Ideal for finding exposure limits and magnetic and E-field measurements, the NF 3020 EMC Spectrum Analyzer is lightweight, compact, and durable, with professional-grade functionality and precision measurement capability. Ideal for precise and critical measurements in field or laboratory settings, this professional-grade EMC Spectrum Analyzer covers a frequency range of 10 Hz to 400 kHz, and offers EMC/EMI spectrum analysis quickly and easily with the intuitive user-friendly functionality as both a stand-alone handheld analyzer or in conjunction with the included PC Spectrum Analyzer software. The NF Series of handheld EMC spectrum analyzers can provide V, V/M, Gauss and Tesla spectral readings with both an internal Helmholtz 3-axis sensor and internal E-field antenna, or via the external input. Each Spectran V4 EMC analyzer kit includes the handheld analyzer, free spectrum analyzer software, and a lightweight aluminum carrying case. Additional accessories and upgrades are available to customize your Spectran NF 3020 EMF analyzer kit to match your unique test and measurement application.

emf handheld spectrum analyzer
 The Spectran “NF” Series of Handheld EMF Analyzers

Models and General Specifications

In addition to these general specifications, there are numerous customizable options and upgrades available for your Spectran V4 Handheld EMF Spectrum Analyzer to fit your specific application requirements. View Options, Upgrades, and Accessories.

Handheld NF3000 V4 Models:
NF 3020 (10Hz – 400kHz)
Looking for different frequency ranges? Click here.

Each Handheld V4 EMF Analyzer Kit Includes:
1 – Handheld EMF Spectrum Analyzer
1 – Pre-installed internal 1300 mAh LiPO battery
1 – AC Power Adapter / Charger
1 – 6 foot USB cable
1 – Plastic SMA Wrench
1 – Flash drive containing PC Software and user manuals
1 – Watertight, shockproof foam-lined carrying case

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 The NF 3020 shown with included spectrum analyzer software


The Spectran V4 Series of Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

Video Demonstration of the Spectran V4 Series

NF 3020 EMF Spectrum Analyzer Specifications

Frequency Range – 10Hz – 400kHz
Typical Noise Level Min – 0.1 V/m, 1 nT
Typical Noise Level Max – 5k V/m, 100 μT
Filter Bandwidth Min – 1Hz
Filter Bandwidth Max – 300kHz
Typical Accuracy – 5%
Features: Real Time PC Analysis, Unlimited Marker Points, Internal Data Logging, PC Data Logging
Views: Waterfall/Spectrogram, Spectrum, Histogram
Functions: Peak, RMS, and Hold Functions

NF 3020 V4 Specifications and Information
Support and Download Materials

The SPECTRAN NF V4 Series Specifications and Technical Information


Spectran V4 Handheld EMF Spectrum Analyzer – Affordable, Portable, and Reliable Handheld EMF Test and Measurement

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AaroniaUSA proudly presents the Spectran NF V4 series of handheld RF spectrum analyzers. Professional-grade features and functionality, precision EMC and EMF measurements, and budget-friendly affordability combine in this series of compact and durable analyzers – the ultimate multi-purpose tool for field and laboratory test and measurement. The NF series of analyzers is built to detect EMF measurements, exposure limits, pre-compliance testing, laboratory testing, and any general EMC detection analysis. Used in conjunction with the included PC software, these portable and durable handheld analyzers easily convert into full-featured bench top EMC spectrum analyzers.


Frequency Range – 1Hz – 1MHz (optional expansion up to 30MHz)
Typical Noise Level Min – 0.1 V/m, 1 pT
Typical Noise Level Max – 20k V/m, 100 μT
Filter Bandwidth Min – 1Hz
Filter Bandwidth Max – 1MHz
Typical Accuracy – 3-5%
Features: Real Time PC Analysis, Unlimited Marker Points, Internal Data Logging, PC Data Logging
Views: Waterfall/Spectrogram, Spectrum, Histogram
Functions: Peak, RMS, and Hold Functions
Included 12 Bit DDC filter (USA Models NF 5035 Only)
Vector (I/Q) / True RMS Level Measurement
High-Performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
USB 2.0 Interface
Direct EMFF Spectrum Display
Frequency and Signal Strength Display
Enhanced Triple Multi-Function Display
Advanced HOLD Function
Advanced PULSE mode
Exposure Limits Standards – ICNIRP, BGRB11, BImSch, TCO99
AM/FM Demodulation
DECT & TimeSlot Analyzer
Internal Data Logger (64K)
Included Battery Pack and Charger; Optional Extended Battery Available
Included Aluminum Carrying Case
Analyzer Measurements: 260 x 86 x 23 mm
Weight: 420 grams
Measurements: V/m, A/m,Tesla, and Gauss

Handheld or Benchtop Usage & Data Logging

The V4 Series of handheld EMF analyzers offers the unique ability to perform complex test and measurement in the field without lugging around bulky, expensive, outdated equipment that could get damaged, stolen, or worse – cause injury to the engineers that must carry it around! That does not mean that the NF 3000 series is only valuable for field applications, however. Used in conjunction with the included PC software, these portable and rugged handheld units easily transform into a full-featured bench top spectrum analyzer, complete with remote PC-based control, and extended data logging and playback. The PC software is capable of controlling multiple AaroniaUSA V4 units, making it extremely easy to switch between several analyzers to perform extensive testing in multiple locations and multiple pre-determined frequency ranges, without ever leaving your seat. Each handheld unit also includes internal memory for field-based data logging (up to 100 logs – optional upgrades available), and playback and analysis in the PC software interface after taking field measurement.

Pre-Programmed Hot Keys and Pre-defined Profiles

Each analyzer features 10 Hot Keys that can be programmed to meet your exact frequency ranges and specifications. Re-programming these hot keys is an extremely easy process that takes less than 5 minutes, and is detailed thoroughly in the provided user manual. Like everything about the Spectran V4 line of analyzers, customization is as user friendly as possible.


The handheld unit is controlled via button-press interface, pre-programmed hotkeys, multi-function jog dial, or remote controlled via USB / PC software. The unit includes an internal 1300 mAh battery offering 2 hours of autonomous run time. Expanded batteries (3000 mAh LiPo) are available. The Spectran V4 series of handheld EMF analyzers offers both an internal Helmholtz 3-axis sensor and internal E-field antenna or via the external input, conveniently housed in a lightweight and durable handheld analyzer unit.

1MB Internal Memory Expansion (Option 001): Provides an upgraded 1MB internal memory for extended field-based data logging; standard factory install memory offers up to 100 logs – expanded memory increases to over 10,000 logs.

3D Geomagnetic / Static Sensor (Option 006): Provides 3D Isotropic measurements of Earth’s magnetic field or static magnets. NF 5000 series only.

24 Bit Resolution (Option 009): Only for use with Option 006 3D Geo / Static Sensor, offers ultra high resolution on static magnetic fields. NF 5000 series only.

20MHz Frequency Expansion (Option 008) and 30MHz Frequency Expansion (Option 010): Expands the high end of the analyzer’s frequency range to 20 / 30 MHz. NF 5000 series only.

Docking Station: High-quality docking station/analyzer stand for benchtop use, with integrated connectors (USB, SMA).

GPS Logger: This optional GPS logger offers 6 sensors (GPS, Gyro, 3D Tilt, Digital Compass, Height, and Accelerometer) and integrates with the analyzer directly to pinpoint locations. This is ideal for automatic for recording field measurements and generating heat maps (with Google Maps, for example), as well as visualization of network coverage for GSM, WLAN, etc.

Broadband Antennas: Spectran V4 Analyzers are fitted with high-quality SMA connectors that allow them to interface directly with our full line of precision broadband antennas, including directional LP antennas, low-frequency magnetic field tracking antennas, and omnidirectional radial isotropic antennas. These antenna models are available in optimized frequency ranges, and come in many varieties to suit countless RF analysis applications.

External Low Noise Pre-Amplifiers: Spectran V5 Analyzers also interface directly with our full line of external battery-powered LNA, to heighten sensitivity up to -170dB and sniff out extremely weak signals.

Near Field Probe Set: Available in passive and active models, AaroniaUSA near field probe sets offer 5 probes with or without 40dB preamplifier, to sniff out weak signals in near-field EMC testing applications.

Cables and Connectors: AaroniaUSA offers a wide variety of compatible cables and connectors, including 1 meter, 5 meter, and 10 meter SMA cables, DC blockers to prevent the 50 Ohm SMA input from being destroyed by DC voltages, 20 dB attenuator to expand the measurement range to 33dBm, SMA-SMA connectors, SMA-N connectors, and more.

Protective Rubber Boot: Durable rubber boot protects handheld analyzers from drops, falls, and crushing, making your already durable handheld analyzer even more protected from heavy-duty applications.