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AaroniaUSA Analyzer “A Great Value… an Excellent Addition to Our Test Suite.”

“Superior Access Solutions (SAS) has found the Spectran HF-60100* to be a valuable addition to our RF analysis toolset. This small handheld spectrum analyzer is able to provide most of the measurements we typically need without the encumbrance of a full sized spectrum analyzer. With the USB connected to a computer we also have a great way to record and review the data at a later date.

SAS frequently uses the HF-60100 for troubleshooting existing RF systems. SAS has installed IP radios for several customers and we routinely provide maintenance for this equipment. One of the first tools we grab when going on these maintenance trips is the HF-60100. Due to its small size and self-contained power the HF-60100 has greatly simplified troubleshooting these IP radios. The towers are 300 feet tall, and often the tower climber is not an RF engineer. The HF-60100 is simple enough to use, and portable enough that we can give the analyzer to a tower climber and have an engineer on the ground walk the climber through the relevant measurements. Prior to purchasing an HF-60100 we would often have to bring equipment to the ground to troubleshoot.

spectran analyzers
Ryan Schilling with his HF 60105 reading a distant antenna

SAS also uses the HF-60100 to plan and deploy new systems. When we re-located our main office over a year ago a major consideration was having access to broadcast television signals. When evaluating potential office locations one of the first things we did was to sweep each of the local broadcast frequencies with the HF-60100. This gave us a great way to verify that we would be able to pull each of the channels in. We have also used the HF-60100 to aid in deploying additional wi-fi access points for one of our local customers in Minnesota. They have several locations where they provide wireless for their employees as well as for customers. SAS has used the HF-60100 to evaluate several of the customer’s sites to plan for the number of radios needed. We will do a site survey prior to bidding where we take a few radios out and measure the signal at various points and use this data to plan for the number of radios and the types of antennas.

SAS customers have also found this spectrum analyzer to be a useful tool. The same customer we installed the IP radios for has purchased two of these analyzers to keep in the vehicles that carry the mobile end of the radio links. This has proven an invaluable tool in diagnosing problems when they occur, by eliminating guesswork as to which end of the link is not operating correctly.

The HF-60100 is a great value, in a portable package and it is simple enough someone without an extensive RF background can operate it. SAS has found this product to be an excellent addition to our test suite.”

– Ryan Schilling, Superior Access Solutions

Editor’s Notes:
This article is a reprint of a previous review, written by Ryan Schilling 

*The “HF-60100” referenced in the article is an outdated part number referring to the analyzer model now named the Spectran HF 60105. For more information our handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers, please contact us at sales at aaronaiusa.com or call 214-935-9800.