection areas in view display mode - add: SUITE-304 Color Histogram for FileReader and FileSource - fix: Attenuation slider now updates - fix: initial scale at StartStream - fix: server calls with correct int and float values - fix: SUITE-300 profile propagation - fix: SUITE-302 updated file source import tab 19.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2556 - add: enable timeshift block for IQ data - fix: Power offset now uses dB instead of dBm 13.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2532 - fix: invalidate drone database on save 13.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2530 - add: initial testversion of Aaronia RTSA Suite for the web - fix: long signal peaks drone pattern detection - fix: placement of ALERT and CAUTION messages in drone detection map - fix: update of power area condition when changing area 13.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2524 - add: editing of drone database in pattern detector block - fix: default drone image for user drone patterns - fix: linux build - fix: Pause / Config buttons in the Dock title didn't show their checked state - fix: State of the BlockGraphButton in Ribbon wasn't updated 11.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2514 - add: set value command to command sequencer - add: show names in drone detectio areas - add: template strings for drone warning voice 10.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2509 - add: light direction configuration for 3D views - add: load mission command ton control sequencer - fix: autostart button in control sequencer - fix: end of stream propagation in drone detection - Fix: Load Mission Crash (only in Linux detected) - fix: normal vector transform in 3D views - Fix: RSA-Server-Block Status 09.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2501 - add: more display options for drone map zones - add: relative file paths to file config item - fix: AM/FM playback issues - fix: generic 2.4GHz detector for FrSky drones - fix: overlapping charts in drone detector 08.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2495 - Fix: RTSA-Server Bootloader Dependencies 07.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2493 - fix: SUITE-289 crash when demodulating AM/FM in a loop 07.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2491 - add: enter/leave entries in drone log - add: health status to file reader - add: IQ demodulator block icon - add: loop to control sequencer - add: voice alert to drone dds - add: wait command in control sequencer - fix: mac build - fix: mac build - fix: mac build - fix: mac build - fix: remove limit of 5 Spectran V5 - Fix: Spectrum Data Routing in RTSA-Server - fix: stack overflow in V5 block 06.11.2017 - v1.3.1.2479 - add: Detection Zones to Map 31.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2467 - add: config item to disable modal error message pop ups for remote stations - add: multi scan ranges and groups for drone detection map - fix: Fixed an immerdiate crash in the latest build - fix: remote drone false detection for DJI4 and similar 30.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2463 - add: Added new profile AeronauticCommunications 29.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2461 - add: dpi scaling to global config 27.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2458 - add: Enabled the Application Configuration Dialog for the EndUser - add: health and status display for dds command center - add: start/stop buttons to dds command center 27.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2455 - add: 'User Default Settings' can be deleted - fix: Annoying Qt bug workarround for styled comboboxes 26.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2452 - add: SUITE-227 Global system and device status in drone control and command center 25.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2448 - add: software vs. hardware equalizer with Tektronix RSA block 24.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2443 - add: UI elements and Map to sector jammer 21.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2439 - add: Updated the indonesion language support 20.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2437 - add: Blocks can not get a short info - add: Blocks can now be ranemed - add: RSA306 key 17.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2420 - fix: SUITE-273 V5 amplifier visual state not restored on default change 17.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2412 - add: control sequencer block to auto control multiple blocks simultaneously and time based - fix: SUITE-273 SPECTRAN V5 block fails to switch between custom Default Setups - fix: SUITE-274 RTBW Calibration data was not used for short pulse suppression default mode 12.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2402 - add: undo/redo to spectrum condition block 10.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2397 - fix: crash loading default mission 10.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2395 - add: DJI 4 Pro Remote - add: undo/redo for channel power block - add: undo/redo for filesource block - add: undo/redo for markers - add: undo/redo for ribbon control - add: undo/redo for traces - add: undo/redo to block editor - add: undo/redo to file reader block - add: undo/redo to ISOLog block - fix: duplicate block crash in debug mode 09.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2380 - add: additional DHI 4 remote pattern 08.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2378 - add: undo/redo for IQ signal generator 07.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2375 - add: some undo redo for config items - add: undo for frequency profile - fix: memory leak in recursive command chain entry 06.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2369 - fix: Adding the "plus" symbol at "Custom Channels" crashes the RTSA 05.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2365 - add: category based config in drone map - add: prepare undo/redo of config items - add: SUITE-228 highlight values above limit in color schemes - add: SUITE-229 additional color bands in 3D color schemes - add: SUITE-230 show highest value in color scheme - add: SUITE-261 expanded drone detection block to 8 inputs - fix: memory leak cursor config items - fix: SUITE-263 crash with non power 2 fft 04.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2355 - add: SUITE-258 add more inputs to drone locator - fix: SUITE-257 crash when selecting out of range profile in channel power 02.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2348 - add: SUITE-244 azimuth/power chart to iso log map - fix: video channel clipping in drone detection 01.10.2017 - v1.3.1.2344 - fix: added two missing DJI4 video channels at high frequency in 2.4K 29.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2339 - fix: frequency sub channel leak in drone video channel detection - fix: opengl errors with 3D histogram and no data 28.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2336 - add: full spectrum checkbox for rsa306 - add: statistics for rsa306 - fix: problems with fast sweeps on rsa306 27.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2331 - add: export of event table in drone detection - add: repair and more file output formats to RTSAFileTool 26.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2324 - add: export to ascii and binary matlab format from file source and file reader 23.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2318 - add: export IQ to wv and iq.tar file formats from file source and filereader block 21.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2314 - fix: start and end position in file reader playback 17.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2297 - add: #SUITE-242 documentation for RTSA file format 16.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2295 - add: #226 open input dialog when clicking on value/position/frequency label at cursor 14.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2288 - fix: #SUITE-223 renaming of markers - fix: #SUITE-225 moving cursor grid lines outside of selection area - fix: #SUITE-235 improve file reader range selector - fix: crash when opening empty property group - fix: marker drag in waterfall view - fix: SUITE-227 Cursor Axis label position and color 13.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2278 - fix: crash during shutdown with new pane system and a combo view with traces - fix: layout of tabbed container in views 12.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2275 - fix: bogus error message when importing IQ or WV file - fix: log display of category waterfall 10.09.2017 - v1.3.1.2263 - fix: improve recovery of V5 driver after debug event or USB problems - fix: SUITE-213 fix crash when downscaling legend 24.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2238 - add: manual offset to HF frontend block - add: New supported language Indonesian - add: New supported language Indonesian - add: New supported language: Bahasa Melayu 23.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2233 - add: OFDM decode mode for IQ Histogram - add: OFDM signal generator - fix: race condition in USB input buffer 22.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2227 - Fix: SUITE-211 Background color of the blockgrapheditor changes to red when select new mission 18.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2219 - add: combine drone detection on channel swtich - add: program ftdi eeprom for sync transfer - add: split ISO log info into three tabs to conserve space - fix: packet length for V5 IQ data transfer - fix: remove legend from GPS block 17.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2213 - fix: remove packet length detection code, to avoid spurious error messages 16.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2208 - add: color schemes for remotes and drones - fix: linux build errors 15.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2200 - fix: Saved main window positions were not restored correctly. 14.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2186 - fix: linux build 13.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2184 - add: more logging in case of matrix inversion failure in drone detection block - fix: drone double detection at start and end of spectrum - fix: duplicate config name in time range spectrum 12.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2178 - fix: Identical names could cause problems while loading / saving values in Spectrum Time Range Trace - fix: mac build - fix: Memory leak - fix: replay of hidden file replay block 11.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2167 - add: configurable IQ generator - fix: iso log crash when more than 16 segments are found 10.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2164 - fix: improved geo map import - fix: lockup of drones on zero position - fix: reduce unicorn vomit in drone maps - fix: SUITE-208 crash when hovering over unconnected ISO log crosshair 09.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2160 - add: Improved Mission loading time - fix: crash due to running out of vertex buffers with too many drone detections - fix: Multiple memory leaks 07.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2156 - add: multi video channel drone detection - fix: hangup in drone detector polygon area creation - fix: superfluous error message when inserting file source - fix: texture error with antenna drone detection changes 06.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2151 - add: debug system registers 05.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2149 - add: statistics display to Spectran V5 block 04.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2147 - add: JIRA SUITE-197 implement antenna index processing in category block - fix: JIRA SUITE 207 Marker Table and Frequency Profile layout - fix: JIRA SUITE-149 add error message to file reader block - fix: JIRA SUITE-206 width of marker displayed false 03.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2130 - add: clear trails and trails duration config - add: cursor geomap measurement using CTRL + Left Mouse button - fix: build 02.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2123 - add: customize profile/active channels to channel power - add: histogram to webgl sample - add: min/max/average to category bar chart 01.08.2017 - v1.3.1.2121 - add: features query for http server 31.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2115 - add: antenna sector tooltip in waterfall, including direction map previiew if local image available - add: highlight of antenna sector in waterfall - add: selecting antenna sector in waterfall - fix: waterfall orientation for iso log segment tooltips 30.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2112 - add: SUITE-193 implemented custom channels in channel power block 29.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2110 - add: geo location setting to drone command map - add: move time compression into channel power block - fix: crash with some time compression settings of channel power block and categorie charts - fix: JIRA SUITE-196 crash in AM/FM decode due to misaligned FFT Buffer 27.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2103 - fix: memory leaks in file reader - fix: memory leaks in ISO Log Driver 27.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2100 - add: drone detection zone and direction cones to map - fix: SUITE-178 Mac build: dropdown selection renders in wrong color 26.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2095 - add: ribbon buttons for V5 mirror denoise - add: Tesla to power units 25.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2089 - fix: crash with iso log simple map - fix: field strength - fix: opengl errors with spectrum views 25.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2083 - add: more power units - field strength - fix: iso log simple map responds to azimuth 25.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2080 - add: more power units - add: SUITE-152 Time domain triggered traces - add: SUITE-45 Simple ISO Log power map 22.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2075 - add: simple ISO Log direction map 21.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2072 - add: autoscroll for drone event table - fix: header background for tables 20.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2070 - add: slider to drone history table - fix: v5 selection on the fly 19.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2068 - add: auto phase detect for QAM signals in IQ histogram - fix: drag of section title widget lost mouse grab when detatching 18.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2064 - add: implement load/save/copy of tile maps and custom images - fix: order of block shutdown 15.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2059 - add: rotation and manual power control to IQ normalization block 14.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2057 - add: import of IQ files into FileSource Block 12.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2054 - add: IQ histogram block - fix: drone detection of video cross frequency hopps 11.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2051 - add: demo drone detector - add: multi peaks for signal generator 10.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2047 - fix: crash when starting on win7 10.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2045 - add: 3d IQ scope 09.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2043 - fix: block editor was missing in old missions - fix: height of frequency input control 08.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2040 - fix: Linux build - fix: Previous mission files were not loaded correctly - fix: stop/start of IQ streaming in synchronous mode 07.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2036 - add: experimental IQ streaming support 02.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2026 - fix: crash when selecting Config Profile with Markers in Combo View 01.07.2017 - v1.3.1.2023 - add: SetCursorShape and Qt cursor shapes - fix: relative paths in 30.06.2017 - v1.3.1.2017 - add: Added new item in RibbonControl: Frequency Profile - add: Arrows for Frequency Control - add: Removed AGC from RibbonControl - add: webgl based RTSA waterfall 28.06.2017 - v1.3.1.2012 - add: drone pattern for 433 OCTO remote - add: IQ analog TV decoding 27.06.2017 - v1.3.1.2004 - add: iq oscilloscope view - fix: frequency profile display 27.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1999 - fix: drone detector crash w/o antenna 26.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1996 - add: audio signal strength detector - add: icon for audio signal strength locator - add: pulse/pause to audio signal detector - fix: spectrum marker config 25.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1991 - add: software IQ signal sweep generator - fix: build error 24.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1987 - add: An error dialog will pop up just in case the application couldn't open a Aaronia GPS logging device - fix: Fixed a potential crash in GPS Block 23.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1984 - add: antenna movement in map view 22.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1981 - add: FrequencyEdit - add: generic antenna and drone trail display - add: RibbonControlBars can now set to stay visible - fix: Mac Build - fix: Memory leaks - fix: USB Device Manager - Added missing checkmarks 20.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1975 - add: support for multiple RSA 306 devices - add: use generic map server for combined drone map view 20.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1973 - add: generic geo map import config - add: generic geo map scale display - fix: drone tracking HTTP output - fix: read of antenna and stream names in rtsa files - fix: reading name of antenna from rtsa file 19.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1968 - add: base geo map system for charts 18.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1966 - add: drone tracking block - add: multi antenna support in map 15.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1962 - add: Shortcut 'F11' to show or hide the BlockEditor - fix: Memory leaks 14.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1959 - add: antenna selection to ISO log config - add: Auto-expand Trace and Marker groups - fix: Memory leaks 13.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1956 - add: labels to traces in chart - add: Missing files - add: RibbonDock support - add: small text overlay for cursor measurements - add: toolbar to filesource - add: trace legend display inside chart - fix: generic 2.4 remove false positives - fix: Linux and Mac build - fix: phantom 4 video false positives - fix: scrubbing of histogram - fix: V5 shutdown crash with removed toolbard 12.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1945 - add: missing build file - add: support for IQ streaming devices 07.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1938 - fix: crash in multi spectral filter 06.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1935 - add: cors header to post response - add: CORS to OPTIONS and POST - add: dummy response to POST body - add: generic tooltips for config items - fix: stale data received in POST request 05.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1929 - add: third ISO log input to drone signal locator 04.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1927 - add: azimuth/declination parameter for file reasder operator 02.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1924 - add: train noise floor pattern to prevent misdetect of DJI4 01.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1921 - fix: drone signal lost in drone views - fix: GPSBase.pri include path 01.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1917 - fix: drone location detection with no map server 01.06.2017 - v1.3.1.1915 - add: HTTP server control command 31.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1913 - add: more input formats for GPS coordinates - add: time/position/power modification for file reader block - fix: live streaming on signal locator block 30.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1910 - add: drone position triangulation block - add: position to drone tracking - add: some operator icons 30.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1906 - add: make binary operator responsive - fix: FUTABA 7H Detector 29.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1903 - add: low pass and high pass filter to unary operator - add: missing futaba remotes - fix: sloppy response of 3D waterfall when selecting smoothing 29.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1900 - fix: app blocked when GPS started with not connected device - fix: build error - fix: RTBW detection on Start Button for delayed enabled V5 28.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1896 - add: dragging of antenna to GPS block - add: GPS Logger Block - add: multi spectral filter - add: test support for IQ samples - fix: 88MHz RTBW limit now checked again on start - fix: crash of drone detection with stitched wide spectrum - fix: mac and linux build - fix: memory leaks - fix: signal slot problems in GPSLogger 23.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1883 - add: resampling operator block and temporal filtering 21.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1880 - fix: crash in hoppingsessions due to tooltips 21.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1878 - add: operator mode to binary operator block - add: spectrum segment operator to unary arithmetic block 20.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1875 - add: prototype for binary arithmetic operator block - add: prototype for multi synchronized waterfall chart block - add: unary arithmetic operator block 17.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1871 - fix: simplemap memory leak - fix: stream write of wide spectra 17.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1869 - add: FUTABA Remote Detection - add: geo location to HF path - add: GPS support for HF Path and ISO Log Blocks 16.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1864 - add: map support for drone signal locator - fix: crash in two level y axis on category histogram - fix: RTSA-Suite for Mac, App-Icon should not appear in the taskbar 14.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1860 - add: smooth transition for stitcher block 13.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1857 - add: configuration options for stitcher block - fix: Mac build 12.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1851 - add: WaitCursor when adding new Blocks - fix: assert in grid when empty - fix: crash in timeshift block, when sample size changes - fix: crashes in stitcher when source stop/start 12.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1847 - add: reading calibration date from V5 - add: spectrum stitcher block 11.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1839 - add: spectrum stitcher (test) - fix: assert in HF part view - fix: crash in AM/FM Decoder on nvidia cards 11.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1832 - add: fileRead command for V5 eeprom 10.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1827 - add: Added new Factory Missions. UWB Lightbridge, DualReceiver, Hopping 09.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1821 - fix: aroundspacking textures in drone detector 09.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1819 - fix: drone texture display - fix: drone video detector did not recover after slience - fix: remote RTBW device options 09.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1815 - add: dual input channel drone detection 07.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1807 - add: prepare merge block for multiple independent and overlapping source streams - fix: display of reference ranges in spectrum view 06.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1803 - add: All docks can now be hidden or shown via their menu item. See menu View / Docks - fix: crash of sectore waterfall - fix: high dpi scaling for Mac OS - fix: mac HiDPI scaling for mouse input - fix: Memory leaks - fix: mouse clipping in Mac HiDPI - fix: spectrum lost its realtime display 05.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1791 - fix: drone pattern detector rendering - fix: various opengl core profile issues 04.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1787 - fix: bind VAO to make NVIDIA driver happy - fix: GL errors in HF path rendering - fix: glsl fragment type cast int to bool - fix: remove remaining glBegin - fix: rtbw calibration block - fix: update fragment shaders to 330 - fix: update shaders to 330 04.05.2017 - v1.3.1.1778 - add: container chart item - fix: 3D Markers - fix: AM/FM Decoder Display - fix: drone map display 29.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1769 - add: Double click on Blocks adds them to the graph - add: mssing drone picture - fix: 'Hidden' dropped Blocks will be deleted and not saved into the Mission file - Fix: Get Nearest RTBW caused crash in V5 Bloock select Profile - fix: playback position and scrubbing with file reader block - fix: Removed Dump Window 28.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1763 - add: PAL + NTSC Video Detector - fix: windows build 28.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1760 - add: initial Mac OS-X build - add: moved drone trainings xml - add: New profiles FPV Analog Video - add: Styles can now be selected directly from the menu. See Extras / Styles - fix: max build - fix: max build - fix: max build - fix: Possible crash in the Block Editor - fix: uninitialized variables 27.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1751 - Add: RSA Block - add: sanity checks for small bin sizes in drone detectors - fix: audio monitoring block clicking noises and blocking - fix: crash with small bin sizes caused by manual packet end searching - fix: loops for file reader block 26.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1744 - add: HTTP support for structured streams - add: readme to keys folder - fix: amfm decoder - Fix: Linux Build - fix: Memory leaks - fix: Memory Leaks - Fix: Memory leaks - fix: Memory leaks 25.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1735 - add: get sample HTTP request - add: structured DSP data streams - fix: V5 device selection 24.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1731 - add: improve cursor menu - add: keyfile protection for drone blocks 23.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1728 - fix: remove memory leaks 22.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1726 - add: support for memory leak debugging - fix: build - fix: frequency limit for V5 versions - fix: more memory leak fixes - fix: removed various memory leaks 21.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1719 - add: generic remote detector 19.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1711 - add: Factory Reset button got an icon - add: Tooltips for Settings Reset Buttons - fix: Block 'Default User Settings' couldn't be set 18.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1707 - add: bearing and altitude to icons on map - add: degree texts on radar grid 17.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1704 - fix: initial energy spike in drone energy 14.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1698 - fix: Using button 'Reset to Factory Settings' in a single block caused a mission-wide value reset in all blocks 14.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1696 - fix: Added missing v5rtbwdata.xml to calibration/rtbw - fix: linux build - fix: rename checksums file to fix linux build 13.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1679 - add: block license key protection - add: common control structure for drone detections - add: kalman filter to library - add: kalman filter to smooth drone direction display 13.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1676 - Add: Grab GL table scrollbar - add: New menu item: File / Open Mission Folder - add: New menu items: File / Open Recent Missions 11.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1659 - fix: crash in drone detection 11.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1657 - fix: scrubbing with ISO log files - fix: various side view mirror problems 11.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1655 - add: block for multi drone detection triangulation - add: drone display persistence slider - Add: history table, fix distance measurement, change antenna look 10.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1651 - add: support for iso log step sizes > 1 07.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1643 - add: requesting opengl version 3.2 migth fix problems with some shaders - add: support for multi stream HTTP connection (e.g. drone bearing and energy) 07.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1640 - add: connection parameters to HTTP connection - add: rate buffer to http streaming - fix: clear/write in spectrum display 06.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1635 - fix: dynamic sizing of frequency profile 04.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1632 - add: import menu item for reference traces - add: sweep mode to spectrum sweep block - fix: modified flag was set without change on markers - fix: waterfall 3D surface mode 04.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1629 - add: first prototype for HTTP based streaming 03.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1627 - add: copy trace to reference - Fix: Antenna out of map arrow - fix: export to EXCEL semicolon CSV format - fix: reference traces 03.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1624 - add: accept frequency profile from downstream blocks - add: bright style 02.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1621 - add: confidence range display in radar scope of drone detector - add: info and export option to RTSAFileTool - add: two level cursor for category display - fix: stream end packet when stopping V5 01.04.2017 - v1.3.1.1618 - add: amplifier settings in spectrum sweep - add: cursor config and menu - Fix: Improve map accuracy, prepare map measurements 31.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1609 - fix: reset modified flags when saving mission 30.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1607 - Add: User dialog when opening a new session only if the actual mission was modified - fix: check modified was not reset - fix: default was always applied to loaded sessions 30.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1604 - add: Updated Missions - fix: Config item changed event wasn't delivered correctly from some blocks - fix: Factory settings were reset to default if a block-specific user default file was found 30.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1601 - add: modified and default to config items - add: New factory mission - fix: compiler problem in RTSA-Server - fix: Unimplemented style for DockWidget caused a problem when floating a dock 29.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1593 - Add: Mission for drone detection DDS1 - add: New menu item 'Open Factory Missions'. Allows the user to open the shipped missions. - fix: crash on closing a mission with running iso log on windows - fix: drone detector waterfall - Fix: Every opened mission by the user was saved during program exit - fix: Linux build 28.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1583 - add: comboview block - add: spliiter items for RTSA view layouts - fix: accumulation of invalid dock widget layout states - fix: broke compiler - fix: placement of labels in multiline slider 27.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1577 - add: save as image for all data blocks 26.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1574 - fix: initial visibility state on widgets - fix: linux build 25.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1571 - add: generic DJI 3+4 Detector 25.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1569 - add: axis position labels to cursor - add: crash dumps to debug log 23.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1566 - add: neural network for drone video detection - add: New drone profiles - add: New translation for Spanish - fix: Corrected translation file for French 23.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1563 - add: New calibration files for cables - add: New profiles for Drones - fix: propagate sub stream antenna changes through node detector blocks 22.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1557 - Add: Mouse map grab, add multiple tiledir support - Add: Picture Import & Fix: map grab foxus - fix: artefacts in sample/hold when switching time correction 21.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1549 - fix: property grid sub section layout - fix: revert to 16bit float framebuffer due to NVIDIA crashes with fixed point framebuffer 21.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1543 - add: another mavic pro video pattern 21.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1538 - add: new sample/hold mode to spectrum display - fix: Installer wasn't installing the gdata 20.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1535 - add: Added new translations for arabic and french 20.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1531 - add: two level axis - add: type detecting axis 19.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1529 - add: new pattern for DJI3 ADV remote - add: prepare per block performance counter - add: two level vertical axsis - fix: remove debug information 18.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1523 - fix: build errors - fix: missing changes 17.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1518 - add: keyboard zoom/pan in charts - add: workaround for packet fifo out of synch error 17.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1516 - add: multiple named DSP connections on RTSA connections - add: option to revert time orientation in waterfall - add: shared drone database to rtsa block graph - fix: Compiler problem under Linux - fix: file reader not scaling horizontaly 16.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1505 - add: centered option to color settings - Add: load Map from Map Picture File - add: option to show/hide antenna index in waterfall - add: progress dialog to file source operator 15.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1496 - Fix: IsoLOG initialization 15.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1492 - add: hysteresis and animation to drone detector 14.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1490 - add: Updated functionality of User-Defaults buttons - fix: iso-log antenna altitude 14.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1484 - fix: propagation of antenna changes in conversion block 14.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1481 - add: selection of frequency channel in drone video pattern detector - fix: set Substream antenna ID's 14.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1477 - fix: Modified the blue style, updated the other styles to the new format 13.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1472 - add: save/load antenna ID with rtsa file 13.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1465 - fix: crash in maptile server - fix: drone overdetection due to un-initialized variable 13.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1461 - fix: crash in time compression block - fix: zero signal drone detection 13.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1457 - fix: problems/crashes when dropping packets at graph inbound block 12.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1450 - add: export markers and peaks using XML - fix: crash with markers 11.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1446 - add: drone video channel detection - fix: remove dependency on detection stream for energy display - Fix: send graphmessage in different thread 10.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1435 - add: Added new styles - fix: Fixed layout for 'Select Profile Dialog ' - fix: Fixed layout for 'USB Devive Dialog' 09.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1431 - add: more drone images and patterns 09.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1429 - fix: crash with turbo mode 08.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1426 - add: first prototype of drone video channel analyzer - fix: linux build 07.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1422 - add: New FlowSheet RTSA_QSS_Generator - add: new translations for Chinese and Spanish - fix: crash when adding drone pattern detector cause by broken localisation - fix: name of category subtype 05.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1413 - add: category timeline block - fix: linux build 04.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1410 - fix: initial packet duration for various RTBW and FFT sizes 03.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1407 - add: block images - add: block to convert spectra to channel power - add: category based histogram - add: friend or foe selection for drone detector 02.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1404 - fix: Linux compiler problem 02.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1400 - add: The language can now be changed. The program will restart automatically 01.03.2017 - v1.3.1.1390 - add: App Languages can now be switched from the menu 28.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1376 - add: generic polygons to spectrum condition block - fix: build error - fix: build error - fix: crash when removing area from spectrum condition 27.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1371 - add: hold to condition block - add: trigger modes and min/max samples to trigger block 26.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1368 - add: more control over power quad in condition operator - add: trigger and condition blocks - fix: multi regions in condition and trigger block 24.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1363 - add: OnDisconnect to RTSA Blocks 23.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1361 - fix: correction path to dBm range calculation in conversion block - Fix: Only One Connection to a RF output is reasonable - Fix: set correction path 22.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1355 - fix: avoid register reads for stats when V5 is not open - Fix: Forward correction Data trough RF Switch - fix: limit inputs to one connection - Fix: RF Path naming - fix: temporal histogram snowflakes 21.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1350 - add: Connections in the BlockEditor can now re-connected to another block just by using the mouse - add: Improved object selection in the BlockEditor - add: integration of HF path and V5 block 20.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1342 - fix: memory issues with average block 19.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1338 - add: rtbw selection for sweep block - add: support for sweeping in drone detector - fix: Build errors in windows build - fix: drawing profiles with subprofiles 18.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1334 - fix: connection rendering in graph - fix: DSP CPU usage display 17.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1329 - add: Block connectors and connections are now colored according to their type - add: Blocks in GraphEditor now uses the Block Image for better identification - add: common management Objec for all RTSABlock - add: New added blocks will be selected and centered in the block graph. The corresponding dock will be activated - Add: RF SP4T picture - add: some block images - add: start/stop control in sweep block now by spectran block - add: type system for connection types - fix: Better layout of the connection labels - Fix: Change to one FrequencyProfileModel - fix: chart layout error - fix: crash when adding file writer - fix: Double Click on a Block didn't select it - fix: multi sweep streaming with changing FFT size 16.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1319 - Add: minicircuits device linux udev rule - add: chain output to spectrum sweep allows multiple sweeps - add: Labels for connectors in BlockEditor - add: new drone definitions and images - fix: drone images - fix: memory leaks and late memory returns during streaming - fix: value range problems with missing or invalid rtbw correction file - fix: waterfall 3D with wide data source - fix: zero in waterfall time compression 15.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1312 - add: automatic noise floor based on rtbw metrics - add: drone pictures - Add: Minicirciuts RF SP4T Switch block - fix: cannot show graphe editor anymore due to out of sync of config item state and view state - fix: crash in sweep block, when manually starting V5 block early - fix: power integration for inactive sweep areas 14.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1301 - add: experimentel dancing devil reduction using mirror - add: first experimental implementation of spectrum sweep - fix: crash in histogram operator 12.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1293 - add: additional histogram options 10.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1286 - add: Integrated the default mission 10.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1280 - add: The app's mainwindow will be maximized if the app is running the first time - fix: config profile problems with loading default profiles 10.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1271 - add: First version of the RTSA-Suite portable installer 08.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1261 - fix: channel profile display overlapp 08.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1256 - add: chart for HF path 08.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1253 - fix: 'Profile Select' dialog now properly resizes its controls 08.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1248 - Add: Chart view to HFPath block 07.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1245 - add: channel profile charts in spectrum view - add: New menu items in Extras: Data/Open Datafolder Global, User, Documents - fix: Fixed build for Mac OS - Fix: open in Folder (Linux) 05.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1231 - add: debug paths.xml to factory data - fix: crashes in drone pattern detector 04.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1226 - Fix: New installer now uses the new paths - Fix: Program paths are now consistent 03.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1220 - add: BlockGraphEditor now supports multiple input / outputs - Fix: Data Copy to Build Folder - fix: xcopy in windows build 03.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1205 - Add: Simple Map Block 02.02.2017 - v1.3.1.1203 - add: drone pattern detector - Add: IsoLOG Block, remove IsoLOG part from V5 Block - Add: Select color with alpha channel flag in configitems, save color with alpha channel - Fix: Color edit Chancel button cause black color - fix: linux build 29.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1184 - add: document for program folder structure - add: dynamic traces - add: traces to histogram view 27.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1179 - Add: Probe to HF Path correction - Fix: frequency edit initialization and resources - Fix: IsoLOG address in field after autoconnect 25.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1169 - add: frequency profiles to all 2D charts - fix: linux build 24.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1164 - Fix: FPS status - Fix: Load Stylesheet, Add: Save used stylesheet Ref: Deaktivate old/unused config file 23.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1161 - add: prepare setting FFT window shift factor - fix: linux build - fix: tooltip display for sliders with update on release semantics 21.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1146 - fix: build of application configuratrion build 19.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1133 - Add: linux: New folder hierarchy 18.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1127 - add: New 'Reset to User-Default' functionality in configuration area of the RTSA blocks - add: New folder structure for factory and user-data. - Fix: Linux User Config File Destination 17.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1124 - add: numeric input for slider - fix: double numeric input fields for floats 15.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1120 - add: experimental board temperature status display - add: more drones for detector - fix: signal conversion when lacking rtbw config 14.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1114 - add: antenna information to stream and rtsa files - add: location and bearing information to antenna - add: map view to drone display based on open streat map maps - fix: remove dead status string 09.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1076 - add: multi pattern drone detection 05.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1066 - fix: drone detection overflow crash 05.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1062 - add: line interpolation mode for specttrum view - fix: correct frequency axis in spectrum view 04.01.2017 - v1.3.1.1049 - add: directional power in drone detection - add: prepare streaming read of status registers - fix: more mutex control in V5 29.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1042 - fix: saving time header in CSV files 28.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1040 - add: activate synchronous mode 26.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1036 - add: complete rtbw correction file 24.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1033 - add: rtbw callibration block and v5conversion code 23.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1031 - Fix: Qt lib path - Fix: V5 default Option 21.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1019 - add: polynomial sample value correction based on measured curves 20.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1012 - add: channel utilization waterfall display - add: semicolon separated files for german excel 18.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1007 - add: export of spectra data to xml file - fix: sideview showing old data 17.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1004 - add: auto color modes - add: data export for filesource and fileshift - add: export of trace data in spectrum view - add: recording and playback of isolog data - add: selecting nvidia GPU in dual GPU system on laptops - fix: crash when opening drone view - fix: shaders for intel GPUs 16.12.2016 - v1.3.1.1000 - Add: Drone Simu fly a curve - fix: crash when opening drone display - fix: scrubbing in time shift 15.12.2016 - v1.3.1.997 - add: absolute time axis labels - add: Missing image file - add: outline trace to spectrum view - fix: broken checkin 15.12.2016 - v1.3.1.993 - pub: Added changed config sequence for BlockFactories - pub: Updated drone files - pub: Updated installer - pub: Updated profiles 14.12.2016 - v1.3.1.988 - add: live update from waterfall and file reader - fix: race condition in lock/unlock of streaming blocks 13.12.2016 - v1.3.1.981 - fix: Updated Profiles 12.12.2016 - v1.3.1.977 - fix: build 11.12.2016 - v1.3.1.974 - add: flexible preview creation for rtsa files - add: lossy data compression for rtsa files - add: waterfall view for compressed file preview - fix: small frequency shift when changing fft size 10.12.2016 - v1.3.1.972 - Fix: IsVisible setting of ItemPropertyWidget - fix: Updated Drones 09.12.2016 - v1.3.1.967 - add: channel ranges to frequency profile display - Add: Check IsoLOG Output Amplifier Option - add: display of frequency profiles in waterfall - fix: show colors for channel config 08.12.2016 - v1.3.1.961 - add: first shot on new file format embedded previews - fix: vertical layout in preview 06.12.2016 - v1.3.1.946 - add: asynch streaming to and from files using file reader and writer blocks - add: new file format for all rtsa stream types 04.12.2016 - v1.3.1.941 - add: add/edit/remov/save channel setting in AM/FM filter - add: dynamic filter for audio playback 03.12.2016 - v1.3.1.939 - add: marker for histogram - add: new Drone detectors - Fix: Control Toolbar Space 02.12.2016 - v1.3.1.934 - add: auto detect button to pulsed waterfall - add: dynamic time compression mode for waterfall and 3D waterfall, that adapts to incomming immediate segments (scrubbing) - fix: prevent redraw of view widgets while shutting down mission 30.11.2016 - v1.3.1.920 - fix: Pulsed Waterfall for Scrubbing - fix: Reference counting of spectran block 29.11.2016 - v1.3.1.914 - add: window function selection in spectral block - fix: graph layouter buld errors - fix: invalid usage of "Release" for destructor work - fix: scrubbing in spectral block - fix: various shutdown problems in block editor and spectran block 28.11.2016 - v1.3.1.908 - fix: timing issues with sprectrum view and scrubbing 27.11.2016 - v1.3.1.906 - add: configurable overlapp for IQ import - fix: display of FFT sizes of > 2048 26.11.2016 - v1.3.1.904 - add: fast update of downstream views when moving range in filesoure in "steady" mode - fix: histogram border invalid data - fix: memory free issue in file source - fix: reading of firmware version 25.11.2016 - v1.3.1.898 - Add: Ask for V5 FW version - add: checksum and resynch to V5 driver - add: experimental "image enhance" for waterfall behind file source - add: import of iq.tar files - fix: color histogram for log scale percentage - fix: deleting marker that was loaded - fix: inverse colored range in spectrum display 23.11.2016 - v1.3.1.889 - add: IQ file as Spectras Import - add: sector waterfall block - fix: resize problem after adding markers 22.11.2016 - v1.3.1.884 - add: multiple marker sets - add: use real logscale and %/dB for histogram 17.11.2016 - v1.13.0.8 - Fix: platform compatibility, change ~0UL to ~0U - fix: typing error dB0┬ÁV 17.11.2016 - v1.3.1.863 - add: merge mode for spectrum realtime view - add: structure rebuild of config items 16.11.2016 - v1.3.1.860 - Fix: load calibration data, first open 16.11.2016 - v1.3.1.850 - add: indenting for config items - add: simple noise floor equalization to v5 conversion block 15.11.2016 - v1.3.1.843 - add: center at cursor button - add: cross block cursor messages - fix: locale numbers in property widgets 14.11.2016 - v1.3.1.835 - add: line histogram to spectrum view 13.11.2016 - v1.3.1.832 - add: legend to charts - add: Watermark to charts 11.11.2016 - v1.3.1.826 - fix: lockup in time to ratio matching 11.11.2016 - v1.3.1.823 - fix: placement of peacks table in multi spectral view 11.11.2016 - v1.3.1.821 - add: 3D Markers - add: new drone file with DJI4 - add: selectable power unit for charts 10.11.2016 - v1.3.1.814 - add: peaks detection for spectrum, histogram and multi spectral - Bugfix: init Drone 09.11.2016 - v1.3.1.811 - Bug Fix: add Antenna defaults 08.11.2016 - v1.3.1.808 - fix: display of range value in range cursor 08.11.2016 - v1.3.1.806 - add: additional degree of freedom for color settings 07.11.2016 - v1.3.1.803 - fix: color wall in multi spectral 3D - fix: labeling of 3D cursors 06.11.2016 - v1.3.1.800 - add: delta text for range 3D slider 06.11.2016 - v1.3.1.798 - add: audio warnings to drone detection - add: range cursors for 3D charts 03.11.2016 - v1.3.1.779 - Bugfix: Windows build 03.11.2016 - v1.3.1.771 - add: flag check for V5 open - Bugfix: V5 driver Multi Device Support - Bugfix: Windows build - fix: stack overflow with new multi device detection 02.11.2016 - v1.3.1.759 - add: interpolate switch to histogram view - fix: infinite mode in histogram 01.11.2016 - v1.3.1.754 - fix: contiguous histogram mode 01.11.2016 - v1.3.1.752 - add: line mode for histogram 31.10.2016 - v1.3.1.745 - add: time display to measurements in multi spectral 30.10.2016 - v1.3.1.743 - add: reference line in spectrum display 29.10.2016 - v1.3.1.740 - add: 3d axis configuration - add: alert text and multiple drone images to drone detector - add: config items for axis and grid layout - add: configuration of background color in charts - add: noise floor clipping configuration 28.10.2016 - v1.3.1.734 - add: auto rotate for 3D charts - add: main and view second level config items for chart blocks 27.10.2016 - v1.3.1.727 - add: drone image on detection - add: pan in charts using middle mouse button - fix: crash when selecting in unusged spectrum view 26.10.2016 - v1.3.1.714 - add: 3D pulsed waterfall - add: frequency display for time distance in XY cursor tooltip - add: side views to 3D Waterfall and 3D Histogram - fix: cursor in multispectral 25.10.2016 - v1.3.1.706 - add: labels to 3D cursors - add: more drone detection - Fix: change Antenna Size 24.10.2016 - v1.3.1.702 - add: jitter support for pulsed waterfall - add: more drones at 2.4GHz 23.10.2016 - v1.3.1.699 - add: value display for xycursor in spectrum display 22.10.2016 - v1.3.1.697 - add: color config setting - add: spectrum display 21.10.2016 - v1.3.1.692 - add: priority to grid scaling for multiview diagrams - fix: slider in stylesheet 18.10.2016 - v1.3.1.687 - add: export for more views - add: export of image of various views 17.10.2016 - v1.3.1.680 - add: advanced color flow control using histogram - add: CSV export for 2D waterfall - fix: build issues 16.10.2016 - v1.3.1.669 - Bugfix: Antenna intersection update after antenna sector change 15.10.2016 - v1.3.1.667 - Bugfix: Antenna intersection update after antenna rotation 15.10.2016 - v1.3.1.665 - Bugfix: set Z-value to 2(drawing order) of antenna intersection 14.10.2016 - v1.3.1.657 - add: save to timeshift block - BugFix: Set port of IsoLOG Antenna element - BugFix: Stop IsoLoOG Rotation - fix: flaky display in pulsed waterfall - fix: memory leak in drone detector 12.10.2016 - v1.3.1.645 - add: DJI2 Professional detection at 2.4GHz 11.10.2016 - v1.3.1.632 - add: icons for window buttons - add: mouse cursor - add: pause button - add: pulsed waterfall prototype - add: timeshift block - fix: pause block stream restart problems 09.10.2016 - v1.3.1.627 - add: drone detector block - fix: mouse grab in charts - fix: move selection in scrolled area - fix: save 3D settings - fix: tick moved in wrong y direction 08.10.2016 - v1.3.1.624 - fix: power band detector signed/unsigned bounds 03.10.2016 - v1.3.1.614 - fix: base for chart axis 30.09.2016 - v1.3.1.592 - Fix: Linux Build 29.09.2016 - v1.3.1.588 - add: band energy detector - add: drag and resize of selection area in XY cursor - fix: cleanup 2D histogram shader - fix: waterfall shader code 29.09.2016 - v1.3.1.576 - Add: Put map into window 29.09.2016 - v1.3.1.571 - add: color control for charts - add: configuration of bus transfer mode - fix: file export nanoseconds - fix: file source cursor 28.09.2016 - v1.3.1.563 - add: value cursor support for x-span cursor - fix: enable live add of rtsa streaming blocks 27.09.2016 - v1.3.1.557 - add: color control to 2D charts - add: continuous time looping in recorded measurement - add: measurement to histogram and waterfall XY cursor - add: signal detection to waterfall - fix: display of multi spectral 3D 26.09.2016 - v1.3.1.551 - Compatibility Fix: OpenGL Depth Buffersize 25.09.2016 - v1.3.1.546 - add: blue border around undocked charts - fix: axis half pixel precision - fix: log scale in slider widgets 23.09.2016 - v1.3.1.538 - add: first shot on voice filter block - add: replay range and indicator to file source block - fix: opengl performance problems due to removal of main window swap intervall setting 22.09.2016 - v1.3.1.533 - add: audio recorder replay support - add: fake audio stream detection for recorder testing - Fix: Jira Suite-116 21.09.2016 - v1.3.1.529 - add: display of captured streams in amfm decoder - add: initial experiment on audio recording block - fix: reconnect of blocks on reload 21.09.2016 - v1.13.0.6 - add: basic multi AM/FM decode 20.09.2016 - v1.3.1.512 - fix: texture text coordinates 20.09.2016 - v1.3.1.508 - add: file read for filesource block 20.09.2016 - v1.3.1.505 - add: frequency display in amfm demod chart - add: support for multiple streamd in rtsa chart 19.09.2016 - v1.3.1.499 - add: file replay and amfm decoder - add: support for font caching in textures - fix: logscale flag spelling 19.09.2016 - v1.13.0.5 - add: zoom and pan for 3D charts - fix: re-added 3d histogram - fix: style init for rtsa chart widgets 18.09.2016 - v1.3.1.484 - add: 3D histogram - add: checkboxes for 3D cursors - add: synchronous mode (defunct) 17.09.2016 - v1.3.1.478 - add: coordinates for 3D charts - add: flags for config items - fix: graph stop problem when waterfall hidden 15.09.2016 - v1.3.1.467 - add: 3D waterfall to multiview 14.09.2016 - v1.3.1.460 - add: basic 3D widget to multiview - add: configuration of sideshow charts for multi view - add: zoom and pan to multiview graphs using axis for manipulation - fix: limit waterfall texture size based on GL limits 13.09.2016 - v1.3.1.450 - fix: time calculation in compress block 12.09.2016 - v1.3.1.445 - add: isolog max detection - add: sideshow views for waterfall and histogram 11.09.2016 - v1.3.1.440 - add: histogram block for multiview 09.09.2016 - v1.3.1.432 - fix: 14 sample FFT size - fix: time offset for tcp receiver block 08.09.2016 - v1.3.1.425 - add: grid layout for multiview widgets - fix: histogram problems with 14 sample FFT 07.09.2016 - v1.3.1.412 - add: 14 sample FFT 06.09.2016 - v1.3.1.401 - fix: SUITE 101 broken profiles 06.09.2016 - v1.3.1.397 - Fix: AppDataPath on Windows. Missing Company Name - fix: SUITE-76 547kHz wrong frequency 02.09.2016 - v1.3.1.382 - add: more multiview - add: start time and end time in double - add: time mockup for waterfall - bug fix: Buffer overflow - fix: build 01.09.2016 - v1.3.1.360 - add: generic config items - add: more config items for dsp stream blocks - fix: crash when removing block from dspstream - fix: memory free delay when switching fft size - fix: packet overflow in compression block - fix: RTSA Blocks build dependencies - fix: SUITE-92 update of chart setting delayed by waterfall 31.08.2016 - v1.3.1.351 - add: 28 and 56 samples per FTT modes - fix: adapt waterfall width for 28 samples per FFT 30.08.2016 - v1.3.1.343 - add: AM Voice detector block - add: auto rotate demo mode for 3D waterfall - add: maximum number of traces for realtime view - add: SSE memory allocation to streaming graph - add: stream state validation for debug build - add: upscaling for short time windows in waterfall - fix: crash when importing during streaming - fix: crash when removing block from graph - fix: memory data loop - fix: memory data loop - fix: throttle refresh of overview widget 27.08.2016 - v1.3.1.320 - add: make sub streams dynamic allocated entities 26.08.2016 - v1.3.1.318 - fix: stop of histogram for maximum persistance - fix: waterfall mapping for nearest sample 24.08.2016 - v1.3.1.312 - add: optional AM/FM decoding path through software - fix: reset average trace when removed/added - fix: workaround for switching from 224 to 112 FFT size with 44MHz span 23.08.2016 - v1.3.1.307 - fix: sample time calculation for small spans 05.08.2016 - v1.3.1.231 - fix: Changed the logo in About dialog. - fix: ScanSteps setting wasn't saved and reloaded properly 01.07.2016 - v1.3.1.67 - fix: Missing x-Axis description in 2D Waterfall