Lightweight Antennas Crush the Competition

EMC Consultant Prefers Lightweight Portability of AaroniaUSA Antennas

The days of lugging around bulky, outdated EMI antennas are long over for EMC Consultant, Ken Wyatt, with the help of AaroniaUSA’s line of compact, portable, and affordable RF and EMI Antennas.

“As an EMC Consultant for the last eight years, I’ve had to haul around a large EMI antenna to client jobs in order to perform pre-certification testing on their products. In the past, I had to ship [the antenna] in a special shipping container, spending hundreds of dollars in fees. With the small, calibrated active BicoLOG 30100X with integral broadband pre-amplifier and a HyperLOG 7060 log periodic antennas from AaroniaUSA, I can transport them in a small travel case that easily fits in the overheard compartment of an airplane. I highly recommend these affordable antennas for EMC troubleshooting and pre-compliance testing.”

-Ken Wyatt, Wyatt Technical Services and Senior Technical Editor at Interference Technology

lightweight antennas
Photo Credit: Ken Wyatt
lightweight antennas
Photo Credit: Ken Wyatt

View an in-depth user report on these antennas by Ken Wyatt at The EMC Blog on

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