Real-time 6GHz Broadband Spectrum Monitoring

Sweep Zoom Demo - Spectrum Monitoring with >1 THz/s

The RTSA-Suite PRO software offers the high-resolution “Multi Spectrum Zoom” block, which enables real-time wideband monitoring with up to 32 bands. Each band is freely adjustable in frequency range. A specific name, color and detailed channel information can be added to each band.

In the “Sweep Zoom” view, you can see the entire 6GHz spectrum live in real time (1THz/s with a SPECTRAN V6 RSA-2000 X) and select any area within this sweep. The selected area is displayed as a live spectrum with all regular features (markers, traces, measurement etc.) for further analysis.

1THz/s Sweep Speed Demo with Wrapped Spectrum View

QAM Modulation in 3D (16QAM to 4096QAM)

The Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 RSA 2000X USB real-time spectrum analyzer samples the full 6GHz bandwidth at 1THz/s and 245MHz IQ gapless stream. This demo uses a 4K monitor, which provides an impressive 8x4k = 32k native pixel resolution for the spectrum. An 8k monitor would even bring it to 64k resolution.

The RTSA Suite PRO RTSA software contains a powerful software IQ signal generator incl. 4096QAM. This demo shows different QAM modulations and the powerful real-time 3D view including light and shadow source. You have certainly never seen QAM modulation like this before.

Deep Memory FFT Spectral Analysis with > 1 Million Points

Ultra short Radar Burst

The Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 real-time spectrum analyzer runs with over 1 million FFTs and holds the complete spectrum in memory. See the signal details in real time here.

Our SPECTRAN V6 RTSA offers an ultra-short POI of up to 10ns. This allows us to measure and analyze ultra-short radar bursts with a high time domain resolution, which was previously impossible for a spectrum analyzer. This demo shows a radar operating at 3350MHz. The recording is played back in real time via our “File Source” block.

High Resolution RF Spectrum Monitoring

3D Waterfall Spectrogram

This short video deomonstrates high resolution real-time spectrum monitoring of the entire 6GHz frequency range with 74k bins (140kHz RBW). The new real-time zoom function can transfer any part of the wrapped spectrum into an additional view to achieve an even higher resolution of the spectrum.

Our super-smooth real-time 3D waterfall/spectrogram display takes the RF spectrum to a whole new level. The 3D waterfall can be rotated in all directions and you can zoom, pan, tilt, stretch and compress at will.

No more EMC chambers!

Decoding of a Car Key (GFSK decoding)

Clean up the RF spectrum in real time from any RF signals, images and spurios. Aronia’s SPECTRAN V6 real-time spectrum analyzer along with the RTSA Suite PRO “Spectral Background Mask” block can remove all unwanted RF signals from the spectrum, enabling EMC testing without an EMC chamber. You could even perform an EMC test in your lab or office. A great feature to save a lot of cost for a quick pre-compliance test.

At the beginning we load the IQ-Recod (recorded with a SPECTRAN V6 RTSA) from the hard disk and buffer the recording in our “Time Shift” block.
Within the “Time Shift” block, we can select a selection and play it over and over again. We select a single pulse within the “Time Shift” block and zoom in to see more details. The docked “IQ Oscilloscope” block then triggers and decodes the selected GFSK pulse in real time and displays the “I and Q”, “Power vs. Time” and finally the decoded “Bit Pattern” in different graphs. Can decoding be even easier and more flexible?

WiFi 802.11 Beacon Intervall Measurement

RF Multi Carrier (QAM and Sweep) Triggermask Demo

Demonstration of the Aaronia RTSA Suite PRO of Pulsed Waterfall and Pulsed Waterfall 3D blocks. In this demo, a WiFi beacon pulse signal is extracted within a crowded WiFi and Bluetooth 2.4GHz channel.

The IQ signal generator of the software generates a test signal mix (one QAM and two different sweep carriers). A trigger mask is created to demonstrate how this feature works, including several waterfall views to compare the results.