HyperLOG 4040 X BPA

RF Antennas – HyperLOG Series

With over 25 different models to choose from, the Spectran HyperLOG series of LOG Periodic RF Antennas is offered in a variety of frequency ranges, covering 380MHz to 35GHz. The newest addition to the HyperLOG line, the “X” series, features a 40dbm pre-amp and a directional laser beam, with additional options of a sighting scope and a floating ball compass.The HyperLOG RF Antennas are made to fit your demanding broadband applications. Each antenna is equipped with top quality gold-coated elements providing excellent linearity over the entire frequency range. They are sealed within an advanced technology radome housing offering protection against mechanical damage, oxidation and corrosion and against environmental influences that could affect consistent measurement readings. Precise directional readings make these affordable, professional Log Period RF Antennas ideal for interference tracking, test and measurement, and general RF analysis.

Every HyperLOG antenna comes in a lightweight aluminum carrying case and includes a compact, collapsible desk stand that doubles as a handheld pistol grip. The RF connection is via a gold-plated SMA connector, and is ideal for use with our extensive line of professional handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers. Every HyperLOG antenna goes through rigorous testing in our laboratories before dispatching and includes industry-recognized “typical” calibration data.

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Compatible with any Spectrum Analyzer or Oscilloscope
Incl. High-End Preamplifier
Ultra high gain (45dBi)
Runs with battery or power supply
Compact and sturdy design
Can be used in the lab and for open-field application
Made in Germany
10 years warranty

Application Examples;

The HyperLOG X LogPer antenna series can be used to locate extremely weak signals,
thanks to the integrated preamplifier.
The antenna offers excellent directional characteristics which can be optimized using the
optional Laser and Compass.
Using the optional, heavy aluminum pistol grip significantly simplifies the rf bearing .
It allows an easy adjustment of the polarization planes in 45° steps.
The antenna can also be used in a passive mode by removing the preamplifier.

Included in delivery;

HyperLOG® 40 X active antenna
Typical calibration datas with up to 561 calibration points (10MHz-steps)
Integrated preamplifier (removable) with integrated battery & power supply
Aluminum transport case with protection foam
Rugged, screwable pistol grip with mini tripod functionality
Aaronia special SMA tool



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