Where To Buy Cheap RF Spectrum Analyzers

AaroniaUSA Now offering Overstock and B-Stock Clearance Items on eBay

Cheap RF spectrum analyzers aren’t good, and good RF spectrum analyzers aren’t cheap… until now!

To kick off our annual Year-End Clearance Event, Aaronia USA is excited to announce that we will now be offering Overstock and B-Stock Clearance items on our eBay account XXX. Products available for sale from this account include new, unused items that may have minor cosmetic damage, may be missing insignificant pieces of the original packaging (small foam inserts, plastic wrapping, etc.) or general warehouse overstock items, and will be offered at a significant discount from our suggested retail price. Additional products listed may be overstock parts and accessories, both related and unrelated to our full line of RF test and measurement equipment.

To view all AaroniaUSA items currently available on eBay, Click Here.

For more information on AaroniaUSA’s full line of industrial RF test and measurement equipment, call 214-935-9800 or email sales at aaroniausa.com.

Please Note:

In the past, we have referred to eBay re-sellers of Aaronia USA products as “Gray Market Sellers,” and any items purchased there were automatically void of warranty and support coverage. Please note that this policy will still apply for items purchased from any eBay sellers other than AaroniaUSA AaroniaUSA items purchased via this eBay clearance account, however, will include the same warranty and support coverage offered with any full price direct-sale of our products.

Returns on eBay sales will be conducted via eBay’s return portal, in compliance with our standard return policy: money back on items with manufacturer defect, missing parts, or other discrepancy between product and description within 30 days, less 15% restocking fee. Buyer agrees to pay return shipping costs.