SPECTRAN® V6 PLUS 250XA-6 OEM Compact USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer in OEM housing


Low-Budget USB Desktop Real-Time Analyzer

Aaronia’s latest generation of high performance real-time spectrum analyzers: Even the entry-level SPECTRAN® V6 PLUS 250XA-6 OEM model is equipped with a real-time bandwidth of 80 MHz (optionally 120 MHz). The top-of-the-line V6 PLUS 2000XA-6 OEM model of this analyzer family already comes with 160MHz RTBW from the factory, which can optionally be extended to 245 MHz.

The compact design of the aluminum housing of just 210 x 115 x 30 mm (850 g) requires little space in the laboratory and is also ideal for mobile applications (laptop) due to its low power requirements.

In real-time mode, the IQ-based POI is just 30 ns, which can optionally be reduced to a remarkable 20ns. A complete scan from 10 MHz to 6 GHz (optionally 8 GHz) is achieved by the PLUS 250XA-6 in about 20 ms, which corresponds to a sweep speed of 300 GHz/s (440 GHz/s with upgrade). The measurement data is transferred via USB3.x interface as raw I/Q data or FFT data.

If the computer used has the USB-PD functionality, even the use of the supplied power supply can be saved; only a USB connection cable is required.

The included modular software “RTSA-Suite PRO” contains already in the basic version more than 20 units of measurement and 5 detectors, including AVG and QPEAK. In addition, it has a variety of unique display options, which can be expanded at any time via corresponding license keys.

In addition, various mounting or installation solutions can be implemented according to customer requirements.

PLUS 250XA-6 OEM Connectors: 1 x Rx (50 Ohm SMA) | 1 x USB-C Data | 1 x USB-C Power



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Rx 1 Rx
Rx RTBW 80/120 MHz
DANL -165 dBm/Hz
IQ POI 30/20 ns
Sweep 300/440 GHz/s
Design USB OEM

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