Options, Upgrades, and Accessories

20dB Internal Low Noise Pre-Amplifier LNA (Option 020): Provides an internal super-low-noise 20dB preamplifier for measuring very weak signals. This is controlled via true RF switch. INCLUDED IN USA RSA MODELS.

Monitoring Software Upgrade (Option 185): Available for V4 RSA Models (RSA6000 and RSA9000) only.

Upgraded On-board CPU (Option 183): Upgrades internal CPU from standard PC (See spec sheet) to Intel i5-2405S 2.4GHz. Available for V4 RSA Models (RSA6000 and RSA9000) only.

20GHz or 40GHz Power Meter (Option 220, Option 240): Highly accurate internal power meter, up to 40GHz.

5ppb (0.005 ppm) OCXO Timebase (Option 002): Extremely precise OCXO timebase offers significant noise / jitter reduction, and allows the use of narrower filters to increase sensitivity and more precise measurement capabilities.

1Hz Low Frequency Extension (Option 003): Extends the low end of each model’s frequency range down to 1Hz, via 2nd LF path (see previous paragraph discussing internal switching and diversion). This offers improved dynamic range (from 80dB to 100dB), and is fully functional real-time controlled by DDS sweep. Available for V5 RSA Models (RSA 8060, 80120, 80160, and 80200) only.

Ultra-Low Phase Noise (Option 004):

6GHz Tracking / I/Q DDS Generator (Option 007):

160 MHz Real Time Bandwidth Expansion (Option 160): Standard units offer up to 80 MHz RTBW, but this upgrade allows expansion up to 160MHz RTBW.

Real Time Broadband Peak Power Meter (Options 203, 204, 205): Real Time Broadband Peak Power Maker (10 MHz and up) for V4 RSA Units only. 6GHz, 8GHz, and 10GHz available.

Docking Station: High quality docking station / analyzer stand for bench top use, with integrated connectors (USB, SMA).

20,000 mAh External Power Bank: Extending the autonomous run time from ~2 hours to ~6 hours, the external power bank is highly recommended for field applications where AC power may not be readily available, or applications requiring full-featured usage / internal logging that may quickly drain internal battery resources.

GPS Logger: This optional GPS logger offers 6 sensors (GPS, Gyro, 3D Tilt, Digital Compass, Height, and Accelerometer) and integrates with the analyzer directly to pinpoint locations. This is ideal for automatic for recording field measurements and generating heat maps (with Google Maps, for example), as well as visualization of network coverage for GSM, WLAN, etc.

Broadband Antennas: Our full line of precision broadband antennas includes directional LP antennas, low frequency magnetic field tracking antennas, and omnidirectional radial isotropic antennas.

External Low Noise Pre-Amplifiers: Spectran V5 Analyzers also interface directly with our full line of external battery-powered LNA, to heighten sensitivity up to -170dB and sniff out extremely weak signals.

Near Field Probe Set: Available in passive and active models, AaroniaUSA near field probe sets offer 5 probes with or without 40dB preamplifier, to sniff out weak signals in near-field EMC testing applications.

Cables and Connectors: AaroniaUSA offers a wide variety of compatible cables and connectors, including 1 meter, 5 meter, and 10 meter SMA cables, DC blockers to prevent the 50 Ohm SMA input from being destroyed by DC voltages, 20 dB attenuator to expand the measurement range to 33dBm, SMA-SMA connectors, SMA-N connectors, and more.